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14| On Hitting Rock Bottom and Rising Again, “No Where To Go But Up” Host
Sean Dustin (part 1)

Half the City
Half the City
14| On Hitting Rock Bottom and Rising Again, "No Where To Go But Up" Host
Sean Dustin (part 1)

Sean Dustin is the writer, producer, and host of the podcast “No Where To Go But Up”.

In part 1 of this 2-part interview, Sean shares his wild story that begins with getting expelled from elementary school and ends with going to prison.

Show Notes

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No Where To Go But Up Podcast

Theme music by: Ruel Morales

Brian Schoenborn: [00:00:00] Hello. Hello everybody. A guest today. He had a time where he hit rock bottom like many of us, and he has turned that around and become a huge success story. We’re gonna learn about all of that and more, uh, is coming up.

We’ve got the host, creator and writer of the “No Where To Go But Up” podcasts with Sean Dustin. Give it up for my friend Sean Dustin. So what’s up man? How you doing?

Sean Dustin: [00:00:24] I’m doing well. You gave me a lot of credit. Uh, a little bit too much, cause, uh, I definitely don’t write a whole lot of anything

Brian Schoenborn: [00:00:32] in writing is, it’s proverbial, right? I mean, you know, I’d be, the way I see, I’m writing a book right now about my own story, right? But I actually record it. I’m actually making a podcast version of it first. So it’s more of a docudrama narrative kind of thing. And then I take that audio and I transcribe that, and then I turn that into book form. So I’ve actually got a book agent,

Sean Dustin: [00:00:52] uh,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:00:53] waiting for me as she’s collecting the chapters and we’re working on, you know, negotiating, uh,

Sean Dustin: [00:00:59] you

Brian Schoenborn: [00:00:59] know, distributor deals, publisher deals.

Sean Dustin: [00:01:01] Um, but I’m doing that basically by telling my story.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:01:04] So, I mean, I guess I’m a writer too,

Sean Dustin: [00:01:05] technically, but

Brian Schoenborn: [00:01:06] how much fucking writing am I actually doing? You know, it’s all coming out of my mouth.

Sean Dustin: [00:01:11] I don’t know.

Shoot, shoot, shoot me your agent’s contact because that’s the key. That’s the kind of book I need to write. And I got about three of them within my, within my story itself. Right. Um, there’s offshoots to all the different, like smaller subs. Set of stories that came from that crazy ass life. Nice.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:01:32] So, um,

Sean Dustin: [00:01:33] so

Brian Schoenborn: [00:01:33] really quick, I mean, you know, we’re, we’re recording live in quarantine as, as the rest of the world. I’m in LA.

Where, where are you Sean?

Sean Dustin: [00:01:42] I’m in California, Northern California. In the Bay area.

Oh, okay. Right on.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:01:46] Yeah. So we’ve got buried LA. We’re just making it work, guys. Fuck it. We’re gonna live. Um, anyways, uh, so maybe you could tell, tell the listeners a little bit about your story.

Sean Dustin: [00:01:58] Um,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:01:59] I want to hear about, I’ve been dying to hear about it.

I’ll share mine with you as well once we’re, once we get through, here’s a little bit.

Sean Dustin: [00:02:04] All right.

Yeah, I was trying to, I’ve been trying to refine my story down cause you know how it goes when you’re trying to tell it you and you haven’t written a written it down like as in like pieces and you just, it sort of goes everywhere.

You know what I mean? You jumped from here to here to here and you’re like, Oh damn, I forgot I was the best part. Um, yeah. So basically, man, I, I grew up a middle class neighborhood. I look like I’m Hispanic, but I sound like I’m white. So I grew up kind of different than everybody else. You know, there was a black family in my, in my neighborhood, and there was also a, uh, Filipino family next door.

And then my best friend was Portuguese, but I was probably the darkest, uh, aside from, from the, the black dude that was down the street. Right. And so I got teased all the time, man. Uh, and I was smaller and so I got picked on and bullied and all of that stuff. My parents ended up splitting when I was around five years old, my mom ended up having to put me into daycare and the only place that she could find was like one town over, cause she worked in San Francisco.

Uh, and so she had to commute every day. So I was there for a little while. Uh, I ended up getting expelled from preschool.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:03:19] How does that happen?

Sean Dustin: [00:03:23] That was a bad ass kid, man. I just,

yeah, so you want to know the story about how you got kicked out of preschool? So, I mean, I was. You know, always it just into shit. Right. And, uh, you know, whether it was playing house or doctor, you know, with the, with the little girls running around and just, just always getting into shit. Right. I guess somehow the elementary school that I went to was right behind the daycare, maybe about a quarter mile.

So I mean you can literally, you could see the school from the field, right? So you just walked through the field and go there and well kids will go back and forth from school cause there was neighborhoods over here. There’s neighborhoods over there. And so I don’t even know what the hell got into me. I don’t know why he did it, but there was.

Uh, to a little girl, a little boy walking by and for, and I just happened to, there was some dirt clods on the ground, right. And I just picked one up and I started throwing it at him, and I didn’t realize that there was a rocking in inside one of the dirt, the piece of dirt around it. Right? So it ended up hitting the girl right in her face, uh, right in your nose.

Right. And if it was, if it had been dirt, it would have been. It probably would have scratched her and burps it open, but instead it was a rock and it really fucked her up pretty good. So I got in trouble for that and got expelled from there. So I ended up having to go to the school that was down the street from my house.

Right. And that was within walking distance, maybe two miles. And I was, that was the third grade. Right. So for the third grade on, I was a latchkey kid. And that’s a horrible idea. Whoever came up with the idea of, of having a latchkey kid, that’s a horrible idea. Um, because kids need supervision. They need discipline, they need structure.

They need all of the things that being a latchkey kid does not have. The components are not there. Um. And so I basically had the run of the house to myself. You know, when I go to home, my mom was always working in the city, so I knew exactly when she would be home. If it was tax season, she would, she worked for a tax firm.

Uh, she would be drawn sometimes until nine, 10 o’clock at night. So I have to, you know, make my dinner or fend for myself and do all that stuff. So what ended up happening is, you know, when you’re a kid by yourself, when you’re in a house by yourself, w w, w what is it? What is any third year a third grader?

Do you

Brian Schoenborn: [00:05:53] get into trouble, man?

Sean Dustin: [00:05:54] Oh, you’re rooting through everybody’s shit cause nobody’s there, right? So I’m going through my mom’s stuff looking through every single drawer, trying to find this, trying to find that. Found some marijuana in a bunk. And, uh, for some reason, I don’t even know. I, I didn’t know what it was, but I knew what to do with it.

That’s crazy. Yeah. So, and I, I think it was, cause I seen the charred black, you know what I mean? Like something, it didn’t burn in the bowl. And so I was just like, Oh well I stuffed it in there and I. I took a puff and cough my lungs out, got my bearings, and felt really good. You know, I felt like, wow. All right.

I jumped on my grid. Yeah.

I jumped on my skateboard, right. Because we lived on a Hill, like a pretty steep Hill. And I’ve never would like, I would always get going and then I would be too scared and jump off. Right. Cause I didn’t want to get speed wobbles and fall and I jumped on that mother, that damn thing and went straight down the Hill.

No speed wobbles doing like 25 miles an hour. Wow. Yeah, it was, from that point on, I was like, Holy shit, this is like, this is like. Superman stuff.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:07:11] Nice. I, I won’t tell you why when I was, when I was that age, man, like, you know, my parents didn’t have that stuff unfortunately because I probably would have bumped into it as well at that time.

Uh, but what I did find was my older sister had a huge collection of Barbie dolls. Right. And I, and one time, you know, my parents would take us to a baseball game every summer. We’d go to, you know, grew up in Michigan, so we’d go to the tigers games, and one year I got this like miniature baseball bat, right?

It was like a souvenir or something. And so I got the idea. Pulling off the Barbie heads from all of her Barbies, and we started using that as a baseball.

Sean Dustin: [00:07:49] So we pitched to each other and we’d

Brian Schoenborn: [00:07:51] have some,

Sean Dustin: [00:07:55] we’d run around, we could do it inside the living room, we

Brian Schoenborn: [00:07:57] could do it outside either way, it didn’t matter. We were just like beating the

Sean Dustin: [00:08:00] shit out of those things. Probably a couple of weeks went by and his sister finally discovered what was happening, and she was just like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:08:07] she wants me to,

Sean Dustin: [00:08:09] but I couldn’t.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:08:10] I think, you know, talking about weed, like the first time I smoked weed was in like, I want to say the last, it was the last day of school of seventh grade.

Sean Dustin: [00:08:19] And

Brian Schoenborn: [00:08:19] so you’d beat me by a couple of years. Um, but I’m not, speaking of Superman stuff. I remember, uh, uh, you know, me and my best friend, uh, we went over to this guy who was a little bit older than us and his group of friends, and they’re all smoking weed, and they’re like, Hey, you want to hit this?

I’m like, sure. And, uh, you don’t smoke it or whatever. And. And there was this guy that was a little bit older than me. He was, he was a badass, right? He was into like four wheelers and dirt bikes and all that shit. I had a lot of respect for him, you know, and we’re all stoned and he looks at me, he goes, Hey Brian, you want to slap box?

Sean Dustin: [00:08:51] And I’m like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:08:53] I’m like, all right.

Sean Dustin: [00:08:54] And so,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:08:55] so we’re in this dude’s bedroom, but beauty, heaven slap box, you know, I’ve just figured, but just like fucking around whatever is, I’m just going to lightly hit and I’m lightly hitting him. You know? He’s lightly hitting me back and then he gives me good in the face and I like lean back.


Sean Dustin: [00:09:07] wound up and I just. Oh, pay maker do

Brian Schoenborn: [00:09:12] goes flying over over our other friend’s bed. They’re

Sean Dustin: [00:09:15] like into this fan.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:09:18] I was like, Holy shit.

Sean Dustin: [00:09:20] I just did that and he

Brian Schoenborn: [00:09:21] got up and he’s just like, dude, you just kicked my

Sean Dustin: [00:09:24] ass. That is funny. At that point I was like, yeah, that’s some super mad

Brian Schoenborn: [00:09:28] shit right there.

Sean Dustin: [00:09:35] Yeah. The days that we’re kids, man, those are great. Um, yeah. Fuck. I was going to say something. I mean, I have to say, Oh look, you’re talking about the cool guy with the, with the dirt bikes. I’ll see. What I started thinking is Kelly Lee from the, from the bad news bears. Yeah, I kind of like that.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:09:53] He’s like two or three years old, you know, he had a goatee, you know, he was like ninth grade or something.

He had to go to you.

Sean Dustin: [00:09:59] That’s big. Like fire red. It was

Brian Schoenborn: [00:10:03] bad ass dude. You know where the Fox

Sean Dustin: [00:10:04] shit and all that stuff. Right? Yeah. Just to kind of wrap it up, cause I mean this thing, this thing could take forever if I try to go through it, go through the whole thing. Right. So. You know, I ended up, uh, doing that, right.

I went to a, uh, I was in junior high also. It was fast forward to junior high. I’m seeing my dad every now and then, you know, he does the every other weekend deal, but not nearly long enough, uh, time around for, for a young boy. Uh, to have influenced by, by having a man in the, in the, in the picture, you know what I mean?

Like full time, like, like, like, like how I am with my kid, you know? So what ended up happening is I was just, you know, doing whatever I wanted. I was cutting school, like taking my, my buddy had a. Uh, and this is my first crack at fraud as well. It was my buddy had a, these, uh, he’d stolen these things from the dentist’s office.

Right. And there were, there were like passes or slips that, that you’d fill out to take to school with you to give you an excused absence. Right. Awesome. Yeah. And so I, that was doing that, I was just forging those forging nos, and we would stay home all day long and just like hang out at his house and drink his dad’s vodka, all his, all his booze and get drunk.

And so, you know, it was doing that, uh, just really not, I was getting suspended and, and, uh, put on, sent to the office constantly. You know, I was a class clown, you know, they literally had my, my. When I was in third and fourth grade, my teachers would, would, uh, wrap my, my desk in corrugated paper wall around me.

Right? So I can’t communicate with anybody cause I’m always cracking jokes or you just, just a clown, you know what I mean? Talking shit, whatever. I ended up buying, I bought a butterfly knife from somebody right in schools and Hey, you went by butterfly. And I’d be like, yeah, that’s fucking cool. I’ll buy that.

Right. And so, yeah. And so I was playing around with it. In school. And like right before, cause we, you know, junior high, you’re now going from class to class, switching periods, right? I’m sitting in there in my history class and I would sit in the back. I always sit in the back and I’m sitting there and the teacher, the teacher’s not, not in the classroom.

Right? I’m trying to be cool in front of all these, all my classmates and I’m playing and I hear them coming to me. Oh shit. I put it in my pocket. Right? And uh. He comes into the, he comes in that he didn’t see that, uh, I missed my pocket and like, literally I moved around and it fucking went to tank tank.

Okay. So I got expelled from there twice. Okay. That’s two times already. I’ve been expelled from a school. I got expelled from there. I went and moved down to my uncle’s in, uh, South San Francisco, San Bruno area. And then I went to junior high there. Like I went to school there, got kicked out of that place.

Um, got shuttled up to my dad’s in Sacramento. Uh, he wasn’t prepared to deal with the likes of me and that’s for sure. And he’s 65, like 200 something pounds. I mean, we. We, I was rebelling, uh, you know, and he was just, he wasn’t, he wasn’t having it, man. So I ended up, uh, flunking out of, uh, seventh grade up there, and then had to go to summer school.

And then finally, he’s just like, he’s like my mom. He’s like, take him. I can’t deal with his ass. So I mean, you know, there’s just like. Well, what am I going to think? You know, what am I supposed to think? Like, damn, nobody wants me, you know, I’m just, just fuck up. You know, I can’t seem to do anything. Right.

And, um, so when I went back to high school or went back to the school that they kicked me out, the first one or the second one, uh, for the, the knife, and they agreed to let me come back. Right. They’re like, all right, well, you know, you’re in a bind and you need to finish the school year and we’ll, we’ll go ahead and let you back in.

Um. So about three weeks, three weeks before the, uh, the end of the school year, and I was eighth grade right now. And so my next step is high school, uh, three weeks, uh, before the end of school, I got sent to the office and I, and after coming back, I mean, I was still getting sent to the office all the time and they finally just said, you know what?

Go home. Just go home. I’m like, let me go home. He’s like, Oh, we’re going to socially promote you to the ninth grade. You’ve got straight F’s. Uh, you know what I mean? What? You’re just, you’re a pro problem. Go home. Don’t come back. And so that’s how I get suspended. And he was like. No, you’re getting it early.

You’re getting an early summer vacation. Get out of the huts.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:14:58] That’s crazy. Wait, so you flunked every class. They promoted you anyways, and you didn’t have to go for the last three weeks.

Sean Dustin: [00:15:08] I want to know who won that one. Oh man. That’s how bad I was. And it’s like, and I’m like, okay. Cause then it’s like now I get to stay home all day and nobody’s there cause my mom’s in, right. So one of the worst things that I did now in this time period, right when I came back and when I was a junior or a.

A freshmen in high school. And mind you, I hung out with all of the older kids, right? Because when I was a freshman, I hung out with the seniors and the juniors just because people that were in my neighborhood, they all knew me. Right. And, um, and they were seniors and juniors and, uh, and I think one, my best friend was one grade ahead of me.

Um, so when I, the summer, I think the summer. Yeah. Right. When I was, I think like the first, first year of when I was a freshman, like the first couple of months. Somehow I got it into my head. And so I learned how to steal my mom’s truck. Right. Enjoy ride it while she was sleeping because she would go out and she was, she was single and she would go out and she’d come home and like I would know she’s been drinking because I could hear her snoring right from below.

Right? So I’ll like, Oh yeah, I’m like, mom’s drunk. She’s out. She’s out. And so I would literally. I remember, I remember going up to her room right the first time I ever, I ever did this. And before I found that there was a spare key and I knew where to get the spare key. So I would commando on my stomach through her, like where her bed was on the ground, right.

And I put my hand up and try to get her keys if they were in her, uh, her purse. And, or if they were out and I would go in and I would open the garage door. And this wasn’t a, this was like the old Raj door we got in her bedrooms right next door. Right. So I’m like trying to, thinking that every noise that I’m making is like 10 times louder than it is.

I jumped in the truck, right? It was the old, uh, 85, uh, Toyota pickup, uh, with the sr 22 engine that everybody wants. Open it up. I would put the keys in there. I would put it in neutral and I would go down. Remember I told you I live on a steep Hill, right? And so I would back out, like push it back out and coast it all the way down the street.

Going backwards backwards to the next street, go up and then bam. Right? So I did this in the summertime for the first time, and I did it because I, there was this chick that wanted to hook up and I was a Virgin at the time. And so I’m like, I’m like, I’m going to get fucked. That’s worth it. You know, risk versus reward.

Right. So I go over there, right? And I pick her up. Uh, and, and, and uh, take her out to the back roads. I bring a plane, a blanket, and a pillow, you know, cause that’s, I got class. Right, right. I’m a gentlemen, gentlemen,

you know, I handle my business in the back roads and I take her to drop her off. And then I roll back up and install. In order to get back in there, I have to be going at least 50 or 60 miles an hour up the Hill so I could kill it and coast right back up into the driveway and into the end of the thing.

Right. So the first time I did that, the second time I did that, cause she wanted to do it again. But this time she got a little bit bolder and said, Hey, why don’t you just come to my house. No, you can sneak into my room. And I’m like, Oh, okay, cool. That’s even easier. And so I did that. And the first, the, and this is, this is the last time I did it, and this is why I get there.

I park. I get out, I start walking, walk into her house. So the side of the thing and a pit bull is fucking out there. And he chases me up and I jump onto the roof of the fucking car, right? And he’s like, wow. And he finally, he goes away. Um, I ended up, I go in there, uh, I get into her room handling business and her dad fucking knocks on the door.

Oh shit. Yeah. And I’m like, Oh my God. So I jumped out. I didn’t have no clothes on. Right. I jumped out blood ass naked out of the window. I jumped out of the window. Yeah. Well, I jumped into the window to get there. So

Brian Schoenborn: [00:19:31] I mean, I figured if you’re naked, you would’ve been like hiding in the closet or under the bed or some shit out of the window naked.

Sean Dustin: [00:19:40] I jumped out of the window into the backyard. Right. That’s awesome. I couldn’t leave my keys cause it’s in my pants, right? So I’m like, Oh,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:19:48] I’m going to go.

Sean Dustin: [00:19:52] And so there’s a shed right by the fence and there’s about this much of a gap in between it. So I go and I shoved my ass in there and I fucking screwed into the middle. And I’m like. Sitting there, right? Just frozen. There’s a motherfucking dog in my ass on the other side of the fucking fence sniffing parking.

I’m like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:20:13] shut up. Shut up

Sean Dustin: [00:20:16] dad. The dad comes out and, uh. And it starts looking, you know what I mean? You know, I, he, I know, he knows that his daughter, his daughter was getting fucking nailed, right. But for some reason he didn’t. He didn’t find me to know where I was. Right. So I got out of that one. Uh, she threw the bed clothes out the window and I hopped out after about a half hour, 45 minutes being just stuck there like.

That’s like 30 minutes of your life too. You’re

Brian Schoenborn: [00:20:45] right.

Sean Dustin: [00:20:47] I’m only like 15 and I’m like, should I go? Should I, what do I do? So that’s the last time I did that. Right. Well. My first, my first, uh, time with the law. Right. The interaction, you know, where I got caught up with the law was directly related to this girl that I screwed because I didn’t know that she was, had a boyfriend at the time and he was a gang member.

Oh shit. Yeah. You know, you guys have the Serranos down there, the Southsiders, we’ve got North siders up here, so. I didn’t know that. I didn’t even know that she had a boyfriend. Um, and so anyways, he called me up and he, uh, left a message on my answering machine. Uh, you know, with the tape, the tape player answering machine.

For those of you millennials out there that don’t understand, don’t know what that is. I got, I took that tape down to school and I, like I said, I knew everybody. Like I hung out with the gang members. I hung out with, uh, with the blacks, the whites, the jocks, the drama geeks. I, I re, I hung out with everybody.

I knew them all. So I let some of my friends listen to this tape and they’re like, Oh, fuck that shit, man.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:21:55] Fuck that shit. We’re

Sean Dustin: [00:21:56] going to get that dude. Let’s go, let’s go. And I’m like, yeah, fuck yeah, let’s go. You know, I’m a little bitch, dude. I’m not a fighter, right. I went back then, I wasn’t. And so I’m like, hell yeah.

You know, we’re going to go do this. And uh, by the time we got there, there was four carloads of dudes. Damn, four, four carloads of guys

Brian Schoenborn: [00:22:16] on your side or on their side,

Sean Dustin: [00:22:18] my side.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:22:19] Oh damn.

Sean Dustin: [00:22:21] And so we start walking down. Yeah. We walked down into the, uh, to where the area is, where everybody comes to the convenience store, lunch break and whatever from this high school on the next town over, and we start walking down there.

I see them, her and him walking towards us. She bolts out of

Brian Schoenborn: [00:22:39] here

Sean Dustin: [00:22:42] and he still keeps walking. Man. I’m like. And so I was, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was like, I guess I’m just going to ask me, why did you call my house?

I didn’t have a plan. You know,

these guys had a plan. I did. I did. It was just along for the ride guys. We called up the wrong dudes house brother, but I mean, I felt like a hot shot, you know what I mean? Because it’s like, yeah, looking back, got my backup boy now. And uh, so anyways, he comes walking up and I just start to say something to him and before I could even get a word out of my mouth.

He, he’s reaching for his pocket for something and he just, somebody from the side just hits him. Uh. And then he ends up like boom, boom, gets a pin, pin bald, runs into them, runs into the store, and there’s like three more dudes ready to, you know, grab him, bring him back, throw him on top of the counter where the cash register is, not the cash register off.

Just literally. And drugs and drug his ass. He ends up getting a hold of the knife, right. And slide is one of my friends across the face. Damn. And I don’t blame him, man. I a

Brian Schoenborn: [00:24:00] fucking

Sean Dustin: [00:24:00] slice. I just thought, I mean,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:24:02] I’m just thinking like how much does it got to suck that you’re cheated on by your girlfriend and then you get your ass kicked by a fucking gaggle of dudes.

Talk about bottoms, man. Jesus Christ.

Sean Dustin: [00:24:19] Yeah. So anyways, all of that’s on video cause it’s in a store. Yeah. I never touched the dude once. I never got to hit him. So anyways, long story short, I ended up getting charged with inciting a riot. Uh, and so I, uh, from that point on, um, my mom got, uh, you know, I was, uh.

She couldn’t control me, obviously. Um, you know, no, no. My dad’s still in and out of the picture, sort of, but I mean, he’s like, you know, after that old deal where me and him had a falling out was, it wasn’t when, when I got kicked out of school and, and left from there at one point I went up there because I was trying to hook up with this chick and I knew my dad was on, uh, on vacation and I still had keys to his place.

And I was, I wanted to hook up with this one broad. Uh, did I went to the junior high with go still in contact with her. So I, I, I drove up there or somehow I got up there. I don’t know how I got up there. I think, I mean, I’d taken a bus up there like Greyhound and. Aye went to his house and I jumped over the fence and went in and his neighbor saw me going in and called him.

Well, what I didn’t know is that my grandmother at the time, uh, his mom was, had, was having issues and was in the hospital dying. Right.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:25:43] Oh shit. Okay.

Sean Dustin: [00:25:44] And so he had to come all the way up there, leave her come all the way up there and get me, and she died on our way back.

That’s great. So, yeah. So, uh, that, that, uh, that really put a monkey wrench in our relationship because, you know, I was the reason why you, you know, and couldn’t be there for the last

Brian Schoenborn: [00:26:07] moments.

Sean Dustin: [00:26:07] Yeah. Yeah. And, uh, I mean, I get it, man, if that happened to me, you know, with my mom and him and his mom were pretty close, so.

I mean, it makes sense. I, you know, yeah. And so, anyways, now that’s on my mind, you know, that, that weighs on me now. So I’ve got these accumulation of things, you know, like, fucking nobody wants me. I’m a, I’m a fuck up. I can’t do anything right. Everything I touch turns to shit. Look, when I, my dad fucking doesn’t even like me anymore.

So I’ve got this narrative that’s getting built in my own head. Right. And, uh, so I ended up. Trying meth for the first time. Uh, and the reason why I did that, and I think that was like the summer of my, uh, freshman year. Right. So, and, uh. The reason why I wanted to try it so bad was is that all my friends were doing it and it wasn’t meth at that time.

It was crank back then. Bikers were still doing it. They still are, but they’ve changed. They’ve refined their process. Right. All of my friends were doing it and like when we would hang out, they would all disappear and go into their room and go into a room and lock it, and I wouldn’t, that was the youngest.

Obviously they didn’t want to be responsible for. Turning the youngest dude onto it. And all of these other guys had already done it, and they knew I didn’t do it. So, I mean, w thank you. That was cool. But it just made me want me to make me to want to do it more. And so I was hanging out with, my dad ended up marrying, uh, the neighbor down the street.

He divorced my mom, and then the neighbor that lived down the street and another court, uh, I guess he met her in somewhere. And, uh. She had a sister, two sisters, and they were both stoners and like they were all, they were like meth, meth addicts. And so I think I had known that that was available there.

And so I went down and started hanging out there because she was like my step grandmother. So she’s letting me come down and hang out all the time cause I just really, really live right up the block. And that’s where I got it. That’s where I got it. Got it from her. I got it from my aunt. She was like, she was like 10 years older than you at the time.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:28:08] Did she know that she was giving it to you or.

Sean Dustin: [00:28:11] I don’t know. I probably

Brian Schoenborn: [00:28:13] like stealing it or we’re like, I mean,

Sean Dustin: [00:28:16] no, she gets, she, I, she smoked foil, smoked it on the foil right there. Right. And so I think, I think I probably, probably, if anything, I probably lied about it and said, Oh, you have done it before.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:28:29] Well, yeah, because if you’ve done it before, then the pressure’s off, right? You’re like, all right, well, you know what you’re getting into.

Sean Dustin: [00:28:34] Yeah. Well, it’s not my fault, right. He’s going to get it from somewhere.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:28:39] That’s funny, man. That that kind of reminds me of not, not the segue a little bit, but, uh, you know, it kinda reminds me that there’s a lot of parallels between our childhoods.

I think,

Sean Dustin: [00:28:48] um, like.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:28:50] Somehow I was able to pull up good grades. I graduated top 10 in my class. I knew everybody, you know, but it was a small Podunk town in the middle of Michigan and 95% white people. Uh, one black family, one, uh, one Asian family that owned the, the, the son of the black family was the star running back and the Asian family owned the Chinese restaurant.

Go figure.

Sean Dustin: [00:29:11] Uh,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:29:12] everyone else, everyone else was white except for like the last little 5% were basically Mexican. Are Latinos right? Everyone got along. And, you know, like I said, I was smart and I was popular, that kind of stuff. But I was also a fucking rebel dude. Like, you know, like I said, the first time I smoked pot was the last day of seventh grade.

Sorry, mom and dad, if he didn’t know. Oh, well. Um, you know, it was a long time ago, but, you know, I dabbled a little bit, a couple other things in high school. I didn’t do math until I was in the military. Um, but that was after I’d already had PTSD and I was kind of fucked up. So I started, dabbled with it for a little bit.

Um, but I was always more into other things. Like. Uh, I liked ecstasy, acid, stuff like that. But I mean, even when I was in high school, like I was in a punk band. I did some sports and some other shit too, but I was in a punk band. Um, and like headlining, like every weekend. Um, our bandwidth, and I can’t tell you how many times I was like tripping while I’m on stage.

Sean Dustin: [00:30:07] I’m like 16, 17 years old, right.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:30:10] If I could

Sean Dustin: [00:30:10] flip it the fuck out,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:30:12] but like, still being able to play,

Sean Dustin: [00:30:14] um.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:30:15] You know, and, and, you know, fucking around sneaking into places like I used to, uh, speaking of sneaking out

Sean Dustin: [00:30:21] like, God, I used to sneak out almost every night.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:30:25] Like we had a pretty big house. It was a small town.

It’s a pretty big house. My parent’s bedroom was all the way on the, on the East end of the house. And the door that we always used to go in and out was always on the West end. Right? So it’d be, I figured out how to like, open the door without,

Sean Dustin: [00:30:39] without squeaking,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:30:41] just real careful. And they’d always hang their keys, like, uh, in the kitchen.

They’re hanging up in the kitchen so I could grab them real

Sean Dustin: [00:30:48] quick and

Brian Schoenborn: [00:30:49] go out and I’d take off and, you know, whether it was going to like, get laid or like just hang out with my friends or whatever, you know, we’d, we’d like to smoke cigarette or have some beers, smoke some weed, whatever, that, you

Sean Dustin: [00:30:58] know, whatever the fuck else.


Brian Schoenborn: [00:31:03] Yeah, I miss those days. It was fun. But like back then, it seems so dangerous. You’re like, Oh, we’re fucking rebels. We’re doing crazy shit, whatever.

Sean Dustin: [00:31:11] And now it’s just like, you know, it’s life.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:31:15] It’s life. You know?

Sean Dustin: [00:31:16] That’s funny. So part of it, so part that I, that I skipped, so this is, uh, I just kinda missed it so.

In the ninth grade, towards the end of the ninth grade, I ended up, uh, so since I know how to drive this truck and I have this, uh, the spare key now, right. Or know where it is at least. So I’m like, you know, I just, I want to cut school and I want to go hang out and do this, uh, whatever. So I decided to take the bus.

To the Bart station, right. And go to the Bart station that my mom parks her truck at two for her commute to go to the city. Right. And I steal it from there and I drive it back home. Right. And I’m rolling around school,

you know, get them, get a group of people together with me. And this is probably about. Maybe nine. I mean, yeah, probably about, no, about 10, 11 o’clock. Right. And I already know my mom’s not going to be home till around, or at least get to the Bart station until nine, nine 30, something like that. Cause it’s tax season.

And so I, you know, we’re partying at the house, drinking a little bit and, uh, but not getting drunk, uh, just having some drinks and, you know, at my house and my friends, so my other friend stole his mom’s car and it was, uh, it was a, uh, a Mustang. And it was way better than, than that little tan pickup, right?

And so I’m like, Hey, I want to drive that back to the Bart station, and then you can drive the truck. You know what I mean? That’s got a good deal for you, right? And he’s like, yeah. He’s like, I don’t know how to drive a stick. And I’m like, Oh, man. I said, does anybody know how to drive a stick? And my buddy Eric, he was like, yeah, I think so.

You know, I didn’t, you know, I was thinking, Oh, sounds like get a guest to me. So I tried to tell, I’m like, well, I’ll teach you how to do it right. And so. We’re backing it up and he punches it and I’m like, I’m like, are you sure you got this? And he’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s all good. And he didn’t turn the wheel because it was a manual steering.

Right. And he didn’t turn the wheel after he went this way, cause the wheel just automatically rolled around and luckily didn’t hit anything. And he, and he punches it again. Son of a bitch sister. Me and him are both in there, right? He hops the curb and he runs right into my fucking house.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:33:41] Shit.

Sean Dustin: [00:33:45] Doing about five to seven miles an hour. Oh my God. Your mom must have been so busy. That’s not the end of it.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:33:59] Go on.

Sean Dustin: [00:34:01] All right, so anyways, like the four dudes that were sitting on the up, I’m up on the by the front door and like they just watched this whole thing. They’re just like, they’re just, they’re blessed and a laughing, right? I just like, fuck you. Me and him get out of the car and I’m like. I’m like, how am I going to hide this

Brian Schoenborn: [00:34:24] in

Sean Dustin: [00:34:24] your house? Yeah. I wasn’t thinking about like, Oh man, this is horrible, man. What am I going to tell my mom? I’m like, how am I, how can I hide this? What can I do to hide this? Cause like I could and like everything started going through my head, like what I could do to get out of this what I do, you know what I mean?

And that’s how my mind works. It, my mind always worked on how can I get out of getting, or how can I get out of trouble? And then how can I get out of doing anything else, like a work around? And so anyways, I ended up having to drive it back. I grabbed a pillow and a blanket and a like, of course I’m like, dude, what am I, what am I going to do?

I can’t hide it. I have to. I have to come clean. You know what I mean? It’s like probably the first time in my life I ever told the truth.

And so anyways, I go and I park and I fall asleep and I told my mom. And so anyway. Once this I like, I had to tell her everything that happened, and this is like 10 o’clock at night. Dude. She literally dragged me over to homeboy’s house that, that, uh, drew was driving, right? Uh, and in some other person’s house and like all my friends, dude.

And so, like embarrassed the shit out of me. That’s great. Yeah. I mean, didn’t get anything out of it that she wanted. I was like, dude, they’re not going to pay for it. I’m going to told him to get in the car and drive. And, uh, so yeah, there was a hole in my room and it hit right perfectly in between, in the stud between the fucking wall in the room.

So there’s a hole in this room, and then there’s a hole in this room. So after, after that, she, uh. I think it was either after that or there was another incident where my aunt came in to live with us and I threw a party, uh, during lunchtime. In like

Brian Schoenborn: [00:36:08] a lunch party.

Sean Dustin: [00:36:09] Yeah. Like we cut school again. I had a bunch of people come up and I drank too much and passed out and got drunk and somebody ripped off like jewelry and fucking all kinds of shit.

So there was that, uh, she ended up sending me to a, you know, what outward bound is. That wilderness program where they send the kids that are bad to try to build confidence and whatever. And so I ended up going to this one in Joshua tree. There was a two week program in Joshua tree and literally like they see they.

You have to, they drop you off, you get a map, uh, and you’re with some guys and a bunch of people and there’s a counselor, and then you have to figure out where your food drops are and all this other stuff. It’s really to build confidence in teenagers because, you know, lack confidence and do stupid shit.

Right? So I went through that and, uh, uh, I mean, just nothing worked, man. I was just a bad kid. Ended up, uh. Doing a one 51 what did, juvenile hall did? A one 51 at the boys ranch ended up, and this isn’t an order, but this was just around that same time. And as a consequence of, of all of that behavior, uh. I ended up getting a violation and they gave me an option to do a night, uh, six month drug rehab, inpatient or, uh, 99 months in juvenile hall.

So, of course, I wanted the six months in a, in a, in a group home setting where there was females there, right. The opposite sex. So, I mean, that’s all I was thinking around. Um, went to that place. Uh, you know, six months turned into 18 months because you. When you’re in a drug rehab, it’s not about time. It’s about progress.

I was manipulating my way through the whole thing. Uh, you know, whether it was having dude, people from the emancipation house buy cigarette packs, bring them to me and I’m selling them for a dollar a piece, $2 a piece to the clients, cause you’re only allowed seven. So I’m hustling in there cutting hair.

Yeah, well, I think when I got finally somebody ratted on me and they went into the event and they found like a roll of fucking cash, like

Lucy’s, of course there’s a sex story in here. I ended up, I ended up hooking up with this one chicken there, and I was like, you know, we’re never going to get away with it and trying to screw here, so let’s just leave.

I had cash, right. Because I was, I, you know, so what we did is, uh, we took off, uh, we’re hanging out. When we got on the Bart train, uh, I was like, there was nowhere for us to go. And I’m like, well, fuck, let’s just go to my house. I know what my mom’s going to be leaving at some time. Right. So we went to the house, but she had locked everything up.

So I, there all of my ways to get in, I couldn’t get in anymore. But what I did have was I had this, uh, we hung out, we lived in that were Hills were right. And so there’s Hills all around the houses. So I had a Fort that was up in the Hills that when I had left, I remember I had a tent up there cause I would go up there and I’d sleep sometimes.

Uh, you know, it’s replaced to, I tried to grow weed and I tried to do all this. It was like my spot, right? Yeah. And so I took her up there and I banged her in the in the tent and got what I wanted, and then I was like, all right, well. What are we going to do? And so as soon as my mom came home, I’m like, all right, well, I’m ready to go back.

Uh, we packed it, went back to the treatment place. It was in big trouble. Uh, and, uh, yeah, I, I made it through there and then I did good for a little while. And, uh. Once I got out of there, you know, I got a job and I was like 18. When I got out. I got my GED. I was in there doing, uh, this is where I first got my, my, uh, introduction to public speaking because I was doing so well in there.

And I’d written some, uh, some, uh, essays and gotten a couple of scholarships for my writing. And. Also did a, uh, outreach to high school. So I go to high schools and I would go and tell my story to all the kids, right. And, uh, but I couldn’t figure out a way how to transition that when I got out. How to, how to turn it into something because none of this was available, you know, and podcasts hadn’t come out.

Uh, Tony Robbins was just scratching the surface, you know, and there was a couple of the guys that were before him, um. So I just kinda like, alright, well I went back home and somehow I ended up moving up to Sacramento. Uh, I used the girl and, uh, I here, this is a shady story, but this is just kinda like to paint a picture of like how, like how my, what my mindset was, man.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:41:03] I mean I sit there and I like, I’m laughing cause I’m like, on one sense it just sounds like

Sean Dustin: [00:41:08] pure

Brian Schoenborn: [00:41:08] like. In a sense, right? Just doing stupid shit, whatever. Right? But on the other side of things is, you know, that’s also like a pattern of stuff too, right? So it’s like, you know, like the more, the more stupid shit you do, the harder it is to kind of get away from continuing.

You know, it’s like that cycle, right? It’s like a virtuous cycle or the fun virtuous cycle, wherever the fuck you want to call it. Uh, but I’m

Sean Dustin: [00:41:31] laughing because I’m like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:41:32] dude, this was a bunch of shit that I would have

Sean Dustin: [00:41:34] done to like, see, you know, you know, um.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:41:38] But anyways,

Sean Dustin: [00:41:38] go ahead. Yeah, yeah. So it, uh, that’s, that’s kind of where it went.

Right. And, and, uh. I moved up to Sacramento and how I had, I had done this, me and my buddy, we were like, Oh, we gotta get outta here. Let’s get out of, and me and him were, were doing meth together, right. Or, or crank, whatever it was. And me and him had become best friends. And he went and was staying at my house all the time.

And, uh. And this is when I was out. So I really wasn’t doing anything, didn’t have a job, wasn’t doing anything. Mmm. And I’m like, dude, we gotta get outta here. Let’s go, let’s go move to, uh, to Sacramento. I got, I got a bunch of money coming, and that’s what we did. We went and moved up there. I was with this one chick and she was my girlfriend, and she had.

Bought a car and put it in my name after I got up there. Right. Because she needed a car. Somehow the, the loan didn’t go through and they, uh, had me returned, returned the car, and, uh. They gave me the check, they wrote the check and put it in my name.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:42:45] Hmm, nice. Because the

Sean Dustin: [00:42:47] title was in your name for the down for the down payment.

Right. Bad, bad idea. So needless to say that she was gonna, uh. Do something like she was saving money to, to move out and do this, but she wanted to get this car or whatever. Well, I ended up cashing that check and I blew all that money. It was like 2,500 or something like that. And, uh, she ended up having it broken.

I’ll have her. And so she moved up there. Um, but I in no way, shape or form boyfriend material, you know what I mean? I had friends that were living in Chico. Uh, I would. I would go up there and I would sell a get an ounce of crank from, from one of my buddies and I’d go up there to Chico state and I’d sell fucking like the whole thing in twenties wow.

You know what I mean? Cause all the kids are up there trying to cram for finals and stuff like that. And so they’re like. They don’t know. They don’t know, well, let me just get a teen or let me get a ball. They’re like, let me get 10 twenties

and I’m like, alright, I’ll give you one. And so I’d stay on for. For days at a time, man, and never even contact her or, or anything like that. I, you know, I cheated on a surf umpteen times up there. Fuck dude, I’m in a college town on, on crank, you know, so. Uh, she ended up, that lasted for a little while and I had jobs in between here and there, here and there.

But I’m attaching some, she’s the fuck up, man. Everything, everything I did didn’t, never really, I never took anybody’s else’s feelings into consideration. Every, every person was a, as a stone for me. You know what I mean? What can I, what can I do to, to, how can you have, be, be of service to me and my needs and what I need from you?

And, um. So, yeah, she gave me a dose of my own medicine, cause you know, we lived in a two bedroom apartment upstairs and one of my buddies was a grower up there and she killed me, grown indoors. And so I went and bought all of the shit to do, uh, to do indoor growing. Right. So I had 2000 white lights on a sun circle that’s fun around, set up this whole upstairs room to do, to do all this stuff right.

Uh, had everything on timers and shit, but I didn’t know what I was doing because I had all this equipment, but I didn’t know how to really utilize it. I didn’t know how to grow weed, even though I’d been trying to do it my whole life. Um, and so it just, you know, I had at one point, I had like 16 plants in here, but they were all real stringy buds cause it was like 90 degrees in there the whole time.

You know what I mean? And so it, it, it was kind of a bust, but I had a new one going and I’d figured something out. Well, she had gotten tired of my shit, right. And she’s, uh, I knew that something was up. And, uh, she was, she went to go hang out with you. I want to go spend the night at my friend’s house. And I’m like, alright, I knew something was up.

Right. And so. Mind you, I talked her into becoming a stripper too. Alright, so not, it’s not only, not only did you know that’s how good of a dude I was like, damn, how can I get the most money out of you? Well,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:46:05] I mean, it’s also the oldest profession, so I mean, you know,

Sean Dustin: [00:46:10] and so I do, I live literally, I, uh, delivered her to the door, cause just like, you know, I used to be a stripper.

She went and she auditioned. She got into it. Uh, I knew something was up. And so when I just kinda like, like hung low and it was like surveilling her when she left and it turns out she was fucking around with the, uh, with the door guy. Right. And I didn’t try it. I didn’t try

Brian Schoenborn: [00:46:34] mother

Sean Dustin: [00:46:35] fucker. And I was like, all right, it’s cool.

I know, you know, that’s really what I want. I just wanted to know

Brian Schoenborn: [00:46:39] you didn’t roll up four

Sean Dustin: [00:46:40] cars deep. Nah,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:46:43] not that time,

Sean Dustin: [00:46:44] at that time. Uh, so yeah. Uh, what ended up happening there is I, you know, I told her, Hey, I know what’s going on. And I, I whatever, it’s uh, you know, and I think one day when I was, uh, at work, cause I was working at a Marie Callender’s.

Somebody called and asked if I was working right. And I didn’t think anything of it. Well, when I went to go home, um, because she had, had been staying with dude and would come when I’m not there and, but the place was even her name, so she was just kind of really waiting for me to get my shit out. Hmm. I think, I don’t know.

I don’t even know what it was. But anyways, I showed up there. The locks were changed. I couldn’t get in. Uh, all my stuff is inside and the grow room and all of that equipment. Right. So I hopped up, I hopped the, uh, the balcony, and I. Rip the sliding glass thing off the off the tracks and get in and out. All my plants, all my equipment, everything’s gone.

My dog’s gone. Uh, all everything that we’ve gotten together was gone on. So she’d had that dude, did she see now she went and moved in with him and he helped her do all that right. And so she’d had a couple of bags of her clothes that she had left there, you know, couldn’t get whatever. I took all those, dumped them in the middle of the fucking floor bottles of bleach and, uh, persisted to plead shit out of her clothes.

Yeah. I bleached symphony the whole fucking living room of the apartment. Even the, even the, uh. The, what’s McAllen? And then to top it off, uh, I was like, all right, well there was a 50 gallon fish tank and it was my fish tank. And I’m like, why? I know where to put them on fucking now. So, uh, boom, busted it fucking,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:48:36] no

Sean Dustin: [00:48:36] shit.

Uh, flood flooded out the, uh, the downstairs neighbors apartment. Right. So, so she got, so I hope that, uh, I mean, and I’m not advocating people do that now, but I mean, my mindset back then was like, well, I hope all my shit was worth it.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:48:54] Yeah. You’re not vindictive at all right

Sean Dustin: [00:48:58] now. I’m not petty. It’s like

Brian Schoenborn: [00:48:59] somebody,

Sean Dustin: [00:49:00] somebody call me Tom petty the other day.

So anyways, yeah, I didn’t get in trouble for that. She ended up getting foot, having to foot the bill for all the repairs of that. I was friends with the manager, uh, cause she has a chick that I used to hang out with. And so she ended up running me another apartment. She knew who I was growing the weed.

She knew I was doing all this other shit, and she just let me rent one right down the way for after about four months, like let it cool down a little bit. Um, and then from there, man, I just, uh, you know, I just got involved with, uh, there was another incident where my homeboy. I was living in, I was living in an apartment.

My boy, another buddy moved in with me. He was working, he was a bartender at one of these really popular, uh, uh, nightclubs in Sacramento and, uh, where the Kings used to hang out. Right? The second one, the Kings, this was way back, not, not any time recently. Um, and so anyways. We were hanging out and my other buddy was, you know, his ex was a stripper, and I guess he had done, she had done him dirty and she was like, he was like, well dude, you want to hit a lick?

And I’m like, yeah, I’m always down to get free money with them. What’s up? So he was like, I know where my ex keeps all of her cash. And, uh, she’s got about 20 or 30,000 in there. And, uh, she all, I saw, I got just figure out how to get in the house and I’m like, done. Went and got a lock pick set, uh, taught my other buddy how to do it, you know what I mean?

Cause he was going to be the one I said, I’m paying for the lockpick sex. I’m the only one that’s got any money and the rest of the year you’re going to have to figure out how to do the rest. Right. I didn’t want to get my hands dirty. So anyways, he ended up doing that. And uh. We ended up making like seven or $8,000, and we split it.

And, uh, so I was trying to be a baller. I live in like a baller hanging out. Uh, we were going to nightclubs. And I remember this one that I took a limo. Uh, so that nightclub right where he worked and, and he was giving us a, you know, we would just give him like. A car and he would hold it and then act like it was a tab, and then we just pay him out some cash for a tip at the end of the night.

Right. So it looked like, it looked like we were balling.

We ran, I ran into this one dude who I started selling cocaine for, and there was a, there, there was somebody who was trying to confront him, and I didn’t really even know him. Uh, but we were talking and we were cool. Right. And, uh, somebody ran up on him and I had, uh, a group of people with me, like an entourage could, we came in, in the thing.

And so I had gathered all of them and you had this dudes back, and from that moment on, so you know, when you, have you ever, you ever been friends with a dude? Kinda like, like right when you meet. It’s like you two were just, Oh yeah, for sure. Joined at the hip. You know what I mean? It’s like, damn. It’s like, and it doesn’t happen all the time.


Brian Schoenborn: [00:52:06] it’s a straight up romance dude. That’s what it is. It’s fucking romance.

Sean Dustin: [00:52:10] And so, yeah, so it was like. He kind of took me under his wing and like I was at his house all the time and he was married so, and his wife likes me. And so that’s where I really started selling drugs at. And, uh, I was in a raid with him at his house cause he had gotten busted and he went to prison.

Um, and, uh. Yeah. That was a whole fucked up situation because then I went and lived with her too. You know what I mean? Like help her out with the rent and everything else. Uh, you know, I wasn’t fucking around with her or even try to, um, but I was still partying all the time cause I hung out with all these strippers and figuring out how to do what I was doing.

Right. I was working in the strip clubs. I was, you know, I think my, my schedule was, the only day I was off was Mondays. It’s Tuesday through Sunday. I was either selling in any of the nightclubs, because at one point I was a bouncer of one of these nightclubs. And so I knew all the, all the people that worked there, I was selling ecstasy, GHB, cocaine, mushrooms, uh, you know, you name it, man.

When I was living in Sacramento, dude, I was fucked. And so like to the point where I would have people come into my townhouse, like we’d all go party at the, at the club, and after hours was always at my place, and then that’s where I would sell more drugs. You know, I’d fucking bring the people there. We have a DJ there.

My homeboy’s a DJ. And so, um, yeah, that’s, you know, that was my life. And I mean, I even had the, my nickname was mr. After hours, if anybody out there listening in Sacramento, Roseville, California area, remember that name, mr. After hours. There we go. That’s, uh. Yeah. So, uh, it just, you know, it just kept, I, I just never, you know, I, I ended up hooking up with this other strip for the, you know, I was at one of the clubs that I was selling at.

Um, I just got into all kinds of shit, man. I was a there. There’s, when I was doing GHB, you remember what that is right. Yeah, well, yeah. Well, I mean, that’s what they call it. It can be used for that. Yeah. And so I was on that. I was taking that quite a bit. Right. And it for, it’s kind of like marijuana, when you build a tolerance to it, it’s your functional on it, right.

To a point on it. And so I would get to that point, man, where I would black out standing up. I would, I would black out cause I would just take so much of it. Right. But my, my mind is still going, but my body or, or the other way around, I don’t know which one it was, but one of them was still going and the other one wasn’t.

Yeah. And so I could drive this way and there would be times when I would, uh, I would be driving and I knew that like, here’s the exit that I wanted to take. I knew that I knew I want to get off over here and I’d be 20 miles down the road. And I came to not knowing how I got there. Oh, it hadn’t wrecked.

Yeah. And so just constantly things like that, you know what I mean? And, um. What, how I got to Vegas from there. Um, you know, cause I was into raves and the rave culture, I was going to raves all the time. There was tons of people. Uh, I almost in that period of time, I almost died like three times on overdoses.

From ecstasy, you know, mixing drugs, ecstasy, GHB, alcohol. Um, and that was, uh, that really gave me an idea of how insignificant I was, even though I was popular. Um, they all, they, they left me there, you know what I mean? I was falling at the mouth and it’s like, they were just like, Oh, well he can say he’ll sleep it off.

And now, luckily I did wake up, you know, and, uh. Yeah. Because you know, when you’re foaming at the mouth like that, that’s an obvious sign that you’re having a reaction.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:55:58] Well, I mean, I’ll tell you too, like, I wasn’t on the rave scene for awhile too, when I was younger, man. And, uh, you know, this was back when the, uh, when the, when the rave scene was underground warehouses.

Sean Dustin: [00:56:09] Right?

Brian Schoenborn: [00:56:09] Yeah. And, uh, I mean, I didn’t fuck with Jay. I’ve been drugged three times at probably GHB, but it’s been against my knowledge or against my will, obviously. So I don’t really know what that feels like. But like, my rave drugs of choice were always acid ecstasy. Ketamine was a good booster for that shit,

Sean Dustin: [00:56:27] you know?

Brian Schoenborn: [00:56:28] Um, but I mean, if there were, if there were enough of it that, you know, if I took enough of it, I’d be tripping for like. Yeah. That’s the one time at trip for like three days straight, dude. I was like, when the fuck is this coming out? But I was never foaming at the

Sean Dustin: [00:56:40] mouth, so I was never at the point where like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:56:42] you know, am I overdosing or not?

It was just, you know, it was just fucked up for more than one day,

Sean Dustin: [00:56:48] which is crazy to think about. You know? Yeah. So the last thing I remember before that happened, right, cause I was already, you know, I started the night with some cocaine, you know, doing Coke, cause that’s what I was selling to. Um, and then I, you know, was drinking, doing some, uh, I did a couple of tabs E in that night, in that timeframe, uh, did some G and then when I came back to that apartment, I took a shot of a tequila and then I, and then I dropped a hit.

I dropped the tag, a gel cap shoved in my ass. So I mean, that’s the last thing I remember and it was, then I woke up in the morning and that wasn’t enough for me because as soon as I got up, I was looking for the GHB so I could still, I mean, it was, I could never get high enough. Oh, I said, I said that wasn’t enough because after I woke up and I passed out and woke up, I went looking for the GHB so I can get high again.

Um, you know, so that was never enough for me. Yeah. I just wanted to keep going and stepping it up and stepping it up.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:57:52] So did you say you were in Vegas for what? Like were you living in Vegas or were you just like, they’re raving?

Sean Dustin: [00:57:56] Yeah. Well, no, I lived in Vegas after I lived in SAC. So the reason why I left.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:58:00] When did you live in Vegas? I lived in Vegas too, actually. So

Sean Dustin: [00:58:04] I lived in Vegas. Early to the early 2000 yeah, 2000 because my daughter was born their first daughter, so that’s 2000 through probably 2004 is when I got arrested and went to prison.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:58:18] I was there from 2006 to 2009 so yeah. Would have just missed each other.

Sean Dustin: [00:58:25] This is a weird place.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:58:26] Vegas is crazy. It’s, dude, it’s such a weird place. Like, it’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of fun. Like, I, you know, like I knew, I knew like some of the top photographers and shit like that inside the clubs. So like, you know, I never had to, never had to wait in line. You know, if I, if me and my friends saw group of hot chicks, we’d bring them with us and we never had a pink cover, you know, half the time we’d get free booze or whatever, table service, whatever else.

Sean Dustin: [00:58:50] Um. I had a pluggage raise, uh, for awhile before, before drays was what it is now.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:58:56] Yeah. I remember that.

Sean Dustin: [00:58:58] This was the small, small drains, you know what I mean? Just like a little, like a dungeon when you go down in there.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:59:04] So, so when I was there, I mean, I like, so my, a friend of mine. Uh, he is now like the most prominent photographer in Vegas.

He shoots everything at the, uh, the T-Mobile arena or whatever it is. When, when they do the awards shows, sporting events, Las Vegas nights, he does all the UFC shit, uh, everything ESPN related. Like he’s, he’s big time. But he got us started. He was one of the first photographers that was going into nightclubs and taking pictures of people having fun.

And then they would put it in posted on a website. I don’t know if you ever heard about that shit. I don’t know if that was after you, um, after you went to prison or whatever. But that was, that was the early, that was like 2005, two thousand fourteen thousand five, 2006 when that stuff was starting to happen.

Sean Dustin: [00:59:50] Yeah. Um.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:59:52] And, I mean, he’s making fucking buck now, dude. He’s, he’s trying, he’s probably closing in on like half a million a year,

Sean Dustin: [00:59:59] right? Yeah, yeah. To a regular dude like us. You know what I mean? Right.

Brian Schoenborn: [01:00:06] Total baller status, dude. Especially when you start by like just taking pictures for free and posting them on a website.

Sean Dustin: [01:00:12] Yeah. Like what everybody does now.

Brian Schoenborn: [01:00:14] Yeah. It was one of the first guys to do it.

Sean Dustin: [01:00:17] That’s funny. That’s what Instagram is now, right?

Brian Schoenborn: [01:00:20] No,

Sean Dustin: [01:00:20] absolutely. Yeah. Precursor. So anyways, Sacramento, why we, why we left Sacramento? I ended up hooking up with a stripper. I got her pregnant. Um, I was hanging out with some rough dudes, uh, from the city.

Um, I was hanging out with a lot of guys that were, uh, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of area 51 productions. I was a rape company out here. Yeah. They were, uh, uh, bringing in shit from Amsterdam and, you know, rolling heavy in, in the, in the ecstasy game. And, uh, I was just like, I had gotten into some funk with this dude and he was, he was crazy.

It was a black dude. And it was my homeboy, cause my homeboy rich is, uh, uh, one of his friends. And, uh. We, we had gotten to some fuck man, and it was one of those things where if. If we cross paths again, somebody wasn’t gonna walk away. Yeah. And so I, I kind of, I kind of, cause the dude was a lot like he was, he was a lot, he was a lot more strict than I was, let’s say that, you know what I mean?

He was kind of, he’s kind of rough and I was a little scared of him. Um, and so I was like, well, you know what? This would be a good time to leave. This isn’t a good time to leave Sacramento. Uh, and so I’m like. You know, my check’s already stripping cause I’m with a stripper, right? I’m like, well shit, you got about what.

You know, at least five months that you could still work. Correct. Right. So let’s go to Vegas. You can go work at one of those strip clubs there, you know, that’d be great for you. You know what I mean? Cause I’m not worried about where I’m going to work. I’m just, we need to know where you’re going to go because you got to pay for me.

There he is again. You know that guy. That’s always an angle into it to make sure that he’s taken care of right. So many ways. We moved to Vegas. Uh, had my daughter. Um, things are okay. We’re whatever I’m drinking. No, none of the hardcore fucking. And then my homeboy, my homeboy moves up there and, uh, with his, uh, check his stripper, right?

So he moves up there and, uh, I had moved him out at one point, uh, from like when she went into Vegas to work, you know, when we were living in SAC, I had moved him and all of his shit out of her house once. Right? And he ended up getting back together with her, and then they moved up there. I ended up hooking up with him and, uh.

Yeah. Do we, we just started partying together and hanging out, and then I moved. I moved him out of there into my house. So the same thing. She went to Vegas again and fucking, when she came back, all his shit was gone and he was living with me now and Vegas and me and him just, we’re going to strip clubs and just doing all kinds of shit.

Fucking doing drugs, whatever, partying. And I, and I had a pregnant chick right. Alright. Responsibility. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So we’ve already established that I’m just a douche bag, right? Like I’m like,

Brian Schoenborn: [01:03:27] these are growing pains, man. These are growing pains.

Sean Dustin: [01:03:30] I’ll tell you what,

Brian Schoenborn: [01:03:31] like not to get too deep, but I believe that everybody is a collection of their moments, dude.

And you are who you are right now because of the shit that you’ve gone through.

Sean Dustin: [01:03:40] Right. Yeah. Yeah.

Brian Schoenborn: [01:03:41] I’ve, I’ve gone, I’ve gone through plenty of deuce baggy shit myself as well. And, you know, I’m still here. You’re still here. Fuck it. It doesn’t matter. It’s almost better to be like more Opus open and honest about the whole fucking path.

Cause it’s, cause it’s fucking crazy, you know? And, and it’s one of those things where it’s like, you know, you go around and you can fucking get in trouble. You go to prison or jail or whatever else or other things happen. A lot of people, uh, you know, they wind up in prison for a long time or, or dead, you know, a lot of them don’t make, make it out, man.

And the fact that you’re here, um, you know, 10 plus years later after, uh, after you went, you know, went to prison and Vegas for example. Uh, you know, that’s, that’s a success story, but it’s like, at the same time, it’s like, you got to hear the shit leading up to it because I mean, shit, man. I mean, not only are they fun stories, but it’s also like leads to like.

How you got into that fucking situation, right? And then how you been able to like pull yourself out of it.

Sean Dustin: [01:04:38] So that’s just the first third of the story. All right, because that’s not even, that’s not even going to prison yet. That’s not even getting out. And then all of the madness that went into it went into that.

Yep. So we ended up, we ended up splitting up, um, cause I think, uh, after she got pregnant, it was just, I don’t know, whatever reason, I was maybe drinking too much or being an asshole. I wasn’t very good at relationships, obviously. Um, so. I ended up moving in. He moved out, right. And then he got a place, an apartment, and he got a two bedroom apartment because he knew that I was going to be following him shortly thereafter.

And so I was just, I was all right, I’m out. And so I moved into there. Um, me and her were still kinda cool. My daughter was already born. Um. I was, I would have her every once in a while. And she started dating some other dudes. And then for some reason, I think before she started dating this other dude, she was going to go to California to see her family.

She was gonna fly, right? And she goes, well, can you just take my car, uh, my four runner? And uh. Drop us off at the airport and you can drive it. Well, she’d tell me that she had let the, uh, insurance lapse on it. And so I went out that night, uh, the night she left, it was Christmas Eve, as a matter of fact, and I went out to a rum jungle, and I think that’s the one that’s in, uh, Bolaji or something.

I don’t know. One of those places. I went there by myself. I did a lot of things by myself. I would, I would go to a club by myself. I go to like a bar by myself. I was just like, there was never like a thing to me. Um, I drank some, I’ve bored, whatever, no action. So I ended up, uh. Leaving and I had taken, at this point, they didn’t have GHB anymore, but they used to sell that stuff in the GNCs.

And remember the, once they hit your system, it wasn’t GHB in the bottle, but when it interacted with your system, it turned into it and they would sell it as like cleaning supplies, you know? Yeah. And so I had a bottle of that. And so I took a cat before I left. And, uh, the next time I woke up, uh. I ran into a telephone pole or a light pole.

She’s had a boom, like taco to it. Right. And so, and this was all the way down Flamingo, you know we’re Flamingo and desert highway, or what is that? No, I’m not deserting. It’s a Boulder highway Boulder.

Brian Schoenborn: [01:07:21] Okay.

Sean Dustin: [01:07:22] Right. So

Brian Schoenborn: [01:07:22] there’s South, right? Like you’re like near like Henderson, right?

Sean Dustin: [01:07:26] Yeah. Well, no, no, not really.

So it’s Flamingo. All the way to Boulder highway is

Brian Schoenborn: [01:07:32] Boulder highway on the South or the North? I forget.

Sean Dustin: [01:07:36] It’s on the, I feel like on the side where you go to the Lake, you know what I mean?

Brian Schoenborn: [01:07:42] Lake Las Vegas, like made, yeah, it’s on the South. Yeah. You cut through Henderson. Okay. It’s near, it’s near the Henderson.

It’s kind of like the South Las Vegas Henderson

Sean Dustin: [01:07:51] border. Yeah. So if you’re, if anybody out there is familiar with this area, there’s a liquor store right there. And so had I went this much further to the left or this much further to the right, I would have ran right into this liquor store. Damn. So what I got, I guess I got lucky in one sense, but it tacos the whole, the whole thing.

So it went down the center and just boom. And the whole thing was dented inside. I don’t know if I had my arm. Seatbelt on or not. Uh, obviously I must have, uh, cause it was a pretty, uh, hard impact. But anyways, I got out as if nothing happened. Uh, walked right across the street to the seven 11 and bought a Gatorade.

And the lady, the lady had seen this whole thing happened going down. Right. And she, she’s like looking at me like. Wait.

Brian Schoenborn: [01:08:42] So you talk your car on a light pole, not a single scratch. You got out of the car and walked into the seven 11 and bought a Gatorade and this one lady is watching the entire time,

Sean Dustin: [01:08:55] Cassie, or she’s just looking at me like, what the fuck did I just witness?

You know what I mean? Like you just got out like nothing happened. Like it wasn’t even your car. Cause it wasn’t my car. And so anyways, that’s not the end of it. All right. So I go and I get my thing. And really what it was, it was, I went to get that Gatorade for a chaser cause I wanted to take another cap and I still have my bottle, right?

So I took another cap, blacked out again. And when I wake up this time, I’m standing at a drive through, uh, looking at the menu right. I have no idea. I must have walked there somehow. Uh, and so I get my bearings. I’m like, fuck for my ass. You know what I mean? Like find out where I met. I see my car, I see the car or the vehicle, the tow trucks pulling it up now.

Right. It’s coming on to the thing. So I wrote over the wall, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I need to get something out of there. Go take another cab. This time when I wake up. I’m standing in front of the porno rack in the store that I almost ran into.

Brian Schoenborn: [01:10:02] You’re back in there again. I’d

Sean Dustin: [01:10:04] never, I was never in there.


Brian Schoenborn: [01:10:07] sorry. I thought you said the seven 11 was, this was the

Sean Dustin: [01:10:09] spot. No, so a store that I almost ran into, it was open and it was one of those liquor stores, you know the have all the dirty magazines. So I’m like going like this. You know what I mean? Like whatever I’m doing. So the cops ended up coming in there, uh, and they’re like, uh, they, they’re leading me out, right?

And when I come to this time, I’m like, Whoa, what the fuck are you doing? Right? Cause I would black out and come to blackout and come to, and, uh, they were like, Whoa, wait, wait, wait. You know, we’re just, you’re going into the ambulance because you have head trauma. They thought that because of my behavior that I had hit my head in the, in the crash.

Brian Schoenborn: [01:10:54] They didn’t realize that you’re actually just like loaded on GHB.

Sean Dustin: [01:10:57] Yeah. And it smelled like alcohol. So there was nothing that they, you know what I mean? They loaded me into this thing and the, and the, the guy after we already leave, the cops are gone, dudes all do quick bullshit and man, what the fuck are you on?

And I’m like, nothing. And he’s like, dude, I need to know. Because if I give you something and it has an interaction, it’s going to fucking kill you. And I’m like. Oh, Oh, Oh, okay. Then, uh, Amazon GHB and this sense of that, and so as soon as I got there, I left. I just bounced. It cost me, well, it costs me a relationship with her because we were kind of trying to work it out, but after that, you know, she owed.

The whole amount of money that she owed on that car cause I had to total it and she had no insurance on it. Um, so yeah, that kind of, that kind of put a, put a damper on things with us,

Brian Schoenborn: [01:11:46] I would imagine.

Sean Dustin: [01:11:50] So anyways, uh, she leaves, uh. I ended up going down to Phoenix for six months, stayed drunk the whole time I was there. My ex had my, uh, my rights terminated as a parent. Right. Uh, cause I didn’t show up to contest it because I was partying and I was like. She’s better off without me anyway, so fuck it. You know?

And so when I went to Phoenix, I was kind of like grieving that whole thing because I did spend 18 months of her life with her. You know what I mean? I did have a connection to her and a bond. I mean, not a strong one, but I mean, I did have one. Um. And so anyways, uh, come back, you know, shit still doesn’t work out.

I ended up getting a job at a strip club, uh, in North Las Vegas, hooked up with a stripper. Uh, she was a meth addict, and that’s when I started doing meth again. And this is when it turned into crystal. And so by this time, I’m, you know, we’re, we’re doing it. I’m not working anymore. Uh. I’m selling meth full time now.

I’m, uh, you know, just kind of ball and I’m trying to recreate the life that I had in Sacramento because Sacramento was the shit, you know? That’s where I was like, when I was doing that, it’s like big time, you know? Not big time, but I mean, I was trying to recreate that whole feeling and situation. And Vegas and Vegas is a whole different monkey man.

Especially if you’re, if, if you’re not from Vegas, if you’re not a local from Vegas. Yeah, they’re, they’re weird man. The people that grew up with each other, they’re like, cause you have, you’d have dudes fuck ratting on each other and get out of prison and it’d be hanging out again. Yeah. It was crazy.

There was the only place where I would see moms and dads smoking meth or banging meth with their kids. Wow. You know what I mean? And so it was like, yeah, that was a really strange place. Um,

Brian Schoenborn: [01:13:43] and

Sean Dustin: [01:13:44] you know, I was selling a lot of, a lot of, you know, a lot of, not a lot of weight, but I mean, it was a lot of weight for me.

Uh, it was a, you know, selling ounces and boarders and stuff like that. So, yeah. Anyways, uh. Long story short, I was a, you know, I had guys working for me. I’d figured out how to manipulate and use people that were slamming dope cause they were, you know, they were way worse of an addict than I was. And you know, they would pretty much do whatever I wanted them to for drugs.

So I would have them do smash and grabs for me. And, uh. And, uh, and I’d provide the vehicle for him to do it and just pay him, you know, in cash. You know, they came back with guns. They came back with all kinds of shit, man. Um, and so what ended up happening is I ended up selling to an undercover cause one of the dudes I was dealing with flipped on me, set me up.

Uh, I made five control buys. Um, what ended up happening, uh.

Brian Schoenborn: [01:14:37] What’s a controlled buy like you bought from him five times or

Sean Dustin: [01:14:41] so. A confidential informant makes the connection, right? Right. Somebody that I trusted, send somebody to me and then that person’s been. Uh, either one of them has been compromised.

Right? Yeah. And I think they both, I think they both, he had been compromised. The CGI is a, uh, a lower level, like petty guy like me. And then, uh, being the actual, cause a cop has to be present there too, and introduced me to him and I sold like five, five, five ounces, five different times. And so, which I should have been in jail the first after the first time, but you know, need to stack the charges against you so you can’t get out.

So anyways. I had already known that, that like, that had a feeling shit was going down. You know what I mean? It’s like, like my time was up. Uh, there’s just a, just a funny feeling that I had and so I got rid of all the guns and except for one and everything else, I still had there cause I didn’t really care.

I just need to get rid of the guns cause they all had filed serial numbers off on them. I was hanging, I was doing something. It was about two o’clock in the morning and my chicken, her friend were asleep in this room. Me and another dude, we’re in this other room. I had. A huge stereo system that was turned on, you know, to like something loud on TV.

And, uh, I was in the back and it was working on it cause it was counterfeiting hundred dollar bills at the time. Right. You know, I was watching dollar bills and then I was printing up old hundred on top of those. And it was, you know, it was working sort of. Uh, and so I had, I was working on the thing on the computer right.

I heard, I heard something man, and it sounded like cops or something, something loud. And uh, what it turned out to be is they slugged the back gate, but the stereo was so loud, right. The TV was so loud that I couldn’t really hear it, but I heard some booms and so it was the say slug to the back gate as they.

Shot in a flash bang, um, through the windows. Right. And what I had was I had double pane glass. Windows goes living next to Nellis air force base, right? And so I had tinted the inside of these windows. And so when the, when they shot it in, it bounced back on them and it blew up on them and one of their, their dogs bit them.

Right. And so I heard that, I heard that. And then another band came through the, uh, through the, the. The sliding glass door. Right? I still don’t know what’s going on. I think somebody at this point, I’m like, alright, boom, boom. And I’m like, fuck, it’s a drive by. And so I got the gun semiauto we’ll fix it upon your hand.

And I have it down by my leg. So there’s a corner and there’s a hallway, a corner, and then the front door is right there. But I had a big ass, uh, console TV right there, like the old school, uh, big screens that are like hella heavy and wide,

Brian Schoenborn: [01:17:40] and they’re deep, right?

Sean Dustin: [01:17:42] Yeah. And so that’s in the way. So, and then the door can’t even open, so they can’t see behind it.

Right. All they can see is from, you know, here’s the TV, Oh, this way. So as soon as I look, I come around the corner like this, like, just, just picture it. Just picture. You’re like, I don’t want to thing like have a gun like this. And I’m going around the corner and I look up and I see the, I see the SWAT shields.

And immediately I, I throw the gun behind the TV and I dive and put my hands on my head. Right? They see that gun. I’m dead dead. Yeah. So anyways, I never got caught with that gun cause they were already pissed at that. Their dog bit them. And so when they got me in handcuffs, they picked me up and ran me into the TV and the TV went up over the gun and they never found it.

They never found the drugs either because all the drugs and the cash were in a BTB VCR combo that was hanging up. Hi and the drugs, different dogs didn’t catch it and they never bothered to look. So as soon as I got out, I took all my money, all my dope, and uh, we moved, moved in, had enough money to put down on a new place, move the whole operation somewhere else.

Brian Schoenborn: [01:18:50] Well, how long are you in though? It seems crazy to me to be like, you know, to get, okay. Pro broadened by the SWAT team. You know, like, that’s, that’s fucking wild, dude.

Sean Dustin: [01:19:02] Well, they, they, they kept me in for two days. They give me that, give me an old car. Yeah. Because I didn’t have any felonies on my record. I had all this other little petty shit.

Right. But I didn’t have any felonies, so they let me out and they do that on purpose. Especially if you’re a drug dealer or


Brian Schoenborn: [01:19:19] cause, they want you to fuck up again or they’re watching you or some shit.

Sean Dustin: [01:19:22] Yeah, they want to watch you or they’re, they know they’re going to catch you on some more shit. And he did.

They did. They absolutely did. It works there. Their thing worked because I was like, as soon as I got out, I’m like, fuck that. I ain’t going back. You’re gonna catch me if you can. Right. Game on.

And uh, so I moved all my shit up there. I put a surveillance on every, on every. Area. So, I mean, there was only one way in this way, one way and this way I had them all on camera, so I, you know, and even the main streets, so I knew what was coming and who was going. Um, and I just persisted to, uh, I didn’t want to sell drugs anymore because I didn’t want to, if I got in trouble, I didn’t want to catch another case doing the same thing.

So I switched to white collar crime, which is a check fraud and credit card fraud and stealing identities. And.

Brian Schoenborn: [01:20:15] What was your, let me ask you this, like what was the, what was your thought behind that? Like did you make you made a conscious decision to say, Hey, I’m going to start, you know,

Sean Dustin: [01:20:23] ripping

Brian Schoenborn: [01:20:23] people off or whatever, or, yeah.

I mean like maybe one day you’re just like, Oh, well I found this like fake ID or the other person’s ID and.

Sean Dustin: [01:20:32] No, no. Well, for the drugs, I mean, when

Brian Schoenborn: [01:20:36] you made the, when you made the switch from the, you know, you just said, Hey, you know, you stop the drugs because you don’t want to get busted again for the same shit.

And then you moved into, you know, check fraud, wire fraud, that kind of stuff.

Sean Dustin: [01:20:46] Cause I already had, I already had the, uh, I was already doing the, uh, the, the a hundred dollar bills. Right. I was already had the, the programs, I had the, you know, whatever. Uh, they didn’t take everything. So there were still some, I still had some equipment that I could do cause I duplicated everything.

Like I would. Do put a program. If I had these programs, I would throw it on this computer and I throw it on this computer, and then I would sell them that way after they were stolen. And I switched out all the parts and redid everything. And so, uh. I’d already, so it was, it was an easy transition for me, basically.

You know what I mean? I already had a foot into it. Um, and then I had hooked up with somebody. Uh, this one chick that was working for, uh, uh, uh. Oh, what did they call that? Um, she was working for a tour company and she had given me stacks of information for that, had all of their credit card information, their address or this or that and some other things.

And so I was able to finally figure out how to put it all together. I can’t tell you what I did with this one because this one might get me in trouble. Um, but I, I ended up going cross country and I, you know, netted, netted a bunch of money and. I knew something was off. A roommate kept calling and it’s like something wasn’t right in my mind.

And so I went to somewhere else, had hit all the money, went back, went to my house. Um, as soon as I get there, she had, there’s two other dudes there. And her, uh, the dude that she was hanging out with told this other dude who supposedly some hell’s angels guy. Uh, that, you know, I was coming with big score, you know what I mean?

Coming back up with a bunch of drugs and all this other shit. So he was having to tax me basically. And, uh, so long story short, I didn’t have anything. I’m like, well, you can take some of the fireworks that I bought in New Mexico. Uh, you know, there’s a bike, you can have a, you open it. You’re really stupid because.

I’m Kate, I’m capable of doing way more than what you think. And you really want some peanuts and you don’t want a part of the whole bag, then you’re missing out. And so I Jedi mind trick disasters. Oh yeah. A good idea. Yeah. Okay. And so he went along with it. Right. And so after that point, I’m going to kill this dude.

And uh, because he put my check on the floor, he put me on the floor, you know, it was like, alright, you know, this is like. I already ran from somebody once. I ain’t doing that shit again. Fuck that. You came into my house, you know, cause I had some balls now and you know, I’ve been through, I’ve been through a raid, this and that, and so like this is like my next, this would have been the graduation into the next step of like, all right, you’re a true gangster, now you can kill somebody.

Um, and so I went in and took all the information that I had and I bought a shotgun and in a suit, in a fake ID with a credit card. And I rented a, uh, uh, like I was living this one dude’s life. I had rental cars and this name and his name. Credit cards in his name that I had had sent to me and I figured out, uh, but the one thing that I, the one mistake that I made is that he was a black guy and I’m not, so, uh, the person on the ID right.

So what ended up happening is I was trying to cheat on my check. Uh, I got the gun, I was planning all of this stuff, right? But there was, you know, I don’t know what was on my mind, but I was, I knew I wanted to fuck this one broad. So I went and got a hotel room in that, in one of the, in the used, instead of paying cash, they used the credit card.

They ran my name. You know, cause when you go to weekly, they run your name, their Metro. And to see if you have, you’re a fugitive from anywhere. Right? Well, it came back that, that here’s my picture and here’s the, there’s this ID and here’s this ID as black dude and the fucking Mexican dude. Um, so they put me off and they said, alright, come back, come back in a half hour, come back.

They were already there waiting for me. And that was the end of that. And that’s where I go when I go to prison. That’s the last step. There was a couple of other things that happened. The rest of the story is after I get out of prison cause then it continues. Let’s hear about a man. I

Brian Schoenborn: [01:24:56] mean, I know you gotta kinda, you gotta bounce, you got other appointments so we can just kind of wrap it up here.

I think it’s a good

Sean Dustin: [01:25:01] spot as a fucking

Brian Schoenborn: [01:25:03] wildest story, man. I’m loving it so far. But, uh, let’s, uh, you know, I know you got shit to do so we can wrap it up. Alright, cool man. Sounds good.

Sean Dustin: [01:25:11] Okay, cool.

Brian Schoenborn: [01:25:12] Alright. Alright Sean, doesn’t everyone have a good one?



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