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15| On Hitting Rock Bottom and Rising Again, “No Where To Go But Up” Host
Sean Dustin (part 2)

Half the City
Half the City
15| On Hitting Rock Bottom and Rising Again, "No Where To Go But Up" Host
Sean Dustin (part 2)

Sean Dustin is the writer, producer, and host of the podcast “No Where To Go But Up”.

In part 2 of this 2-part interview, Sean shares his wild story that begins with his time in prison for cocaine and check fraud and ends with finding himself and his path, a new man.

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No Where To Go But Up Podcast

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Brian Schoenborn: [00:00:00] Hello. Hello everybody. A guest today. He had a time where he hit rock bottom like many of us, and he has turned that around and become a huge success story. We’re gonna learn about all of that and more is coming up. We’ve got the host, creator and writer of the “No Where To Go But Up” podcast with Sean Dustin, give it up for my friend Sean Dustin,

my name is Brian Schoenborn. I’m an Explorer of people, places and culture. In my travels, spending over 20 countries across four continents, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging in authentic conversations with amazingly interesting people. These are their stories on location and unfiltered presented by 8B media.

This is half the city.

Sean Dustin: [00:00:51] Where are we at, man? We were riding it.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:00:54] Yeah. You wrapped it up right as, um, just before he went to prison.

Sean Dustin: [00:00:59] So like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:01:00] yeah, so you were, um, so you went to jail for a couple of days, you know, brought in by the SWAT team and then you came back out and then you started, you switched from the drugs into

Sean Dustin: [00:01:10] fraud. Oh yeah.

That was going to kill that dude because, yeah, you’re going to kill the attack. He texted me, they showed up. It was already been planned. So what ended up happening is they, they, they stopped me, uh, throw me in the car. Uh, it was about a hundred degrees, like 110 degrees in the back of that damn car, uh, middle of summer.

And, uh, I, all I can remember is like, dude, I just want to go to sleep. I do. The weight was off of my shoulders. I don’t have to run anymore. I know I’m going to go where I’m sleeping tonight. You know? Uh, well I knew where I was sleeping most of the nights anyway. Um, but it was just, it was just a relief actually, you know, it’s like, fuck, finally I can get this shit over with and I couldn’t stay awake, man.

I couldn’t like, I was like this, I just kept falling asleep cause it was like, that’s all I wanted to do is just go to sleep. I’ve been up for like three days

Brian Schoenborn: [00:02:01] trying to run in the back of the cab or the back of a, or at.

Sean Dustin: [00:02:05] No, in the back of a cop car like this one that’s like asleep, man. They didn’t even get even, they haven’t even gotten to the end of the car to go.

And so the detective that came was the same one that had got me into the first time. Oh, sweet. Yeah,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:02:25] I bet he was thrilled to see you.

Sean Dustin: [00:02:27] Oh, he’s what? He’s like, he was waiting for it. I knew you’d show up sometime. You pop back up somewhere and uh, you know, I was like, he goes, he’s like, so you know, from what we got in your last house, he’s, I know you’ve already got a whole bunch of shit accumulated again.

So he’s like, if you. You’re already going down because we have a ride along and that shotgun’s going to be a federal offense now. Uh, so we’ll not file charges on you if you take me to your house and give me all of your shit.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:02:57] I ain’t kidding.

Sean Dustin: [00:02:59] No, I’m serious. But I

Brian Schoenborn: [00:03:00] mean, that sounds like a fucking trap, dude.

Sean Dustin: [00:03:03] No, I did it. I was like, I didn’t care. I called my ex up, I call my checkup. I said, Hey man, uh, I’m, uh, I got arrested and I’m on my way there with the police right now cause I got give them all my shit. And they didn’t really, they did, they didn’t care about the method was there, the fucking, you know, the pipes or anything.

All they wanted was my, my, uh, what I was doing. And so I gave him all the computer stuff. I gave him all of the, uh, like I had blank. You know, I, I figured out how to duplicate the, uh, the social security cards too. And like the secret service dude, cause I had him on a sheet and they had the, the, the, all the stuff that you should have all the security features and everything else.

And they didn’t, they didn’t believe me that they weren’t real and they thought that I’d stolen them from like the social security administration. Wow. Because they were in sheets. Right. And I’m like, dude, fuck it. I did that. So you want to give me a job?

Brian Schoenborn: [00:03:58] We got a, we got a spot for you in the mint.

Sean Dustin: [00:04:01] Yeah.

Right. And so, anyway, I ended up going away, uh, fought my case. Um, you know, I was supposed to get. A 12 to 15. For some reason, the judge just did not like me because I was a predator. Uh, you know, I was having these people that were strung out doing all my stuff for me, and you know, she was like, you know, you weren’t selling like you were selling dime bags in the fucking park, mr.

So I was like, all right, man, whatever. So I ended up getting a fifth. 15 to 60. And I paroled out in like eight years. Yes. 15 to 60 months. Yeah. And so I paroled out in 18 months. And then, uh, it was a, then I went to federal, um, you know, prison. I mean, it is what it is. I don’t know if you have known anybody that’s ever been to prison or,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:04:55] I mean, I’ve been, I’ve been to jail a couple of times.

Um, you know, I spend my 18th birthday in jail. I was in jail for a month over some stupid shit. Um, but, you know, I don’t know. I know some people that have been to prison, but, um, they haven’t. Well, one person that made it out dying a couple of years ago, but we never really reconnected after that. He was kind of a piece of shit before.

Sean Dustin: [00:05:20] Yeah. Yeah. It’s funny how that works.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:05:23] Right? Um, but he, he came out as like a Neo Nazi fucking, yeah. Like.

Sean Dustin: [00:05:30] Super

Brian Schoenborn: [00:05:31] racist piece of shit. Um, which was funny cause his best friend was Mexican. I’ve heard that works.

Sean Dustin: [00:05:41] And I don’t hate tacos. Right.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:05:45] Um, but no. So, so I don’t know a lot of people that have been to prison.

Um. You

Sean Dustin: [00:05:50] know, I’m sure you’ve seen, you know, movies scene, you know, the, the, the, what is that? You get like the, the outdoor

Brian Schoenborn: [00:05:57] areas like recess or some shit. You can lift weights or whatever else.

Sean Dustin: [00:06:02] Recess,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:06:03] right?

Sean Dustin: [00:06:05] Uh, well, no, you don’t get any of that stuff anymore. Like, you know, we were doing, you know, lifting bags of fucking sand and water bags and you know what I mean?

Just trying to do stuff like that. Cause they don’t really give you a whole lot. Yeah. Cause you know, they just don’t want to, they don’t want the inmates getting bigger than the guards. Right. Some places you would go and it would be just like, you know what I mean? And fuck, what are you going to do with that man?

You fucking put that. You have to put that dude down.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:06:30] Yeah. I think of, I mean, I think the closest I’ve come to prison, at least the feel of it, I think would be, uh.

Sean Dustin: [00:06:43] When

Brian Schoenborn: [00:06:43] I went to jail and Tokyo, so,

Sean Dustin: [00:06:48] so it was a

Brian Schoenborn: [00:06:48] stupid situation. I was, I was in Tokyo, I, um, with a group of friends that is grad school, business trip thing, right?

So like, it was 20 of us

Sean Dustin: [00:06:57] and like, and I had just been elected

Brian Schoenborn: [00:06:59] class president somehow. I don’t even fucking know, but like, whatever.

Sean Dustin: [00:07:03] Um.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:07:05] And we were out in Tokyo, partying, didn’t we bumped into this guy who was like the home run King of Japanese baseball league, and he bought us a fucking, like, you know, the giant Magnum of Saki.

Sean Dustin: [00:07:16] He paid for our whole

Brian Schoenborn: [00:07:17] dinner, just kind of like randomly bumped into him and some sushi place. Yeah. And uh, later that night we’re walking around and, and me and like two other buddies would go into this bar to, I go to get them some beers, come back, uh, like when I go back, they’re gone. And next thing I know, I’m waking up in the fucking streets of Tokyo like three o’clock in the fucking morning.

No idea where I’m at. Nothing is in English, right? I think I find the hotel, but the Gates closed, right? So I fucking, I hopped the fence. I hopped this six, eight foot tall like. Brick cinderblock brick gate. Right. Fucking hop. That thing

Sean Dustin: [00:07:53] I’m beating on the door.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:07:55] Fuck it. Three o’clock in the morning, right.

Sean Dustin: [00:07:57] You know, let me, let me hit. Let me,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:07:59] nobody’s answering. Nobody’s answer. Fine. I’m just like, fuck it. There’s like this, there’s like a hedge Bush like on the inside of the gate, like next to the wall. So I was like, fuck it. I’m just going to like squeeze myself between there and pass the fuck out. These cops wake me up.

Fucking take me in. Uh, everything’s Japanese. They don’t speak English at all,

Sean Dustin: [00:08:19] like at all. Right?

Brian Schoenborn: [00:08:21] So they’re just like making me stand in line with all these bugging Japanese guys

Sean Dustin: [00:08:24] and shit. And like, there’s just yelling and it’s like barking shit

Brian Schoenborn: [00:08:27] in Japanese, like a fucking, like a world war two, like pow fucking fuck.

Yeah. And then they give you the, this is probably a 20 by 20 foot room, so. Where were you? And like, I don’t know, five, 10 other people fucking are sitting in there. There’s no seats. It’s just kind of a, it’s kind of a padded floor, kind of like a, like a wrestling mat or something, you know, like those high school wrestling mats, kind of like that feel.

Um, and you just sat there with this fucking group of other dudes for that was there for three days. But like, the weird thing is like,

Sean Dustin: [00:09:00] Japan’s also this, uh. Um,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:09:03] you know, it’s, it’s very volcanic, right? A lot of seismic activity. And so their buildings are like, um, earthquake proof, right?

Sean Dustin: [00:09:12] So like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:09:12] you’re sitting in there and you could feel the floor fucking shifting.

Like as the building swaying in the air or whatever. Um,

Sean Dustin: [00:09:20] yeah,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:09:21] there’s serving your meal, the serving, you have meals that it’s all like straight up Japanese food and I’m like, I can do this. I was

Sean Dustin: [00:09:27] like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:09:31] Oh, okay. That’s cool.

Sean Dustin: [00:09:32] Um, they had a

Brian Schoenborn: [00:09:34] cigarette break every day. Dude, every day you get your shot, you can go into the, you go to a separate room where they give you cigarettes for free and you have like 15 minutes to houses meetings you can. So I’d go

Sean Dustin: [00:09:44] through and fucking sucked out like three of them, cause I was like, yes, I fucking got this.


Brian Schoenborn: [00:09:52] And then, uh, I eventually got out because like, they, the, I dunno, the detective or whoever, whoever the police, the prosecuting police officer, whatever, someone was talking to me and this guy, this Japanese guy spoke English. And I’m like, I’m like, look, you know, he, he wanted me to sign this piece of papers, like, you know, you apologize, you know, you did not mean to

Sean Dustin: [00:10:11] shame their

Brian Schoenborn: [00:10:11] family and like all of this other stuff.

And they’re like, if you sign this, and it was all in Japanese, and they’re like, if you sign this.

Sean Dustin: [00:10:18] You can go,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:10:19] you’re free. Charges are dropped. And I’m sitting here going, I have no idea what the fuck I’m signing right now, dude. It’s all in Japanese. You know what? If I’m actually signing my life away, I got no fucking clue, dude.

So I’m like, I want to talk to somebody. So they bring in the fucking us embassy, consulate

Sean Dustin: [00:10:36] guy. He comes

Brian Schoenborn: [00:10:38] in, he sits down, he looks like fucking, you’re seeing scrubs. Like

Sean Dustin: [00:10:45] vaguely

Brian Schoenborn: [00:10:46] or whatever. But so like, this one guy was kind of like, at like a widow’s peak and like, I think he might’ve been in top gun too.

Um, I know those are really random references, but it could have been those, um, this guy looks like him fucking speak in perfectly clear English to me cause he’s, he’s American, right? Uh. And he told me the same thing. He’s like, look, they’ll drop the charges. They just want you to apologize and say you didn’t want to bring shame on either of our houses and blah, blah, blah.

Sean Dustin: [00:11:17] So I’m like, fuck.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:11:18] I’m like, all right.

Sean Dustin: [00:11:19] And he goes, well,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:11:19] he was like, he was like, do that. He’s like, charged me dropped. You can go home. Then he goes, you know, at the end of the day at least you can say you got something in common with Mick Jagger, and I’m just

Sean Dustin: [00:11:31] like.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:11:34] Thanks dude. Why? Cause we fucking, we both spent time in Tokyo

Sean Dustin: [00:11:37] like

Brian Schoenborn: [00:11:41] we did. It’s not prison. It’s not prison. But like, that to me, like, that was the most like for, and like, you know, like when I, I was in jail for a couple of days here and there and, and the States and, uh, they don’t give you cigarette breaks.

Sean Dustin: [00:11:53] No, you don’t get it.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:11:54] You get a concrete bed.

Sean Dustin: [00:11:58] The only cigarettes, the only cigarettes you get in in jail are the ones that you pack in your suitcase on your way.

When you come from state prison and you go into a, in the city in the city, like, all right, so I did do that. So when I, when I had to, uh, like I didn’t have any money. So when you’re in transit, you know what I mean? You can’t, like when you’re going to go stay somewhere, you don’t know how long you’re going to be.

So you don’t want to tie your money up on the books with their commissary because your money takes a while to follow you. And so what you do is, is you just, you pack your ass full of fucking tobacco and, and, uh, and, uh. Uh, matches and fucking, uh, rolling papers. And as soon as you get there, shit’s

Brian Schoenborn: [00:12:44] currency, right?

Sean Dustin: [00:12:45] It’s gotta be gold. There you sit that shit out, pull, pull, pull that suitcase out. Um, I mean, it was disgusting. It was, it was disgusting that I didn’t, you know, I probably wouldn’t have done it if I, if I. You know, if the amount of money that I had on my books wasn’t, I had like about a thousand something bucks on my books.

So I’m like, dude, I’m not going to tie up that much money in somewhere so. I ended up making like a hundred dollars in commissary the as soon as I landed cause I just rolled up pinners my hand smelled like fucking poop cause you got it cause you got it. It wasn’t an easy, it wasn’t an easy process. So like it was almost a whole 24 hours that I had to like not shit.

And not eat anything and not drinking well, I can drink something. Right. Eat anything. Or

Brian Schoenborn: [00:13:31] do you stash it in your ass where you like what you were selling? Packs of cigarettes in your asshole?

Sean Dustin: [00:13:36] No, no, no, no. Wow. That’s impressive, dude. Not packs, bro. So it’s like putting butts in your butt. That’s basically, you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re putting like a least, you know, it’s just loose tobacco, right?

That’s how they sell, you know, like, uh,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:13:55] like,

Sean Dustin: [00:13:55] yeah, that’s your role, right? Like bugler.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:13:57] Yeah. Right?

Sean Dustin: [00:13:59] So that’s basically what it is. You pack about fucking, you know, 30 or 40 cigarettes worth like, pinners. And you know what I mean? It’s a matches and, and, yeah, and you just pack it in there and you fucking wrap it up, shove it in there and fucking, you know, that’s, that’s

Brian Schoenborn: [00:14:17] impressive.


Sean Dustin: [00:14:18] kind of like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:14:20] how do you get it from state

Sean Dustin: [00:14:21] though? Can you get cigarettes

Brian Schoenborn: [00:14:23] in state prison? It’s just not federal.

Sean Dustin: [00:14:25] Yeah. In Nevada, you could. You could, but this was, this was in my transit, so I had to go from state prison. When they released me out of there, I had to go back to Las Vegas, go sit in the city jail and wait for the feds to come and pick me up and take me and take me on.

And that was like a month and a half journey, because once you left the jail. Well, yeah, that was about a month, but then once I left city jail, it was about another month and a half to get all the way to Oregon. Oh, yeah. So it went all the way down through, uh, this place called, uh, what is it, something, Florence, Arizona, where it’s like, there’s nine.

There’s nine. Uh, uh. Private prisons in this town in Arizona. Damn, it’s all, this is a prison town. That’s just the population is the prison workers. Um, and then from there up to, uh, Victorville, from Victorville to Dublin and from Dublin up to a, up to Oregon. So, I mean, it was a while. It took me a minute.

They call that diesel therapy cause you’re just, you know, going from place to place to place and like, you don’t need, they put you in, they’re not supposed to put you in with like general population because you’re already sentenced to prison. So it’s like they don’t want you like mingling with them. So you usually, we get your own unit wherever you stop.

Um, but yeah. I ended up in, I ended up in Oregon, go to a federal prison. Um, I didn’t get in a whole lot of fights when I was in state prison. Uh, I mean, I seen some crazy shit, man. I seen the dude get fucking a hotpots right. So they keep their water for soups and coffee and whatnot. Well, sometimes they’ll take baby oil cause you can get baby oil and when they want to fuck somebody up, they’ll, they’ll heat up the baby oil and it’ll just fuck them.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:16:06] Oh

Sean Dustin: [00:16:07] shit. Doubt somebody with it. And it does. It doesn’t stop burning because it’s oil. You know what I mean? And so they get some dude in his cell, man, just fucking. Oh, skin was coming off. Oh my God. Yeah. That’s pretty bad. Um,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:16:21] that’s crazy.

Sean Dustin: [00:16:22] So, I mean, I didn’t get involved in anything like that, but I mean, it was like I was on my best behavior, that’s for sure.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:16:30] But I mean, you see it though, regardless, you know what I mean? Like, that’s, that’s,

Sean Dustin: [00:16:34] yeah.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:16:35] That’s an experienced man.

Sean Dustin: [00:16:37] Yeah. It’s funny when you think you’re hard and then you get somewhere where there, where everybody else is pretty much harder than you are and you’re just like, all

Brian Schoenborn: [00:16:47] right,

Sean Dustin: [00:16:48] I ain’t got shit to say. Um, got a bunch of tattoos when I was in a federal prison. That’s the one thing, when you get tattoos over cheap as, fuck, I’ve met, you know, the best you can’t get. Tattooed out here for soup,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:17:04] top ramen. I mean, are they like rigging like a, is it like a Jerry rig ink gun? Or like what is like,

Sean Dustin: [00:17:12] yeah, so they’ll take the motor out of like a, like back then they had like, still have Walkmans and, uh, you know, cassette things or, uh, even, uh, electric razors.

Yeah, it was. It’s got the thing that moves, right. Anything like that. And then they’ll take a, like a BIC pen, uh, and then they’ll, they’ll sharpen up a needle, like maybe a paperclip or something and attach it to it, and it’s just a single needle. And then they’ll, they’ll burn baby oil and catch the cigarette.

And I, you know, bag, right. And then they’ll take that suit and mix it in the baby oil. Uh, and that’s the black ink doesn’t lie. It doesn’t last for a long time. And sometimes they’ll even burn, uh, chess pieces, the black chess pieces, and collect that and use that in, in like either a baby oil or so or something.

I don’t know what they mix it with, but I mean, it, it, it breaks up, you know what I mean? It doesn’t keep like real, uh, like real ink does right. Right? It’s not, it’s not really ink.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:18:13] It’s color. Yeah. But it’s like Ash, essentially.

Sean Dustin: [00:18:16] Yeah. Pretty much. Yeah. And it’s so, you know, I, I did all right there, um, you know, gotten great shape, uh, you know, did a bunch of, uh, cool stuff.

Uh, let me not. Like just working on myself, trying to figure out what were, where things went wrong, where I was going to go. From there, I ended up rolling back out. Instead of going to Vegas, I switched my jurisdiction to California, back to my mom’s. And then from there it took me probably about six months to decompress, uh, from just hating other races because you’re forced to be segregated and not hating, but just, you know what I mean?

You’re, you’re, you’re used to not. Associating with, you know, cause I was running with the whites, so we didn’t associate with the blacks. You’re not allowed to eat after a black person. If you break any of these rules, you know, you’re subject to a, uh, you know, getting touched up or, or you know, uh, consequences or whatever.

So, I mean, there’s still politics in there. Um, but it’s not as bad as like a maximum security. Um,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:19:18] I didn’t realize it was a, I didn’t realize it was segregated. Well,

Sean Dustin: [00:19:22] I mean, you, you can, you people talk to each other, but I mean, you’re just not, you’re not, you’re not going to see a whole lot of, uh, uh, you know, other races mixing together.

They just pretty much kind of stay to themselves.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:19:34] Is it segregated by like the, the general population or is it more by like.

Sean Dustin: [00:19:39] That’s the general population, the general population does it, you know? And so, you know that it really, when I got out, I ended up getting married, uh, for all the wrong reasons. Um. I, I met this chicken N a or no, in AA.

I tried to go to alcoholics anonymous and, and, and be good and do all that. I ended up getting into the union. Um, was an apprentice in the same union I’m in right now. Uh. And then 2008 came and then the crash, the big crash in the economy. And I was out of a job and had a lot of time on my hands and, uh, knew exactly where I needed to go cause I’m back in my old area.

So I know who all the old people were that I used to, cause I was doing this stuff back when I was in junior or, uh, in high school. So I’m saying people, they ain’t go very far. I mean, they’re still around. And so, uh, I found him and, uh. I went AWOL from my marriage for about three months, just, just

Brian Schoenborn: [00:20:45] bounced,

Sean Dustin: [00:20:46] bounced, gone.

I didn’t answer the phone to my mom, to anybody. I just left. And, uh, it got to the point where, you know, they, they. Figure it out. I was making checks and fucking IDs in my room down there, you know, uh, I think, what did I do when I, I got a job at this one place, I’m going to say where it was, but I got a job at this one place as a bartender.

And, uh, it was a, it was like a seasonal thing cause it was a fair, right. And the only rant of affairs, you know, County fairs run maybe two months, a month, maybe. I figured it out that they don’t. They don’t count the, uh, or they count the cups to keep track of the, of the beer. Right. And so, but there’s nothing else that they have to do that.

And so, but they don’t keep track of how many cups that they gave you. And so, so I figured out how to, how to, you know what I mean? How to manipulate, how to manipulate the system. I would turn the, the, uh. I would turn the thing towards me, right? That tells them how much it was, and I just got it into my head.

Like, you know, they’re the round numbers, so six, you know, uh, eight $8. And so, you know, they come up, I, that’s $21 and I just hit the it, the cash out. Right? And just put a tick down on what it was. And so I’m keeping track of how much money I need to take out of that register, right. And how much I need to turn in so there’s no mistaking it.

And so I was able to really buy my laptop from that. I ended up making, it was making like five, $600 a day, plus whatever tips I was giving. And so that’s how I really got most of my stuff, like clothes and got my laptop. So I go back to work again and, uh. Go back to work.

And so, yeah, that’s what I did, man. I just started hanging, uh, started hanging paper, hanging out with all these people. I knew that, that, uh. There w I knew that there was a credit card fraud out there that I wanted to do. Right. Cause when I got out it wasn’t done. There was still things that I had on my agenda that I wanted to accomplish.

As crazy as that sounds right. But I knew that there was this, there was this type of crime out there that was white color and that you could, you, you could make and track your own credit cards. You know, put the information on the back press amount. I knew this was all out there, but I just had to find the right person to show me how to do it.

And one of my, my buddies. Knew somebody who was in that game and they’ve made the connection. And then here’s the second time, me and this dude just bond a bromance. You know what I mean? And I was literally, dude, we were stuck at the hip. He was teaching me everything that he knew about all the shit, like even to where all of his homeboys that are people, like I’m somebody new coming in and just like has all of his time.

And like, you know what I mean? And so all these people were starting to get like, jealous, and they’re

Brian Schoenborn: [00:23:44] like, you came in salty man. You already know what you’re doing, right?

Sean Dustin: [00:23:48] No, I ain’t, I ain’t really hard to, well, I knew how to do paper. I didn’t know how to do plastic. He showed me how to do all that stuff.

And, um, you know, we, we did a lot, we did a lot of dirt together, man. Um. A lot. A lot of stuff that we were doing. I can’t even talk about. Cause you know, that could possibly lead to consequences.

But it was, it was crazy. I was in San Francisco, we had a, you know, we had two offices. One where we collected all the information where I was, you know, doing research for trying to get. My credit cards issued in my name by other people, you know, learning how different things worked. We were able to get into, like, just from having somebody’s social security number and a little bit of their information.

I would, uh. Find out what bank this credit card went to because it tells the credit cards, tell you what bank they are, the first four numbers, there’s what, what bank it is. And so, you know, we would get the number and we were able to check all of these accounts because we had, we had their social too, so we just punch in the last four and we’d see how much money they got available on this credit card.

Right. And so we would just press them out and, and, and go do what we were doing. And, uh, so. He ended up leaving because he was with a chick that he really liked. And she was like, legit, you know, uh, she was a pharmaceutical rep, uh, you know, had a real job and she was fucking with this dude. And like, he was trying to hold onto that.

And, uh, so he was like, well, I’m going to change and I’m out. I’m out of the game. And so we just, we, we split split ways. And, uh, I ended up doing, um. Coming back, catching another violation I had to go to, I was in his drug rehab, and so I was able to convince them like after about, I don’t know, maybe 99 90 days, it was a 90 day program.

Maybe after halftime, halfway through there, I was able to convince him that I got a job and he was actually the one that made up the, made up the letterhead and everything else. And so. I was able to get my truck there. Leave every day, go to San Francisco, stay high all day long. Come back. And, uh, I fucked myself because I went and I did some GHB before I left.

And I ended up doing the same thing and I fucking ended up somewhere else where I didn’t know where I was going. And I missed my, her, phew. And I had to sober up and it was about midnight when I got home. Luckily I had a, uh, some synthetic urine. And when I had, cause I, they knew they were like, you’re fucked up.

You need to take a UA. And so they had one of the clients go in because there was only a female staff member, so she couldn’t come in and watch me take a piss and he wasn’t going to watch me take a piss. So I’m just like pissing with this fake urine, you know, it, uh, I get it. Uh, I passed the test right.

And all the counselors, everybody’s like, bullshit. You were, you’re fucking dirt in your journey. And I’m like, I ain’t taking another test.

I tell you though, test you. I gave it to you. Take it or leave it. So they’re like, you know what? They had a big meeting about it. And they’re like, do we know your foul? So we’re kicking you out? And it was like eight days before I was going to graduate, really fucked. And so my, uh, my probation officer, she was a, you know, she was.

A woman. And so, you know, I was, I do that through, through tears on, you know what I mean? All this stuff to get her to get sympathy, you know, please. And that’s how I got there to begin with, right. Cause she sent me back to prison and uh, and so this time she was like, no, fuck you. You’re, you’re goal. You’re going to County, you’re going to go do some time in jail.

And so I did. And so when I. What got me to stop doing drugs was I knew that I was going on this trip. Right? Yeah. And I didn’t want to be kicking and in County jail because it’s a, it’s a lot dangerous than it is. And uh, in prison, right. You got a bunch of Cowboys in there that think they know what prisons like, and a little gang bangers and people trying to make a name for themselves.

And so I stopped like a month before I was supposed to turn myself in and I stopped smoking and stopped doing that. Got in there, did my time, got out, uh, and I was like, you know what? I think I’m going to keep this up. Uh, I started doing, uh, other things like playing slow pitch softball, like adult softball.

I changed my whole like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:28:36] can love softball, dude.

Sean Dustin: [00:28:37] Oh yeah, dude, I got into it, man. I got into it. So like. I go hard if I’m going in on something and I go hard, hard as fuck, you know, until, until I burned myself out of it. And, uh, and then I know everything about it. Dude, I’ve got every bat they possibly make.

You know what I mean? And I even started like doing bat returns, you know what I mean? Like I would get broken bats from people. I would change. I would change the, the. Receipt, like I figured out how to make receipts for these bats, like by buying some and then changing some of the numbers and they didn’t track it.

And so I’d get brand new bats sent to me all the time and sell them. So I mean, I’m always, man, always something like I have to like be involved in something. And even now I do, but it’s, it’s not even. Not even that bad now. Now it’s just a little stupid ass shit. But I mean, it’s like, it’s, I feel like I always gotta get over somehow a little bit, you know what I mean?

It’s a little bit, I don’t care, man. Just I got, I got to stick it to the man just for a second. Right.

Well, yeah, I, you know, I ended up, uh, doing that. I didn’t like how that league was being run. So this was really the beginning of me actually building myself back up. Uh, so I decided, I was like, do you don’t want to, I don’t like how this league is. I’m going to, I’m going to start my own softball league.

And so I did. I started my own city league and started running that for about a couple of seasons. Uh, from there I was like, Oh, fuck, if I can do this, well then I want to be a tournament director because. I want to start running tournaments now and all that. And so I started doing that and then I started from the money that I was making from running tournaments.

I would take and put that money into my own team, coed team that I sponsored, and we went to Vegas. We went and played all kinds of like madness. Like midnight madness and Vegas, all worlds, all worlds and stuff. That was just like, little things like that gave me the confidence to realize like, well, fuck, if you can do this, then why can’t you do this?

And then once I did this, I’m like, well then fuck, why can’t you do this? And it’s just one after the other after the other. And then, you know, pretty soon, here we are. Uh, there’s a lot more to that story. Um, but I mean, that’s kind of the gist of it. And then, you know, once the, once all the substances and everything were gone out of my life, um, I fell prey to opiates.

Man, I got, I got hooked on opiates in 2000. Uh, I’m gonna say 2000. Six, seven, maybe 2009

Brian Schoenborn: [00:31:13] pills, like Oxy and shit like that. Or

Sean Dustin: [00:31:15] Norco.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:31:16] Norco.

Sean Dustin: [00:31:17] Okay. Yeah. And so I was, I was taking them for like seven years and I got to the point where I was, you know, buying an extra, spend an extra 500 bucks a month on an extra script, you know?

And so I stopped doing that. Probably, I would say six months before I started this podcast, and the reason why I stopped doing that, I was like, well, how are you going to talk to anybody about any kind of shit when, when you’re, you know, you’re fraudulent yourself right now, you’re still taking pills, you’re, you know, doing all this other stuff.

And so I stopped and then, you know. Cause my podcasts had already, I’d already got everything forward. Like, you know, I’d had it for a year and I just been sitting on it talking to myself. I kept talking myself out of it, you know, basically like what do you, who wants to hear you? What do you, what do you have to say to anybody?

You know what I mean? He goes, sit down and pumpkin. I got shit to say.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:32:13] Not funny, not funny how that works, man. First of all, cheers to that. That’s a good ass fucking story. Um, I’m going to grab another beer really quick. Hold on a second. But yeah, dude, like that’s a fucking wild ass story, man. I, uh, I wanna know like, what, like, I mean, you said you decided not to do it anymore, but like what was the decision like what was going through your head when like.

Sean Dustin: [00:32:37] Or did

Brian Schoenborn: [00:32:37] it just hit or did it just hit you one day and you’re like, man, fuck it. I’m not going to do this shit anymore.

Sean Dustin: [00:32:42] No, because before I went on my, on that violation and did the 90 days, um, you know, I would, uh, I was trying to get back with my chick, my, my ex wife, and you know, it was, I don’t know, man.

It was almost like. So I was chasing her on the freeway, like we were hitting high speeds. And finally she was like, dude, you’re fucking crazy. And she pulled over and stopped and like, what are you doing? You’re going to fucking kill us. And uh, and uh, and I was just like, I was just at my, I mean, it was like, I know where to go.

You know what I mean? It’s like she doesn’t want me, my, my, my family, you know, they’re turning their back on me, um, temporarily. You know what I mean? They’re just like, Hey dude, you can’t, if this is how you’re going to be, you can’t stay here anymore. And she’s like, fuck, I’m tired of you using me. And uh, you know, I was just like.

I was just like at this wall, and I’m like, fuck, where do I go? You know? You know what I mean? And it’s like everything just came crashing down at one time, man. And I was in the side of the freeway and I was just like falling uncontrollably do just like fuck like. How did I get here and how do I, and how do I fix this?

You know? And I was just tired of hearing myself just as much as everybody else was tired of hearing me tell them how it’s going to be different this time. You know, you know how addicts are. It’s always going to be different this time, you know? And, uh, I just got tired of it, man. I was, I was living at home, didn’t have it, didn’t have.

Lots of piss in a window to throw it out. Everything that I’d ever gotten, I’d fucking squandered away. Even like cars that my dad had given me, uh, that were my grandparents. Uh, you know, Mercedes fucking. Didn’t give a fuck, man. You know what I mean? It was, uh, I just, I just got tired of being that dude and, you know, I had, you know, I’ve got a daughter out there that, I mean, it’s just, you just start, you just can’t help but to, to look at like, or I couldn’t help but to look at all of the damage that I caused in my wake when I looked back and I’m just like, it’s almost like.

If I look back from here all the way to my childhood, I’m like, dude, it’s like a fucking massive tornado went through, went through a small town, you know what I mean? That’s just what it looked like. I was like, fuck, you know, I did all this damage and like, how am I going to, how am I going to fix it? I got a little bit of time and distance away from it by being in jail.

And you know, that 90 days I wasn’t on anything. And so when I came out and I was just, I was just trying to keep this up

Brian Schoenborn: [00:35:17] and you’re level headed

Sean Dustin: [00:35:18] and a little bit, it takes about two years to level out, man from fucking meth and your Sarah to your serotonin levels are all off, man.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:35:28] I don’t know, man. Like I, like I said, I dabbled with it a little bit, but it wasn’t that long, you know, a few times here and there over the course of a couple of months.

Um. But for me, it was like, it was the day after that just fucking, or the next day or two or three or however long it took to get out of your system and just like, fuck this, you know? So I wasn’t, I wasn’t there to get, uh, too involved in that, but I’m fucking, but I sampled, you know, I fucking dabbled

Sean Dustin: [00:35:54] for sure.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:35:55] But, uh, yeah. So I didn’t know it might take two years to get out of your system. I would just think like, dude, if you’re clean for like 30 days, like, I mean, I would imagine. You probably hit your head probably feels pretty clear. That’s,

Sean Dustin: [00:36:08] yeah. I mean, it really depends. And how long, what you were doing and how long you were using it.

You know?

Brian Schoenborn: [00:36:14] That’s what it sounds like. Yeah, for

Sean Dustin: [00:36:15] sure. You know? And so it ended up just. It’s on the way that I can, the way I can describe it was, you know, have you ever been on it? Have you ever been done ecstasy? And maybe you’ve done like a night where you hit like maybe four or five pills and then when you come down off of that, like how your emotions fucked

Brian Schoenborn: [00:36:37] up, you’re fucking so dead to the world.

Like. You’re emotionally fucked up. You can’t eat shit, you know? Again, yeah.

Sean Dustin: [00:36:46] So just same thing, just not as intense, but it’s just, you’re still like, you just don’t feel right. You feel off. You know what I mean? You’re just almost like you’re, you’re, you’re walking like a dog looks at you. You’re just sort of walking through life like that until, you know, you can lift your head and go, Oh yeah.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:37:07] Well, I think about, so, I mean, you talking, just kind of talk about the other thing, um, on the front end of that conversation you were talking about, um. You know, talking about just accomplishing fucking big shit and getting bigger and bigger, right? Like, I, you know, I, um, I got nothing but respect for that dude.

Like, that’s what I’m consistently working on, you know, like I, um, after the, after my military time, which was a fucked up period anyway, I was like, you know, so you talk about growing up and having a tornado. Mine was more like from 19 until present, basically. Like I had, I had my, I’m 38, I had my, my PTSD event.

Uh, three months before nine 11. Yeah. And, uh, it fucked me up, dude. You know, for me it’s like I did a lot of partying. There are a lot of fucking. Fucking

Sean Dustin: [00:37:59] dude,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:37:59] my fucking vices. My vices were booze and women, dude. And, you know, uh, smoke a little bit of weed here and there, but, you know, there was a long time, probably from like 24 to probably a good 10 years or so.

I didn’t do anything really other than beer. Right. Beer and scotch.

Sean Dustin: [00:38:18] Um.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:38:20] But man, I fucking, it fucks you up. You don’t realize, you don’t realize

Sean Dustin: [00:38:25] what you’re,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:38:26] the kind of life you’re living, you know, until you look back on it, you know? But, uh, but, but it’s always been, you know, working on bigger and better things, even though struggling along the way.

Right. It’s like, I worked my way up corporate for like 12 years. I got an MBA from a good

Sean Dustin: [00:38:39] school. Um.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:38:41] But I also went to jail and Tokyo when I was in grad school. Right. And you know, I got married and my wife left me after two years. Right. Like,

Sean Dustin: [00:38:50] you know,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:38:51] uh, the good with the bad, you know, it’s just kind of all,

Sean Dustin: [00:38:54] it’s

Brian Schoenborn: [00:38:55] all rolled in there, you know.

Um, but the thing is, is, you know, doing big things, like, you know, after my corporate time, you know, I did this. Produced a English premier league event in Australia. Right. And I’ve been working on, um, or we’re going on this, but we’re working on some other projects as well. And like with this one, it’s kind of similar to what you’re talking about, right?

It’s like just actually fucking doing it for me. It’s like,

Sean Dustin: [00:39:23] I know a

Brian Schoenborn: [00:39:24] fucking so many people do

Sean Dustin: [00:39:25] and all I gotta do is fucking

Brian Schoenborn: [00:39:26] give him a quick text or a phone call. And with her it was through this,

Sean Dustin: [00:39:32] I can just kind of like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:39:33] I’m lazy about it, I guess. Right? Or like, even before, like when I, when I lost the show back in November, this has been, what, about six months, something like that.

Sean Dustin: [00:39:40] Um. But I, the

Brian Schoenborn: [00:39:43] first like eight episodes I had, I had them in my computer stored for like three, three, four months at that point. And I was just, you know, just, I was like, Oh, it’s, my website’s not quite ready, or this and that. And the other thing is that it’s not quite ready. It’s not ready. I just

Sean Dustin: [00:39:58] sat on it for like three, four months.

I’m just like,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:40:01] you know, a friend of mine gave me a Swift kick in the ass. He said, Brian, just fucking do it. Just fucking push that shit out there

Sean Dustin: [00:40:08] cause cause they’re all going to suck. All your first ones are going to suck. Yeah.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:40:14] But

Sean Dustin: [00:40:14] you embrace the suck.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:40:15] That’s what it is. Cause whether it’s podcasts or whether it’s working out, whether it’s, you know,

Sean Dustin: [00:40:20] throwing,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:40:21] you know, putting on tournaments or other sporting events or fucking writing books or whatever the fuck else you might be doing, it’s going to suck the first, you know, so many hours of doing it.

Sean Dustin: [00:40:33] Until until you, until you find your, like, I was, I was talking to somebody today and I was, uh, I was like, you know, he asked me, he asked me a question about what do you think, you know, since you started, you know, you’ve got what, 35 episodes now and you know, how do you, how do you think you’re progressing?

And I said, you know what it, what it kind of is, is like, I feel like. I got my mic personality, like my mic personality is starting to come out. Like I’m getting comfortable on a mic. I’m not, yeah. My, my regular who I am is starting to show to everybody instead of just like a little pieces. Like you’ll get glimpses of, of who you really are because you don’t, you’re not really comfortable with what you’re doing or you’re learning how to, you know, whatever it is.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:41:20] Yeah. What I think is interesting about it, um, I have you, I mean, have you used my ex before, like in the past, prior to doing this or, okay. So, so like for me, like I grew up, you know, I wasn’t a punk band in high school, you know, saying I played bass, it was a jazz band, some other shit too. I played drums, um, and bass and, uh, and saying, and so I’ve been kind of around bikes for a long time.

Um, so the getting used to the mic thing wasn’t necessarily an issue for me. It was more or less like. Realizing that there’s different things that I share with different people in my life. You know what I mean?

Sean Dustin: [00:41:59] Like

Brian Schoenborn: [00:42:00] I’m not saying I’m like hiding shit, but like, you know, it’s

Sean Dustin: [00:42:03] more like if

Brian Schoenborn: [00:42:04] it comes up, we’ll talk.

Right. You know? So people have like different slivers of who I am.

Sean Dustin: [00:42:10] So then the here. You know, like this whole, the

Brian Schoenborn: [00:42:12] whole province is bringing on super interesting people to like swap swapping stories and shit. Right? Just fucking

Sean Dustin: [00:42:17] tell him some shit and like, I’ve got

Brian Schoenborn: [00:42:20] family members or cousins or whatever, for example, that probably, I’ve never heard me swear.

I grew up in a strong Catholic family. You know, they’re all Catholic, right? They probably never heard me swear at the family gatherings

Sean Dustin: [00:42:34] and.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:42:35] You know, talking through this shit like, dude, every other fucking word I’ve got as a curse, right? I got a fucking Marine mouth, man, I can’t help it. I don’t care.

Cause those, those words are meeting this to me, right? This is just filler as far as I’m concerned. But, but you know, it was realizing that I, that I have different,

Sean Dustin: [00:42:54] you know, people see me through different lenses,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:42:57] right. Depending on who I know. And the kind of, the scary thing for me was, okay,

Sean Dustin: [00:43:02] Hey.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:43:03] Is the content good enough?

Right. But like B.

Sean Dustin: [00:43:08] What are all

Brian Schoenborn: [00:43:08] these people gonna think when they start seeing different versions of me than what they know or hearing different versions of me, what they know. I’m like,

Sean Dustin: [00:43:15] you know, they’re gonna be

Brian Schoenborn: [00:43:17] like, Brian, who are you are like, that’s so cool. And like, or whatever. You know? They’d be appalled.

Are they going to be stoked?

Sean Dustin: [00:43:24] Like, yeah. Anywhere in between, which Brian, are you today? I feel like I don’t even know you.

Yeah. I, you know, I really, I thought that too, man. When I, cause some of the stuff that I talk about, I mean, I don’t, I don’t hold it back, man. Even if it’s like something that would be super shameful, you know what I mean? Like shits that you do when you’re a kid, you know? Um. I, I mean, if I’ve gone through it, I can guarantee

Brian Schoenborn: [00:43:55] you there’s other people that are going through it.

Sean Dustin: [00:43:56] Yup. You know? And

Brian Schoenborn: [00:43:58] that’s exactly, yeah, man. I mean, it’s so easy, like when you’re going through something, it’s so easy to think like you’re the only one. Right. But there’s so many fucking people that have been out there and have had similar experience. It’s not the same set of experiences necessarily, but like, you know, tons of people that have gone to jail, tons of people that had gone to prison, right.

All sorts of different types of shit. There’s tons of people that are fucking were stupid little kids. Everyone has a stupid little kid that got, did stupid shit, you know, you know,

Sean Dustin: [00:44:25] um, tons of people that did a

Brian Schoenborn: [00:44:27] lot of shit that I did but just never got caught. Exactly. Exactly.

Sean Dustin: [00:44:32] So, yeah, I mean, that’s, that’s really what it’s all about for me now, is just trying to, trying to, um.

Take my experiences and my story and turn it into a book or three, depending, you know, if there’s three, three different parts of it, and uh, you know, but I’ve been doing it the other way around, not the book first. I’m trying to build an organic audience first. So then when I go to do this book with whatever gets done, when it gets done, I’ve already got a base.

Of people that are there because of my story and one more of it and one, you know what I mean? They’re already following me. That’s it’s organic. It’s not the follow for follow like for like, you know what I mean? That shit that they do in that, that, that group right. What’s the purpose of having 10,000 followers would only know my thousands,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:45:22] right?

Sean Dustin: [00:45:23] Yeah, yeah, for sure. So, and then, and then I have all these other ideas, you know, cause I mean, I’m a blue collar dude. I work in a union. You know, they actually just called me today and asked me if I want to go back to work on Monday. And I’m like, no. No. Do I want to go back to work? I’m like, no, I’m on. I’m on disability until the 18th and depending on how I feel, I may be on it until the 18th of June.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:45:52] I just got my disability fucking back in February, March, something like that. I don’t know. I finally got my, my military disability paid. I fought for that for fucking 18 years. 18 fucking years and for legal battles.

Sean Dustin: [00:46:08] Yeah. Wow.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:46:10] That’s part of my story. Right. And so like, you know, I guess kind of along the lines of what you’re talking about, like I, you know, I, I, my first intention with the podcast is I wanted to tell my story, right?

But that started because, um, I had this desire that I had to write a book about it, right? So I’m sitting there thinking, I’m getting, I’m getting really into podcasts, you know, that kind of stuff. This is probably about. Year and a half, two years ago, something like that. Then I was like, you know what? I’m like, I should do a podcast about this, you know?

So I started putting together to start outlining the whole thing,

Sean Dustin: [00:46:40] you know,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:46:41] um, sort of building that. And that’s actually three, it’s a three series, a three season, uh, series. Right? So it’s about the same length as yours from, from what I’m understanding.

Sean Dustin: [00:46:53] Um.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:46:54] But I also decided around that time that I was putting that together.

I was in this veteran entrepreneur program, um, at, at a, we work, uh, in Seattle and I was surrounded by a bunch of really, uh,

Sean Dustin: [00:47:08] smart,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:47:08] talented, uh, hardened veterans that have become entrepreneurs. And some of them are like, yo, Brian is like, they’re like, you should do a talk show. You should fucking interview us.

For example, and I was like, alright. And so then I started doing this, right? And then I was like, Oh, okay. You know, I do know a lot of fucking people, so I’m just going to fucking talk to people. Uh. And as I’m doing that, I’m building my audience eight be media’s audience, you know, all of that stuff. So it’ll be, you know, a softer sell for my story when it gets out there as well.

Sean Dustin: [00:47:41] So, yeah. That’s cool, man. I mean, yeah, kind of, kind of where I’m stuck at right now is the whole, just, just the writing the book part of it. Like, I mean, literally what I could probably do is just. Everything that I’m

Brian Schoenborn: [00:47:54] doing. I told you earlier, dude, it’s just fucking, just record it like a podcast to tell your story orally into a microphone and then you can go to like a, there’s a couple of websites out there.

Um, uh, like Otter. Dot. AI actually will, um, I’m not sponsored by them, but you know, they do, they do a really good job, uh, transcribing it. You just upload the audio when you’re done with it. And it takes like, I don’t know, 2030 minutes. I mean, you gotta go through and scrub it cause it’s not perfect, but it’s fairly

Sean Dustin: [00:48:23] accurate.


Brian Schoenborn: [00:48:26] You know, and then all you gotta do to turn it into a book is just take the timestamps out of it basically.

Sean Dustin: [00:48:31] And then do you send it to like an editor and they, they piece it together and

Brian Schoenborn: [00:48:35] they help clean it up and stuff? Yeah. Like,

Sean Dustin: [00:48:38] Oh well this would probably be better over here. And you know, that’s cool.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:48:45] Yeah. That can storyboard.

Sean Dustin: [00:48:47] I mean, you know, also too, just we’re, we’re. Just this space right here. What we’re doing, there’s, there’s something here. You know what I mean? Because the situation that we’re in now, more people are coming to this platform, and I’ll talk to you about my idea once we get off of this, but, uh, yeah, there’s, there’s something there, man.

Uh, yeah. So I dunno. I’m trying to work my way out of what I’m doing because I’m 46, man, I got 18 more years in a way. I got 80 more years of me in construction.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:49:21] Right. Besides you, this is the, I mean, this is the dream, right? You’re just fucking hanging out and talking to people and having a good time. Like.

You know? Yeah. The thing that sucks is, you know, we can’t, we can’t get physically near and do like, I like doing in person interviews myself, but, uh,

Sean Dustin: [00:49:38] I do too. I mean, they’re cleaner sound, you know, you don’t have to worry about anything else, but I mean, it’s, at the end of the day, man, people are going to listen to your content.

They’re going to listen to it. Whether you got it cleaned up, whether you,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:49:50] Oh yeah, for sure.

Sean Dustin: [00:49:51] Put the burp out or not, you know?

Brian Schoenborn: [00:49:54] I’m not going

Sean Dustin: [00:49:55] to, so yeah,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:49:59] I just,

Sean Dustin: [00:49:59] cause there’s people

Brian Schoenborn: [00:50:01] where people is what we do,

Sean Dustin: [00:50:03] you know? And that’s people. That’s authentic, man. I think people liked the authenticity aspect right now because we’re in a world where things are so fake or have been

Brian Schoenborn: [00:50:12] the world’s fucking crazy. I can’t believe, dude. And this year alone, we’ve had fucking in a possible war with Iran, uh, w what else do we have?

The Corona virus. Nobody can travel. Most people can’t even really leave their homes and the entire world.

Sean Dustin: [00:50:31] Yup. Yup.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:50:32] Some places can’t go from city to city or state to state or province to province, whatever. Almost nobody can travel internationally right

Sean Dustin: [00:50:39] now, you know? And the

Brian Schoenborn: [00:50:44] only thing that savings people’s sanity right now.

Is the internet.

Sean Dustin: [00:50:51] Yeah. This kind of stuff. You know what I mean? If I wasn’t talking to as many people as I was talking to in the last six weeks, going on seven to

Brian Schoenborn: [00:51:01] be going nuts. Yeah. But  but also like you think about this dude, I mean, not only is the internet, the saving grace, but with all that shit, sorry, this was the point I was originally getting to, but I’m a little stone right now.

So my train of thought, but like, cause I’m sitting going, what

Sean Dustin: [00:51:15] was I going to say? Um, no, but like even with all that

Brian Schoenborn: [00:51:19] shit that happened in this year, a lot or only, we just entered the fifth month. The Pentagon

Sean Dustin: [00:51:24] released proof

Brian Schoenborn: [00:51:26] that there are aliens just like yesterday or two days ago, and nobody gave a fuck.

Classified these videos with UFO is like the air force or Navy pilots or whatever, like tailing these fucking UFOs. Dude,

Sean Dustin: [00:51:45] that’s

Brian Schoenborn: [00:51:45] proof of aliens

Sean Dustin: [00:51:46] and nobody’s bugging like nobody’s going, Oh

Brian Schoenborn: [00:51:48] my God, it’s crazy. Or, Oh my God, that’s so cool. People are just like, okay,

Sean Dustin: [00:51:54] yeah. What bullets? It’s misdirection dude, though, Nate.

So. When you, when you want to, this thing is taking over so much of the, uh, of, of what’s happening in the media right now. I mean, it’s just, it’s just on overload of, of, cause there’s nothing else going on. There’s no sports, there’s no, there’s, there ain’t shit. That’s all they can do is to show, man, all they can do is just, you know, find other stuff.

So when they put this out, like everybody’s either, they’re just like, yeah, yeah, whatever, you know, and just, just tired of hearing, you know, I just, I don’t, I just don’t think people believe the government anymore, man. I mean, you know, they’re just, they’re just, I don’t think you can blame anyone,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:52:37] you know?


Sean Dustin: [00:52:39] no. I mean, shit, I mean, they fucking, you know, introduce crack cocaine into the inner cities, you know, the CIA and, you know, Oliver North and the Contras and all of that stuff. Freeway, Rick Ross. I mean, that was a real thing that was proven. Okay. So, I mean, if you’re going to do that to your own population, and that’s pretty bad.

And the blacks have had a bad for fucking ever. I mean, it’s,

Brian Schoenborn: [00:53:06] this man has been fucking hundreds of years, man.

Sean Dustin: [00:53:08] You know? And they’re still getting it. Corona’s getting them. Yeah. You know, so it’s, it’s just, it’s a. I don’t know, man. I just, I hope some, some good shit comes out of this, you know, some equality a little bit, you know, maybe I thought, I thought that we should have all went on a general strike since everybody’s getting paid right now to sit at home and you don’t have to worry about, you know, cause what’s the, what’s the hardest thing?

If you’re going to go on strike, it’s me as a union member.  not making money. Right. You know what I mean? You can’t, you can’t, if you don’t have the savings to back you up, or you know any income coming in, or at least somebody else, you know, whatever, right. You’re, you’re not gonna, you’re not going to stand up and fight because you’re like, fuck, I got to go to work.

I got to go back. I gotta be, I got bills to pay, man. We’re all in a system where we don’t have to worry about that. So, I mean at the very least, everybody should be on a general strike. Right now I’m trying to get a UBI and Medicare for all because how many people are out of work right now and are losing their Medicare or their medical coverage because they’re, it’s employee paid

Brian Schoenborn: [00:54:13] because it’s a test.

Yeah. Cause it’s a test to employees. Dude. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Sean Dustin: [00:54:17] So I, I don’t know. I mean I think, I think we should get a, uh, you know, Medicare thing. And I’ve been talking to people from like Canada and I was asking him like, dude, what? So tell me about your medical system. You know what I mean? Cause I hear, I hear like bad shit about it all the time and you know that the socialism deal, the argument that they make for trying to nationalize healthcare and she’s like, I’ve never had a problem.

I lived in, I lived in England too, and I never had a problem there. Yup.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:54:48] Canadian British friends, they’ve never had a fucking bad word to say

Sean Dustin: [00:54:54] except, yeah. I didn’t have a $2,000 deductible. That’s, that’s gold to me.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:55:01] Fucking bankrupt

Sean Dustin: [00:55:02] me.

Yeah, I don’t know, man. That’s, I use this time actually, mainly to just get to know people, their situations, ask questions and talk to people that when I want to know something, I mean, kind of like what Brogan does, man, he gets people on it that he has, like he has questions about something that he doesn’t know.

Then he’ll bring somebody on and knows and he can ask the questions that he wants to find out about. I don’t have like super, you know, people like him, but I mean, I. Whatever, whoever I’m talking to me, if they’ve got like an interesting subject, then I’ll definitely ask more about it, you know, or have something to chime in about.


Brian Schoenborn: [00:55:44] so absolutely, man, I feel like we hit a pretty good spot.

Sean Dustin: [00:55:50] Yeah. I feel like we’ve, we’ve, we’ve talked enough.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:55:53] You got a solid two and a half hours, I think. Something like that, so, well, this one’s one Oh five I think the one before was like 90 minutes. It was pretty close.

Sean Dustin: [00:56:01] Okay. Yeah. That one was pretty long.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:56:03] Yeah. But right on, dude. That’ll work. Yeah. Give it up for my friend Shawn. Dustin. Wait, no, hold on. Is that what I said at the end? I forget now.

Sean Dustin: [00:56:16] Hold on. No, you don’t know your own. Your own sign out. Oh, plug real quick. Oh yeah. Plug. Uh. Yeah, I’ll have my podcast. I have one.

Uh, yeah. Well, you can find me at, uh, nowhere to go, but up podcast or nowhere to go. But up. That’s my name and my podcast. Uh, I’m on Spotify, Stitcher, all the major platforms. I heart radio. Um.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:56:47] Apple podcasts,

Sean Dustin: [00:56:48] Apple podcasts. Um, and then you can find me all my places, social media, Facebook group, uh, any, anywhere though.

I’m at merchandise, all of that. Yeah. Well, you can find that on my link story and then I’ll, you can put that in your show notes and that’s really all you need. All you need is that LinkedIn.

Brian Schoenborn: [00:57:08] Right? Amen. Alright, Sean, doesn’t everyone.

Sean Dustin: [00:57:12] You’ve

Brian Schoenborn: [00:57:13] been listening to half the city with Brian shin barn presented by AB media.

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