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8B Media is one of the newest podcast networks around, launching its brand and first podcast production in Q2 2019. There are roughly 8 billion people in this world, and everyone’s got a story. Focusing on production value, we are building a network of narrative and interview-style podcasts that highlight the human experience: from the startup to the world traveler to the local to the taboo, with the goal of making the world a little smaller in an educational, entertaining, and enlightening way.

If you’re talented and interested in storytelling the world, we’d love to hear from you! To apply, please send resume and cover letter with the role you’re applying for in the subject line here or in the form below. As an nascent startup, we have plenty of work to do and skillsets to fill, as well as flexibility in role and location (we’re remote-positive). Let’s get the conversation started and hear where it leads!

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