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4| Marine One Corpsman to Design Expert, Chileen DuRaine-Duncan

4| Marine One Corpsman to Design Expert, Chileen DuRaine-Duncan

Chileen DuRaine-Duncan is a co-founder and partner of Broken Donkey Studios, a Veteran-owned boutique creative firm specializing in environmental graphics and signage.

She helps organizations establish atmosphere built from their core values, and design great spaces based on what’s important; the foundation of a healthy culture.​ Clients include Netflix, Microsoft, and the Sacramento Kings.
In her previous life, she was a Navy corpsman attached to Marine One — the helicopter unit responsible for transporting the President of the United States.
We talk about her time and stories with Marine One, including her Yankee White clearance and a trip to El Salvador, as well as her thoughts around the importance of corporate culture as it relates to interior design, sprinkled with tangents about movies, politics, conservation, and more.

Show Notes

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Brian Schoenborn  0:02 

Hello, hello. Hey everyone. Our guest today has some pretty interesting experiences. Some relating to Marine One which is a unit she was attached to, some related to some pretty awesome design stuff, and we’ll get into that more detail and we’re gonna fix this and show before this goes live. Maybe not.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  0:37 

Let’s just leave it awkward. It’s better awkward. It’s authentic.


Brian Schoenborn  0:41 

It is. I like the authenticity, you know? Everyone give it up for my friend Chileen Duncan. My name is Brian Schoenborn. I’m an explorer, people, places and culture. In my travels, spending over 20 countries across four continents. I’ve had the pleasure of engaging in authentic conversations with amazingly interesting people. These are their stories, on location and unfiltered. Presented by 8B Media. This is Half the City.


Brian Schoenborn  1:12 

How’s it going?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:18 

Good. How you doing?


Brian Schoenborn  1:20 

I’m enjoying a morning beer with you.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:21 

That’s right.


Brian Schoenborn  1:23 

Oh, that was caught too.


Brian Schoenborn  1:26 

So I know that you are, you know, it’s really cool stuff in design lately. And I want to get to that. But before that, I want to hear about this military stuff.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:40 



Brian Schoenborn  1:41 

So let me let me just start by saying that, you know, the Marines and Navy don’t necessarily get along. It’s kind of like a you know, like a stepbrother situation.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:53 

We take their crayons.


Brian Schoenborn  1:55 

We love to hate each other. Like the Marines call the Navy squids, you know, the one one Navy type of personnel that Marines have nothing but respect for or the corpsman. Basically, requirement is usually one corpsman attached to a unit something like that. And they’re responsible for keeping us alive. They’re the medics, right?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  2:22 

Keeping you from hurting yourself. Marines do some stupid things.


Brian Schoenborn  2:30 

Well you know, we’re not the smartest tools in the shed.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  2:33 

And it’s always, your corporal’s fault. Or you lifting logs and stuff for no reason.


Brian Schoenborn  2:42 

Did I tell you? I was training in the fleet and we’re out. We’re out the field for like three weeks at a time. There was this one stretch for three weeks getting ready. We’re in the Rocky Mountains and we had the you know this etools right? Like, this foldable metal shovel, and we were walking around the mountains and we had to do these fighting holes. And at one point, you know, our corporal stops us. And he goes, “All right, marines, dig your holes. Dig your foxholes,” whatever you wanna call them.


Brian Schoenborn  3:18 

So we start digging, and I’m like, I feel like I’m hitting rock. You know, like, it’s not really going anywhere. And I’m like, what the fuck? This isn’t gonna, this is not supposed to be. It’s not as it doesn’t seem as easy as it should be. You know, it seems a little bit harder, right?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  3:37 

I mean, you’re literally in the Rocky Mountains.


Brian Schoenborn  3:40 

I know but you can still dig holes, come on.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  3:42 

I’m saying there’s rocks there.


Brian Schoenborn  3:45 

So, so we’re digging, right? We’re waiting for like four or five hours. I don’t think we got more than like two inches deep. And fighting all just supposed to be like six feet deep, right?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  3:54 

Maybe you shoulda used your heads.


Brian Schoenborn  3:59 

Four or five hours, and I’m sitting there going, “Corporal What the fuck dude? What the fuck corporate like how are we? We’re not getting anywhere in here and what’s going on?” He’s like, “Nah, keep digging, keep digging.” It’s like another hour or so and finally goes back and he goes, “All right, marines. Pick up your shit, we’re moving out.” And we moved like maybe a quarter mile and we started digging again and we got our shit dug like an hour. Fucking corporals.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  4:30 

Oh my gosh, corporals are the worst. They really are. That’s like it’s like some like the mean joke the Gunnies play on everyone’s. They’re like we’re gonna have this 19 year old in charge of all of you and give you a fucking supreme authority for your life.


Brian Schoenborn  4:51 

Exactly. You know it’s funny? In the infantry, if you become a corporal and four years, that’s pretty standard. If you become a sergeant in four years, it’s pretty unheard of in the Marine infantry.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  5:05 

Oh no kidding?


Brian Schoenborn  5:06 

Yeah. Um, but corporal…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  5:09 

I would expect to be a corporal in four years.


Brian Schoenborn  5:11 

Pretty much anybody could do it in four years, time in service. Right. So I remember this one dude. I mean, aside from that this is a different corporal from the one that I was talking about. But there’s this other dude who’s a fucking idiot, dude. Like he was like the dumbest thing to come out of anywhere. I don’t even have a good description for him. He looked kind of like sloth from The Goonies. Just like his eyes were a little more level. But


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  5:40 

Only the very best in our Marine Corps. It’s really a mystery why you don’t have your own medical units.


Brian Schoenborn  5:51 

I don’t think there’s a mystery there.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  5:54 

They’re like, “Don’t give them sharp things.”


Brian Schoenborn  6:00 

So tell me a little bit about your time as a corpsman. Uh, were you at? What were you doing?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  6:08 

I was stationed in Quantico.


Brian Schoenborn  6:10 

So Quantico is in Virginia.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  6:12 

Yeah. Northern Virginia.


Brian Schoenborn  6:14 

And that’s not far from DC.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  6:17 

Half hour. If there’s no traffic, which is never


Brian Schoenborn  6:21 

And Quanitco is like if I remember if I recall, that’s like a Marine Corps HQ.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  6:26 

Yes, it’s the oldest marine base.


Brian Schoenborn  6:27 

The Marine barracks.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  6:29 

The base oldest marine base.


Brian Schoenborn  6:31 

Oh, it’s not marine. Is that Marine barracks? Like where the silent drill team are and shit?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  6:38 

No, no, that I don’t know. I don’t know where that is. That’s, that’s there. They’re very, very quiet about it. Oh, I get it. It’s no, Quantico is where like a OCS is and the FBI training and stuff.


Brian Schoenborn  6:56 

OCS is for the Officer Candidate School. Yeah, that’s what it turned on. regular people…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  7:01 

…into dicks? They grow out of it eventually. Once you get past major, they stopped being dicks. No. And that’s that’s where the body farm is for the FBI. Where they have.


Brian Schoenborn  7:18 

The body farm?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  7:18 

Yeah, you never heard of that. They have like this whole this like a field full of all these different scenarios that you might find a murder victim in at different stages of decomposition.


Brian Schoenborn  7:29 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  7:30  

Yeah. So they have like a body in a trunk


Brian Schoenborn  7:32 

Wait are they like actual bodies?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  7:33 

Yeah, like real bodies. And it’s so that’s how they know what it looks like. That’s how they can determine like time of death


Brian Schoenborn  7:40 

Are these actual humans?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  7:41 

Yes. Yeah, this is this is for like forensics work.


Brian Schoenborn  7:45 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  7:46 

So so they can go and be like, okay, so these are the kind of bugs on a person at 12 hours of death in a trunk, you know?


Brian Schoenborn  7:55 

That’s crazy.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  7:56 

Yeah, I never get to visit sadly but Yeah, that’s there too. And then probably a lot of secret squirrel stuff that I don’t know about is also there. It’s a multi faceted base. There’s a lot going on there, including the top secret airstrip not lot of people konw about.


Brian Schoenborn  8:19 

There’s an airstrip there?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  8:20 

That’s where I was stationed.


Brian Schoenborn  8:22 

Oh, that’s right. Of course.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  8:23 

It’s it’s like you can’t you can’t stop on the road go and pass it. You can’t take photos like it’s super. It’s I mean, everyone knows it’s there. It’s not like under you know, behind a curtain or something. But you can’t photograph it


Brian Schoenborn  8:37 

Do you think it shows up on Google Maps?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  8:40 

Maybe as like a blob blocked out. Or maybe just as an airship. There’s nothing you can see like there’s half the people to work on the airfield are not cleared. So, I mean, it’s, you can see it from the road and everything. It’s not like that secretive, but like you can’t go in the hangar. There’s biometric systems to go into the hangar once you have the clearance, you know, so you can’t you can’t go into the hangar unless your your top secret cleared. No one wants you fiddling with stuff.


Brian Schoenborn  9:14 

Is that where the aliens are?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  9:16 



Brian Schoenborn  9:17 

You can tell me now, it’s been a while.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  9:21 

If I tell you I’d have to kill you.


Brian Schoenborn  9:23 

You’re like how do I how do I approach this question?


Brian Schoenborn  9:28 

Did I mention I had a top secret clearance? They have a list of all my family members.


Brian Schoenborn  9:33 

They’re gonna come afteer you. So it was a Top Secret and a White Hat?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  9:39 

Yankee White. Yeah, if that’s where the aliens were, it wasn’t anything I needed to know. So unfortunately, I didn’t get to see them.


Brian Schoenborn  9:47 

You know they were talking about storming Area 51?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  9:49 

It’s so stupid. How bout we storm a detention center instead, and do something useful.


Brian Schoenborn  9:56 

How bout we give the US government two months notice that we’re going to come and check out this fucking top secret area?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  10:01 

And then the Air Force is like, we’re going to use lethal force. I’m like, you know you’re the Air Force, right? Like what are gonna throw your pen at me from your desk? You mean you’re gonna send in the Army? That’s what you mean right?


Brian Schoenborn  10:18 

And the Marines. No, but it’s like. Okay, yeah give me give me two months notice to say that they’re gonna come check out your stuff stupid they’re gonna send it over to Area 52.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  10:30 

The one that the public doesn’t know about that where they do all the actual stuff.


Brian Schoenborn  10:35 

Area 51 is just a sideshow.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  10:38 

Good. Have a distraction, you know, keep us all misdirection. Yeah, anyway,


Brian Schoenborn  10:46 

So you were on a top secret airstrip in Quantico. Yes. What was this unit? Talk to me.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  10:51 

So our name was HMX1. We were effectively the maintenance squadron that maintained the fleet of helicopters for the presidential service. So what that means is when they were on our airfield, they were you know, they were being used for the pilots practicing touchdown and and take off like they did that all day long. They practice a gazillion times a day and maintenance and that kind of stuff. And then they would fly him up to to Anacostia or to


Brian Schoenborn  11:29 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  11:30 

Yeah, Anacostia is where there’s a small detachment there. That’s, that’s where they’re kind of kept on standby. Actually, I don’t know if people know that. Just forget I said any of that.


Brian Schoenborn  11:42 

Yeah. I’m like I’m sitting here, going, layman’s terms. Break this down for me shotgun style.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  11:48 

No, but so then they would go to Andrews. So Andrews Air Force Base is where Air Force One is out of. Okay, and so that’s where we would…


Brian Schoenborn  11:57 

Air Force One, just to remind everyone is the presidential jet.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  12:02 

Yeah. And specifically the one that the President is flying on. So it’s a callsign. Same as Marine One. That’s the aircraft. Either helicopter or or plane that the President is actually on.


Brian Schoenborn  12:15 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  12:16 

So when the presence not on it, it’s not called Marine One. It’s still the same helicopter just doesn’t have that callsign.


Brian Schoenborn  12:23 

I got it. So, okay, so this was what, which President was this?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  12:30 

This was GW bush.


Brian Schoenborn  12:32 

Dubya, okay.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  12:32 



Brian Schoenborn  12:33 

So you are responsible for taking care of his health while he was on the helicopter?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  12:39 

So the White House has their own medical unit. And then the president gets all their care usually at Bethesda. What the corpsman what we did, there were three of us attached to the squadron, three corpsman. In, acted in our capacity for about 850 Marines, which is a lot for a corpsman.


Brian Schoenborn  13:10 

So 3 of you were responsible for 850 Marines?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  13:11 

Well, we had so we had three flight surgeons, and we had an independent duty corpsman, which works more as a provider, just not at the level flight surgeon. They’re not a doctor. And then we had three corpsman. So basically rounded out to about one corpsman, one doc for every almost 300 Marines. That’s a heck of a ratio.


Brian Schoenborn  13:31 

It’s interesting you call your doctors docs, because we call a corpsman docks.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  13:34 

Yeah. Yeah.


Brian Schoenborn  13:35 

Cuz we’re dumb, we don’t know any better.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  13:37 

No. Um, and yeah, so I we Yeah. So we’re,


Brian Schoenborn  13:42 

You’re like, “Yeah, how do I explain this? You’re dumb.”


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  13:45 

No, yeah, so we, we everyone else calls the flight surgeons, ma’am or sir. Because they’re officers. So corpsman are docs, devil docs, to be specific, the kind of corposman with the Marines. So we’re Doc, you know, our names are doc but we call our flight surgeons Doc because we work with them. You know, we’re colleagues yeah, so it’s, you know how it is. Anywho. Oh, yeah Bush. Bush liked the butterscotch lifesavers.


Brian Schoenborn  14:20 

Do they make those?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  14:21 



Brian Schoenborn  14:22 

Like I’m thinking like, regular lifesavers and I’m thinking like Werther’s Originals?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  14:28 

Butterscotch. No butter. Well, no, they’re Yeah, they’re kind of like that they’re butterscotch lifesavers? Yeah. So always had to be stocked with butterscotch lifesavers on the helicopter.


Brian Schoenborn  14:36 

Shows a lot about a personality.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  14:38 

Child-like? I didn’t say that. That would be very rude. No, yeah, cuz I was not I’ll be honest. I was not a fan of Bush at the time. Now. I wish he was still the worst president. Come back. At least he wasn’t destructive. He was just nice.


Brian Schoenborn  15:03 

But it wasn’t not destructive.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  15:04 

But he wasn’t he wasn’t as destructive as he just wasn’t progressive will have an actively destructive


Brian Schoenborn  15:12 

Well, he sent us into a needless war that’s been going on


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  15:16 

Did he though or was it Cheney?


Brian Schoenborn  15:19 

OK, so maybe Cheney was pulling the strings, but he had the final word.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  15:22 

Bush was the puppet.


Brian Schoenborn  15:23 

I know I get, I watched the movie.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  15:26 

Yeah, no, but why? I mean, if you didn’t know that before the movie, you’re not paying attention.


Brian Schoenborn  15:33 

All I knows when I was enlisted by commander-in-chief with the honorable President George W. Bush, and the Secretary of Defense as the honorable Donald Runsfeld. Rumsfeld? something?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  15:48 

Just add letters. Everyone thinks Rumsfeld was the vice president anyways and change you know, it’s like which one was he?


Brian Schoenborn  15:56 

No, Dick Cheney. It was like he was like the Evil Emperor in Star Wars.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  16:01 



Brian Schoenborn  16:02 

Yeah right like like George W Bush was like Darth Vader.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  16:06 

Yeah pulling the strings


Brian Schoenborn  16:07 

But Dick Cheney was the Emperor with the fucking cloak and shit nobody knew anything. He even talked like that.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  16:15 

I think maybe George W. Bush was actually more like one of the battle droids.


Brian Schoenborn  16:24 

He was Jarjar Binks.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  16:28 

He was much lower than Jarjar. I feel like that’s giving them a little too much credit.


Brian Schoenborn  16:37 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  16:37 

Because if you remember, Darth Vader started out very honorable and good. And I’m not sure if it was Bush.


Brian Schoenborn  16:43 

Well, Darth started as Anakin.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  16:44 

Yeah, I’m not sure the Bush actually started there. I felt like he had much lower expectations.


Brian Schoenborn  16:57 

Jarjar Bush.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  16:58 

Like, maybe like, maybe The Bush Senior was Darth Vader you know and and GW was more like yeah, meesa GW Bush.


Brian Schoenborn  17:11 

Meesa president!


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  17:14 

Meesa in charge. Oh my god we are so just old. Making Jarjar jokes about George W. Bush was like old are you? I’m old enough to know better.


Brian Schoenborn  17:35 

I think it’s consensus that that Star Wars trilogy was the worst Star Wars trilogy. Just imagine those big flappy years GW Bush.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  17:46 

I actually liked Jarjar, I have to say.


Brian Schoenborn  17:48 

I bet you would. Anyways so you…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  17:54 

Don’t hate on me because I like inclusiveness and diversity in my Star Wars


Brian Schoenborn  17:58 

I’m also a fan and ally.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  18:01 

Star Wars movies.


Brian Schoenborn  18:02 

I’m a fan and ally of diversity and stuff. Like come on. That’s what makes the world go around. But Jarjar is a fucking fool. Let’s be honest.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  18:11 

Yeah, actually, I really hate the the character development with Natalie Portman’s character. That pisses me off, how she started out at the super strong Queen Amidala. She’s like in charge and like making decisions. And by the end of her trilogy, she’s falling all over herself, trying to make Anakin happy and then he just like kills her super easy.


Brian Schoenborn  18:34 

Well, she was in love.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  18:35 

I mean, he didn’t kill her killer, you know, he like knocked her and then she like died of a broken heart. Like, you just had two babies. And you’re, you’re, you’re dying because of this dude who’s just like, fucked the whole situation? Like, do you not have a bone in your body? Like, what is this? This is the worst way for her character to end? I guess we just choked you out.


Brian Schoenborn  18:56 

Your knowledge of that trilogy…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  18:58 

…had his babies like…


Brian Schoenborn  18:59 

…super deep. I pretty much blocked that out of my memory


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  19:05 

I nerd on many levels. You have no idea.


Brian Schoenborn  19:08 

I mean, I love my Star Wars, don’t get me wrong, but I blocked that trilogy out of my memory it’s like this isn’t ,these are hours of my life I could never get back. That’s just me.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  19:20 

I have no response to this. You got me. Yeah, you pulled my cool kid card.


Brian Schoenborn  19:26 

I wouldn’t say that. I’m impressed. Just


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  19:31 

Ohg don’t even get me started talking about Star Trek. That’s that’s my jam. Yeah, yeah. Next Gen mostly.


Brian Schoenborn  19:38 

Yeah, I was a Next Gen kid.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  19:39 



Brian Schoenborn  19:40 

Yeah, I used to watch that shit at like 1011 o’clock.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  19:44 

Yeah. Also Doctor Who is like,


Brian Schoenborn  19:47 

I was never never really got into doctor my sister’s super into Doctor Who. That’s the one that’s been going on for like 30 years.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  19:54 

Well, it starts it was it started in the 60s and went till kind of on and off until I think the 80s kind of had reruns and then they rebooted it in early 2000s. And it’s been going since then. And they they, they now finally have their first woman doctor. And she’s Jodie Whittaker and she is just awesome too. Super Amazing.


Brian Schoenborn  20:17 

Nice. Yeah.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  20:20 

I dressed up as her for Halloween.


Brian Schoenborn  20:21 

Really? Got a picture? Yeah. Pull it up. This is for the listening audience’s pleasure.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  20:28 

Hear me pull up the picture on my phone. This is really interesting to listen to.


Brian Schoenborn  20:34 

Oh, it doesn’t matter. We could edit out the boring stuff.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  20:38 

Let me see


Brian Schoenborn  20:39 

…I’m gonna have another beer. You want one?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  20:41 

I yes. Yes, please. Do I want another beer?


Brian Schoenborn  20:47 

I know it was a stupid question.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  20:49 

Who do you think you’re talking to you right now?


Brian Schoenborn  20:52 

I’m just trying to be polite.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  20:53 

Where is, how do I not, never can find my pictures.


Brian Schoenborn  20:58 

Just trying to be polite. That’s all. That was the sound of a beer popping.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  21:06 

Thank you. September.


Brian Schoenborn  21:11 

It’s 11 o’clock, you know, on the east coast two.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  21:16 

Very good?


Brian Schoenborn  21:21 

We don’t feel guilty about it. Come on. I wanna see it.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  21:24 

Hold on. I’m working on it trying to find the good one.


Brian Schoenborn  21:26 

Did you dress up as Jodie Whittaker or did you dress up as Jodie Whittaker playing Doctor Who? The hell? Just doesn’t mean anything to me.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  21:36 

That’s because you don’t watch the show. You’re the one that asked for the picture.


Brian Schoenborn  21:41 

I like it. That’s cool.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  21:42 

Don’t start scrolling through my pictures.


Brian Schoenborn  21:44 

What, you got some nudes in there?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  21:46 

No, I have really dorky selfies is what’s in there. That’s the sonic screwdriver. You literally have never seen an episode, have you?


Brian Schoenborn  21:55 

I’ve never watched


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  21:55 

Oh my god.


Brian Schoenborn  21:56 

A sonic screwdriver.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  21:58 

Yes. Like a regular screwdriver accept it’s magical according to what’s convenient for the plotline.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  22:10 

“I can’t get this door open. Let’s use a sonic screwdriver.”


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  22:16 

“I can’t fix this machine. Oh, let’s use the sonic screwdriver. Now it works. Now we can once I made things move now we can you know, make our spaceship move and whatever.”


Brian Schoenborn  22:27 

Is that the new one yet?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  22:28 

No, hold on.


Brian Schoenborn  22:29 

Bottoms up, kiddo.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  22:30 

Please. Okay, I’m double-fisting here. I keep bumping the thing.


Brian Schoenborn  22:35 

Have you ever played Edward 40-hands? I just had flashbacks.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  22:39 

Ed? No.


Brian Schoenborn  22:41 

So when I was in college, I used to play this pre-drinking game.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  22:45 

Did it involve drinking?


Brian Schoenborn  22:46 

Yes. It was a pre-drinking drinking game.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  22:48 

That sounds that sounds efficient.


Brian Schoenborn  22:50 

Well. Yeah, it was. It was called Edward 40-hands, and basically the whole concept was that everybody that’s playing has two 40-oz bottles of beer. Budlight or some bullshit like that. And you take the bottles, you put them in your hands, both your hands and somebody with duct tape will duct tape the 40-oz bottles to your hands


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  23:15 

You know, a 40 gets warm aleady, before you get done.


Brian Schoenborn  23:20 

I know, that’s the fun part. But then you just then you live your life and you just can’t either bottle out of your hands until both of the 40s are gone.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  23:30 

That’s disgusting.


Brian Schoenborn  23:32 

So if you got to like pee or whatever else, you just kind of figure it out.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  23:36 

Chugging beer warm, warm terrible beer.


Brian Schoenborn  23:40 

But I saw you with the, I saw you double fisting those beers and it reminded me of Edward 40-haands.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  23:45 

That’s pretty funny. Because only the good beer comes in 40s.


Brian Schoenborn  23:50 

Of course. But you some champagne of beers.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  24:00 

So good stuff. You ever drink Boone’s?


Brian Schoenborn  24:03 

Boone’s farm? Oh yeah, that’s not beer though.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  24:07 

It’s like strawberry


Brian Schoenborn  24:11 

I knew some girls in college who used to swear by that shit. I’m like, you guys are fucking nasty.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  24:15 

You know it’s terrible, right? But it’s like $4.


Brian Schoenborn  24:20 

How’s your hangover in the morning?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  24:24 

Straight up dead. It’s funny


Brian Schoenborn  24:30 

This is all going on, by the way.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  24:32 

I have no regrets.


Brian Schoenborn  24:35 

Good. Are you having fun?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  24:36 



Brian Schoenborn  24:39 

So Queen Amidala, Doctor Who what happened W, Jarjarr?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  24:43 

Oh yeah, no. I don’t know.


Brian Schoenborn  24:45 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  24:46 

They killed off his character I guess or just kind of like, faded away and faded away into obscurity…


Brian Schoenborn  24:53 

It was like he was exiled to Jedi Island where he’s forced to make paintings for the rest of his life.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  24:58 



Brian Schoenborn  25:00 

Kind of. What’s he up to these days? He’s a big painting. You know, people, for some reason people love those paintings. Have you seen his paintings?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  25:08 

We’re talking about Bush?


Brian Schoenborn  25:09 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  25:09 

Makes paintings?


Brian Schoenborn  25:10 

He’s a painter now.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  25:12 

I knew what’s his face was. No But no, maybe I did know Bush was. Ace Ventura’s a painter.


Brian Schoenborn  25:20 

I thought Ace Venture was fictional.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  25:22 

Whatever, whatever. Whatever actor


Brian Schoenborn  25:25 

Jim Carrey?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  25:26 

I’m like two beers in. 11 o’clock in the morning. Yeah, Jim Carrey. Dude, he his one of my favorite actors. I swear to god Truman Show came out. I was like, Oh my god, they’re inside my head.


Brian Schoenborn  25:37 

That’s when you discovered Jim Carrey?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  25:40 

Is it? I think? Yeah, no, no, it’s Ace Ventura was when I discovered Jim Carrey.


Brian Schoenborn  25:45 

Ace Ventura was like 10, 15 years before that.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  25:47 

Truman Show came out. And I had my I had my entire childhood thought there were cameras on me, right. And then The Truman Show came out as like, Oh my god, this is true.


Brian Schoenborn  25:57 

You know, you got a term for that.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  25:59 

It’s delusional.


Brian Schoenborn  26:00 

Paranoid schizophrenic.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  26:01 

yeah. No I don’t hear the voices I only suffer from the delusions. You gotta, get it get your mental illness straight here.


Brian Schoenborn  26:11 

Sorry, I’m not a corpsman.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  26:13 

no I it’s just this like you know, I’m sure it’s just actually very I don’t know what’s the word, brain?


Brian Schoenborn  26:21 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  26:22 

Brain damage.


Brian Schoenborn  26:25 

I don’t know what’s the word. Brain. Random body parts: brain, finger.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  26:34 

Word. Face. No, like various probably just very self centered of me as a child is just a very self you know, introspective child. I just assumed like I was so entertaining that people just cared about everything I did because you know people don’t get rich and famous off that now in any way, Kardashians. I mean, people care about everything I do.


Brian Schoenborn  27:02 

For what it’s worth, Kardashians had a famous father.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  27:05 

I yeah. Well, I mean, that’s not why they’re famous but…


Brian Schoenborn  27:09 

Robert Kardashian.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  27:10 

That’s not why they’re famous. They’re famous because of Kim Kardashian. Big old big old booty.


Brian Schoenborn  27:15 

Well, because she she planted that sex tape with Brandy’s brother. What’s his name? Ray J or something.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  27:22 

Yeah, that’s Brandy’s brother? Brandy, like, Moesha Brandy?


Brian Schoenborn  27:27 

Yeah, yeah.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  27:27 

No kidding? I didn’t know that. I like Brandy.


Brian Schoenborn  27:33 

No, you know, Kim Kardashian was actually Paris Hilton’s assistant or intern or something like that. For real. So she, she, like took notes basically, from Paris and Paris was a big thing like the late 90s. And then she’s like, fuck it. I’m going to do this too. How am I gonna make this happen essentially.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  27:52 

Well. Yeah, like so they, you know, when I was a child, we didn’t have social media. You know, you’re as old as I am.


Brian Schoenborn  27:59 

We’re the same age roughly, yeah.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  28:00 

And so now I just I just didn’t make any money off of people the cameras in my walls watching everything I did. I did it for free.


Brian Schoenborn  28:11 

Did your pictures, did the eyes of your pictures move?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  28:14 

Like Scooby Doo? No. No, I just you know, I don’t know I just always felt like eyes on me like the world was just very interested in my extremely mediocre boring childhood.


Brian Schoenborn  28:35 

You know, I feel like people are watching me too.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  28:37 

So, but what if they really are watching you?


Brian Schoenborn  28:41 

What if your life is actually a movie?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  28:43 

Right? And you would never know because they’re working very hard to keep you from finding out and you’re just like being just exploited to hell and people are just making so much money off you and you’re living this like average, lower middle class, working class busting your ass life and meanwhile, you’re being publicized and marketed and merched and yeah, I would get fucking murderous I think if I found out. Just be like, fuck you! God dammit! I hate you all!


Brian Schoenborn  29:16 

I knew! You told me no, you’ve been fucking with me for so long.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  29:19 

Can I get a mansion for this shit? You see where I live? What the hell man? That would make for interesting TV too. How about some fucking job prospects? Give me this shit. Is this, is it entertaining for you? “Look at her work so hard. She has student loans. She’ll be in debt forever. Let’s watch her struggle!”


Brian Schoenborn  29:50 

Ah, the joys of being Millennials, so much fun. We’re old Millennials. You know what’s funny is like I talk to young millennials and they’re like, “You’re not Millennial.”


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  30:01 

Actually, we would be the cusp.


Brian Schoenborn  30:05 

We’re the OGs.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  30:06 

We’re the ones that don’t fit into the Gen X. But we also don’t quite fit into the Millennial because maybe we were raised by baby boomers. And we’re just like this weird little bastard couple of years.


Brian Schoenborn  30:18 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  30:19 

Or it’s like, you know, I get get all the entitled snowflake, whatever crap comments and then at the same time, like, Hello, I’m sorry. So I joined the Navy. I went to college on my own dime. I have a gazillion dollars in student loan. I have my own business. I own a house. And I’m a Millennial.


Brian Schoenborn  30:38 

And you served with Marine One.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  30:39 

Do you want to continue to call me an entitled snowflake because oh, I don’t know. I think gay people should have equal fucking human rights. Yeah, okay. Yeah, just keep on walking.


Brian Schoenborn  30:50 

You know what’s funny? I love my parents to death, but like…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  30:56 

They’re racist as hell and they hate gay people.


Brian Schoenborn  30:58 

Well, that’s not even what I was getting at. I wasn’t even getting it that was like, talking about job prospects. Like, I remember when I got out of college, you know, the market wasn’t a great. The job market wasn’t that great. And like, I was applying like, I was in Michigan, and I had to I had to apply and interview for like, three, four or five months for fucking internship.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  31:20 



Brian Schoenborn  31:20 

Right? And I’d be stressing and struggling about it. My dad be like, Well, I know the struggle, Brian. When I was in college. I three job offers by the time I graduated, I had to pick one is so fucking hard. Like, you don’t fucking know what you’re talking about.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  31:39 

And then I stayed there for 30 years. And I have a pension. And I had job security. And it was terrible because…my dad worked for 30 years for my dad was Vietnam Vet Air Force. It’s okay. I love them anyways, but he, he, he got out, went to college, got this job. And he was with them for 30 years. And then they fired him because he was too old. And they called it something else but they effectively fired him because he was so old. Right?


Brian Schoenborn  32:16 

That’s crazy.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  32:17 

Fucked up.


Brian Schoenborn  32:18 

That is fucked up. Yeah, my dad my dad wanted to be a jet fighter pilot, but his vision sucked.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  32:25 



Brian Schoenborn  32:25 

Yeah. So he, he became an aircraft engineer.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  32:28 

Oh okay.


Brian Schoenborn  32:29 

Yeah. So he was he was an aviation pretty much as whole career. But he fucking he. I mean, he still talks about it. But I’m saying, but he’s like, “Yo, Brian I get it. I understand struggle. Three job offers by the time I graduated college.”


Brian Schoenborn  32:49 

Fuck you dude. I was interviewing even even after I got my MBA in 2011, I was interviewing for three full months after I got my MBA. To get a fucking job, and I began, I began job searching at the beginning of the school year. Like that’s, that’s how that shit works.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  33:14 

I ended up. I ended up starting my own business. Yeah. Because I went through college and then I went to design school. And I just had nothing. There’s nothing on the horizon. Yeah. And it’s like, all right, well, you may not see my value, but I see my value.


Brian Schoenborn  33:31 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  33:32 

I’m veteran. I’m college educated. I’m pretty smart by may say so myself. I’m a little soft, socially awkward, but I’ll just, you know, for the most part, stay behind the computer. Til I get better at it.


Brian Schoenborn  33:47 

Everyone’s got their own thing.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  33:48 

You know, and, and so yeah, I started my own business because I was like, Hey, you know, I can’t spend my whole life trying to prove to other people, why they should have faith in me. So I’m Gonna show them. You know, screw it, like,


Brian Schoenborn  34:03 

To be honest with you, I think that’s the better way. Like, if you look at my resume my resume is a fucking recruiters nightmare. It’s all over the place. I mean, I’ve done some good things.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  34:11 



Brian Schoenborn  34:12 

Started the bottom work my way up that sort of shit, education, all that stuff. But like, this is all over the board in terms of like marketing, PR, finance and other stuff like that. That, like recruiters, you know, they’re looking for they’re looking for a cookie cutter shape.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  34:30 

Yeah, well, they want to see that progression.


Brian Schoenborn  34:32 

Someone they can plug right in. Well, the resume shows progression.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  34:35 

But I mean, like, linear.


Brian Schoenborn  34:36 

They want to see that straight line.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  34:38 

They want that linear progression they want they want it to be very quantitative.


Brian Schoenborn  34:43 

Correct. And mine is more like a ball of yarn. Something like that.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  34:51 

Okay. So here’s an interesting nerd fact. A ball of yarn. So you know the story of the Minitaur, right? The maze and the Minotaur.


Brian Schoenborn  35:02 

Kaz the Minitaur?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  35:04 

No it’s like the Minotaur, like Greek mythology.


Brian Schoenborn  35:10 

But it was it kind of like a centaur, right? It was like a human on top and a horse on bottom.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  35:16 

Yeah, like cursed, cursed or something. I forget the hero if it’s Perseus or Hercules or one of the Greek heroes I frickin asked me later when I don’t have a couple beers in my system.


Brian Schoenborn  35:31 

Morning drinking is the best drinking, let’s be honest.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  35:34 

Not quite as mentally prepared for morning drinking as I thought I was. Just like Swiss cheese up in the frontal lobes anywho. So the hero, you’re going to have to Google it, which hero it was, but anyways. Went through the maze. And it’s a maze, right, with the ideas you get lost in it. Can’t find your way up. So he took a ball a twine and laid it down as he went through the maze. Well, do you know the ball of twine is actually called? It’s called a clue.


Brian Schoenborn  36:09 

It’s called a clue? Yeah, so like get a clue?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  36:11 

Yeah, that’s what it that’s the etymology of that. The clue is a ball of twine from the legend of the Minotaur.


Brian Schoenborn  36:19 

What? That’s crazy.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  36:20 

Right? So when you say your resumes is a ball of yarn, just it’s cause you have a fucking clue, man. There you go.


Brian Schoenborn  36:27 

I do have a clue. You know, it’s funny is like, like,


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  36:29 

You like how I brought that on full circle?


Brian Schoenborn  36:32 

Full circle on this.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  36:33 

Full circle.


Brian Schoenborn  36:34 

But like, you know, after leaving corporate and starting my own business, like I’ve been working on my business for a couple of years, but like, after doing that, it’s so fucking liberating. And just knowing that I do whatever the fuck I want with whoever the fuck I want to do it with.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  36:53 



Brian Schoenborn  36:54 

You know, I’m not stuck in some bullshit job.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  36:56 

Sometimes that doesn’t equate to making money.


Brian Schoenborn  37:00 

Not necessarily but it’s liberating.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  37:03 

Oh just quick disclaimer: if you fact check my my little thing about the Minotaur there and I was like way off on something I remembered it and just pretend that I said the right things.


Brian Schoenborn  37:15 

This is not a fact-checking mission.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  37:16 

Yeah, just just pretend that everything I said was completely accurate is the fact that I’m not just pulling things out of my ass randomly…


Brian Schoenborn  37:27 

We already called him Jarjar Bush. There’s no turning back.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  37:33 

Every I just had like, just like a bucket full of like these weird little tidbits and things and they usually lack details completely. So I’m just like, I kind of know about this thing. I have to google it for sure. Hang on a second.


Brian Schoenborn  37:48 

That’s funny.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  37:49 

But it’s like I’m like the index of Encyclopedia Britannica. You had one of those in your house, probably. It’s in my brain. Okay, so I have the index but I’ll actually have the rest of the set.


Brian Schoenborn  38:00 

So the other side of it. I’ve got a bunch of random useless ass trivia. Like, I’m really good at trivia nights, in bars.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  38:06 

I know where to find things, but I don’t actually have the information.


Brian Schoenborn  38:09 

I have the information. I just don’t know where I get it.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  38:14 

It’s not actually categorized and then a useful way just the refs like the L book. You’re like, why know everything there is that starts with the letter L. Unfortunately, none of this is relevant.


Brian Schoenborn  38:33 

That’s funny. You’ve got one volume of knowledge.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  38:38 

Or like I ripped out a couple of pages from like, Q. That’s fucking useful. And the last page of A, just the last page.


Brian Schoenborn  38:47 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  38:48 

All the Az words.


Brian Schoenborn  38:50 

What can you tell me about the Qing Dynasty?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  38:52 

You see already lost me.


Brian Schoenborn  38:55 

Really a couple of pages from the Q.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  38:58 



Brian Schoenborn  39:00 

quail, Remember Quail Man?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  39:02 



Brian Schoenborn  39:03 

Did you ever watch Doug?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  39:04 

quiet quilt.


Brian Schoenborn  39:05 

You ever watch Doug?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  39:06 

Doug the cartoon?


Brian Schoenborn  39:07 

Yeah, Quail Man? Remeber that shit?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  39:09 

Yeah. Oh real real. Killer tofu!


Brian Schoenborn  39:13 

Fucking belt on his head.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  39:15 

Yeah, I remember. Did you see that they redid Rocco’s Modern Life?


Brian Schoenborn  39:20 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  39:20 

It’s on Netflix.


Brian Schoenborn  39:21 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  39:22 

No for real. I haven’t actually watched it yet. Yes on the right now I saw I saw the thing. I haven’t watched it, but it looks like it’s drawn the same way.


Brian Schoenborn  39:30 

I was never really that into Rocco’s Modern Life. Doug was way cooler.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  39:34 

I liked Rocco. Rocco was Australian.


Brian Schoenborn  39:45 

Oh man, were those Saturday morning cartoons?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  39:48 

No Garfield was Saturday morning.


Brian Schoenborn  39:50 

So as X-men.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  39:51 

Rocco was Nickelodeon.


Brian Schoenborn  39:53 

I know weren’t they on Saturdays too?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  39:55 

Well, shoot. I don’t know, you bougie over there with your cable. I didn’t have cable til I was like 14.


Brian Schoenborn  40:02 

Rocco was, that was around 14.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  40:05 

You’re watching that and Saturday mornings?


Brian Schoenborn  40:07 

I don’t fucking know


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  40:08 

Didn’t you have sleeping to do if you’re 14?


Brian Schoenborn  40:10 

Saturday morning cartoons were the best things ever.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  40:12 

Garfield and friends were Saturday morning.


Brian Schoenborn  40:15 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  40:15 



Brian Schoenborn  40:16 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  40:17 

And I don’t know. X-men. I didn’t watch X-men.


Brian Schoenborn  40:20 

When I was really young when I was five or something. You know the Saturday morning cartoons were?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  40:25 



Brian Schoenborn  40:28 

Alf was not a Saturday morning cartoon.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  40:31 

I don’t know


Brian Schoenborn  40:32 

It was neither Saturday morning, nor was it a cartoon.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  40:34 

Masters of the Universe?


Brian Schoenborn  40:35 

He-man! Fuck yeah! He was like, “I have the power!”


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  40:45 

Yeah, that was more my brother’s show. That was I was My Little Ponies kind of kid.


Brian Schoenborn  40:50 

That was a thing Saturday morning too.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  40:52 

I was really into Garfield.


Brian Schoenborn  40:53 

So yeah, Garfiled was cool. Who was your favorite character did you like Garfield or did you like his buddy was his name, Odie? No, you’re a John Arbuckle fan.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  41:05 

I like I like Garfield because he was always trying to send Nermal to Abu Dhabi. Back when Abu Dhabi was like a joke place to like send troubled…that’s funny.


Brian Schoenborn  41:21 

Fucking Abu Dhabi.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  41:25 

No, I haven’t been there.


Brian Schoenborn  41:26 

I think there’s a military presence there?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  41:29 



Brian Schoenborn  41:30 

I know only like every country in the world.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  41:33 

I the only like Middle East country ish that I could say I’ve been to I think Turkey is considered Middle East kind of. So I’ve been a Turkey. I’ve been to Africa and I’ve been to Turkey and I’ve been I’ve been to Kenya.


Brian Schoenborn  41:50 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  41:51 

yeah, just Kenya.


Brian Schoenborn  41:52 

I want to go to Africa really bad like the closest is so cool and most Middle East that I’ve been as Dubai. Okay, but I haven’t I had I went to a wedding in India and so I set up I had to have a layover…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  42:05 

I want to go to India really bad.


Brian Schoenborn  42:07 

India’s awesome.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  42:08 

They have a rickshaw race that I really want to do.


Brian Schoenborn  42:13 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  42:14 

Yeah, it’s like two weeks long.


Brian Schoenborn  42:15 

What happens if your cow crosses the road?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  42:17 

Oh no, it’s like crazy. It’s like…a cow? You stop and do something religious that I don’t want to sound racist.


Brian Schoenborn  42:27 

No, it’s not racist. You stop and wait for the cow to cross.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  42:30 

Okay. I don’t know. No, I know. I know that cows are like, very like, you don’t fuck with the cows. They’re like, like we had which is fine. I’m vegetarian, so I don’t care.


Brian Schoenborn  42:40 

We’re driving and we had a cow in the middle of the fucking road in Bombay. And the driver would not move. He just waited for the fucking thing to move. And like, you know, I mean, I’m not trying to I’m not trying to hit the cow but like, you know, fucking honk your god damn horn or something.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  42:57 

Well, I mean, I understand you know, if you believe in real incarnation you believe the cows are reincarnated form of something sacred, right? Like, I don’t know all the ins and outs of


Brian Schoenborn  43:07 

Yeah. I don’t know either, but I know that like cows are definitely super sacred.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  43:10 

like, if you could imagine if that was President Obama crossing the street, would you honk the horn at him?


Brian Schoenborn  43:15 

Yeah, I’d be like get the fuck out of the way, O. Get the fuck out of here.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  43:19 

I can wait for him to move. It’s what you do.


Brian Schoenborn  43:20 

Not if he was standing there for 20 minutes. Do something with your life.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  43:25 

Maybe he’s, he’s contemplating, you know how he’s going to fix climate change and…


Brian Schoenborn  43:31 

Contemplate on the sidewalk


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  43:33 

…and progress Human Rights. Okay. That’s cool. You know, write a book to…


Brian Schoenborn  43:37 

Do you have to do it in the middle of the road?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  43:39 

Oh, maybe he’s so in thought and enlightenment. Okay. She doesn’t live, Rose ourselves live in the same sphere of reality that we are exist in. You know, we’re merely, you know, fleas to his existence and he stops where he stops when the moment strikes. You know, I’m just saying, like if you related that to, you know, Hinduism or whatever and, and made Obama a cow and then it all kind of makes a lot more sense.


Brian Schoenborn  44:12 

You know what’s great, is that we’re recording all of this.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  44:15 

I just like related Obama to a cow in the Hindu religion, that I know very little about and I probably sound so ignorant right now.


Brian Schoenborn  44:25 

Which by the way just as a reminder to the audience you are a corpsman unit attached to the president in the military.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  44:32 

Not Obama.


Brian Schoenborn  44:33 

No, but still the president. Yeah, regardless of which one doesn’t matter.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  44:38 

Well, it certainly does matter.


Brian Schoenborn  44:40 

Oh, I’m sorry.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  44:41 

Doesn’t matter when you’re in it matters now, I think, I think


Brian Schoenborn  44:45 

Would you preferred to be W’s detail…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  44:46 

Any god that there may or may not be, huh?


Brian Schoenborn  44:49 

Hmm, would you prefer to be W’s detail or Obama’s detail?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  44:53 

I would prefer to be Obama. It was I swear I am thankful though I had W and not Trump. Cuz that would have been awful.


Brian Schoenborn  45:06 

He’s flying on the chopper all the time, too. He’s always taking Marine One.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  45:11 

Man. It’s rough man. Yeah. No, I had an opportunity to meet Bush at the end of my tour that was part of our like, going away package was we got a we got a piece of a helicopter blade with a plaque on it, which is in my office.


Brian Schoenborn  45:28 

Really? that’s cool.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  45:28 

Yeah. It’s really, really cool. And then we also got an opportunity to meet and greet with president, which I turned down because I didn’t want to meet Bush.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  45:40 

I was like, Nope, I’m out of here, bye. I’m on my terminal leave and I am not sticking around for that.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  45:48 

So if I had been Obama, I would have.


Brian Schoenborn  45:51 

You know what’s funny? Since I was legal voting age, I have not voted for a single elected president. That being said, I think Obama is probably the greatest president our lifetime.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  46:05 

I think Teddy Roosevelt was.


Brian Schoenborn  46:07 

I mean of our life.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  46:08 

Oh, well, our…I was I was thinking of like, our collective social, social life. No, I. I mean, I was thinking like in the last century, yeah. Okay. Teddy Roosevelt did the most for our country. Yeah, he established national parks. Yep. Thomas Jefferson.


Brian Schoenborn  46:29 

He was also a Rough Rider. TJ was my dude. I mean, he was a slaveowner, which obviously was terrible.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  46:34 

Yeah, you know what’s crazy it Teddy Roosevelt came from a neighborhood in New York, and completely reinvented himself, basically, to serve America better. Yeah. You know, and then you have Thomas Jefferson, who, you know, he, you know, in in context, he was you know, looking back on it hindsight, you know, he did some things we don’t agree with now, but you context they were the norm for his society. Not saying it was right, I’m saying that that’s sometimes how things work. And all we can do is learn from our mistakes sometimes. But as a person he did a lot for our country and he was also the father of American and anthropology. You know, he saw the Indian burial mounds being plowed over by the farmers.


Brian Schoenborn  47:22 

TJ was the father of anthropology?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  47:24 

Yeah, Thomas Jefferson, of American anthropology.


Brian Schoenborn  47:27 

Hmm. Interesting. I didn’t know that.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  47:28 

Yeah, so he’s he saw these Indian burial mounds is very sacred areas to the Native Americans. And they were being just plowed over by the farmers that were that were, you know, planning fields. And establishing these farms is like, well, there’s nothing you could do to preserve them. So he went in and he documented them the best he could. And granted like, it’s, it was a this shouldn’t have been plowed over but they were anyways. And so he went and preserved it in the best way he could, to keep the record of what it what it was. And he did. He did a lot. He did the notes on Virginia like he was a scholar, you know, he sent out Lewis and Clark. Can you even imagine, Lewis and Clark coming here in the Pacific Northwest, without even knowing what to expect. And


Brian Schoenborn  48:14 

I wish I was with those guys.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  48:15 

Can you even imagine like, okay, you’re going to go on an adventure and you’re going to report back to me what you find and we don’t know what might be there and good luck. And it’s like, okay.


Brian Schoenborn  48:23 

Just remember 100, 200 years ago, wherever, 300 years before that, like they thought the world was flat. They didn’t think America existed.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  48:30 

Like there could have been just the end and they just could have fallen off into the void, you know, and Jefferson never would have gotten a letter but well, I guess they’re done now. You know.


Brian Schoenborn  48:41 

Thank you for your service.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  48:42 

Sorry about that. You know, so like Thomas Jefferson was, was amazing. Teddy Roosevelt was amazing. I am not a presidential historian or anything. Those are just the ones I know from my, you know, my little personal experience. I’m super old.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  49:02 

Especially if you night after night of museum right? On the horse?


Brian Schoenborn  49:08 

I mean, yeah. No like she like my little sister named her son after Teddy.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  49:14 

What’d she name him?


Brian Schoenborn  49:15 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  49:16 

Oh, just curious. I don’t know.


Brian Schoenborn  49:18 

Ted, Ted.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  49:19 



Brian Schoenborn  49:22 

Shout out to Rosie. Like, even if you try to call him Teddy or Theodore, he’s like, “No, I’m Ted.”


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  49:33 

You’re Ted. Why don’t you talk about it?


Brian Schoenborn  49:38 

I wanna hear more about this Marine One stuff. Let me bring it back a little bit.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  49:41 

Okay, sorry. It was a tangent.


Brian Schoenborn  49:43 

It was a good tangent.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  49:46 

Marine One. helicopters.


Brian Schoenborn  49:48 

Yeah. So then, like were there any like, cool or crazy like, stories you can share? I mean, you got a super secret top top top secret clearance, I know there’s so much you can’t talk about.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  50:03 

Well we went to El Salvador one time. And if you’re not familiar with El Salvador they’re not super fond of Americans.


Brian Schoenborn  50:10 

It’s like Nicaragua too actually.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  50:12 

Yeah, it’s one it’s on the list, like one of the most dangerous places because there’s so much like civil unrest, and there’s a lot of animosity towards Western or at least for some Americans. I don’t know if it’s all Western. I think they’re actually okay with Canadians. Oddly, but, uh, you know, we burn bridges every chance we get. So for sure, um, anyway, so we went there, and I was I was probably 19. And we went to the US Embassy there. So we were on lockdown, basically, at this resort, and also in El Salvador. On lockdown, we couldn’t leave it. But one day, we did a day trip into the US Embassy, which is in San Salvador. And we went to this really cool market and stuff and we went to the US Embassy and we’re just hanging out with the guys at the US Embassy and they’re drinking age the US Embassy is only 18.


Brian Schoenborn  51:02 

Oh nice. As it should be in America, by the way. Let’s be honest.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  51:05 

Yeah. However, I had to follow squadron rules, not embassy rules. So I’m watching all these 18 year olds drinking beers. I’m sitting there, I can’t have one. Because our CO’s rules were 21. And regardless of where you went, doesn’t matter what country you’re in. You had to follow the squadron rules. I was like, seriously, you know, I can’t have a beer with these Marines here, because I’m only 19. And they’re 18.


Brian Schoenborn  51:32 

We were on base, right. Near San Diego. Like, you know, legal age was 21. People were drinking every night regardless of how old we were. It’s one of those things where you’re old enough to fight and die for your country, you can have a fucking beer.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  51:46 

Why wasn’t old enough to vot e when I was in boot camp. I was 17 in boot camp, we had GW got elected while I was in boot camp. And not, I wouldn’t have been able but for him anyways, but I wasn’t even old enough to vote for the president I served under.


Brian Schoenborn  52:00 

And now look where we are


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  52:02 

Yeah, crazy. I kind of wonder what would have happened if Gore had rightfully won? Cuz you know, it was it was rigged. It was like 500 votes different.


Brian Schoenborn  52:12 

The hanging chads?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  52:12 

Yes. It was rigged. If Gore had actually taken presidency, we wouldn’t have had Obama and because no because we would it swings, ya know when you have an extreme you tend to swing to the other extreme.


Brian Schoenborn  52:26 

Yeah. And that’s why we got Trump.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  52:28 

Yeah, exactly this we had Obama because he was black and his progressive and people just were like “never again!”, you know, and all the racist red, you know, came out in droves. But yeah, it’s it’s so if we had had Gore, we wouldn’t have had Obama. And I’m curious like who we would have now if we had had Gore because then we would have likely had a republican.


Brian Schoenborn  52:54 

I gotta say that whoever would be in place right now would be we probably be in a better situation. You actually, I read something on Facebook the other night.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  53:04 

I don’t know that would Gore have gotten anything done?


Brian Schoenborn  53:06 

Maybe climate change? That was his big thing.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  53:09 

That was his big thing, but


Brian Schoenborn  53:10 

But guess what? We’re still fucked. They’re saying we’re like 12 years away from world destruction.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  53:14 

Would he have actually, I mean, Obama wasn’t able to get a lot done because so much resistance from Congress would gore been able to, I don’t know, I’m still waiting for Oprah to run. Come on Oprah. Do a solid solid.


Brian Schoenborn  53:27 

She’s not gonna do it.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  53:29 

She should. Can you imagine the support she would get?


Brian Schoenborn  53:33 

She’s an inspirational leader for sure. I mean, you know, not only does she not have the desire.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  53:41 

I don’t think she’ll run. I just wish she would.


Brian Schoenborn  53:43 

Can you imagine how much stress and pressure that job would be considering are the most powerful woman on the planet.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  53:47 

No, I don’t know why anyone would want to be president. I want to be Secretary of the Interior, just in case. You ever get into power. I just am putting in that I call Secretary of the Interior, to be in charge of the National Park Service.


Brian Schoenborn  54:02 

I want to be the president of the awesome.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  54:04 

I want to keep, like I want to. I want to be the person everyone has to try to like blast through to try and take away our parks and damage to them. I want to be in charge of funding. I want to give them the money they need. Because our parks are just they’re kind of falling into disrepair. No. Our parks are like, I think the numbers 12 billion I could be wrong. It’s several billion dollars in maintenance backlog. They have.


Brian Schoenborn  54:31 

Oh, sure.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  54:32 

They don’t have funding our national parks. No, I’m okay. Yeah, like so think of our national parks. So it’s not just campaign. It’s not like, Oh, I just like camping at Rainier. No, it’s the Lincoln Memorial. It’s the Washington Monument, the National Mall. Those are our national parks that the Jefferson Memorial has a maintenance issue of their retaining wall for the, the the watershed from the Potomac.


Brian Schoenborn  54:58 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  54:58 

It’s gonna flood it because The retaining walls gonna fail and it’s going to flood it because they can’t get the money for the maintenance. How on earth are we allowing this to happen? You know?


Brian Schoenborn  55:09 

Not only that, but  we’re like shrinking the size of certain other parks…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  55:13 

Like this is our, this is our national identity.


Brian Schoenborn  55:16 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  55:16 

You know, I mean it’s I it’s it’s a Grand Canyon also and that’s something obviously we need to protect and preserve. But it’s it’s it’s our but it’s also our cultural identity as a country like how can anyone that’s not a partisan issue. How could anyone possibly vote against preserving the Lincoln Memorial? But yet they do. You know, every time they voted no on giving the parks funding, they’re voting no on on that stuff and that’s just ridiculous if I ever get the opportunity. I like that, that’s kind of my passion that and and veterans advocacy is like it’s it’s not right and it’s such a thing to support and stand behind you know like that’s where I direct my energy whenever I can. Whenever I’m not keeping the lights on with the day to day so I do because it’s just it’s just ridiculous.


Brian Schoenborn  56:16 

What do you do day to day? Surviving?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  56:22 

Hooking it? No.


Brian Schoenborn  56:24 

Did you say hooking it?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  56:29 

On third and no.


Brian Schoenborn  56:34 

Third and Pike?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  56:35 

Third is rough you know I walk down that pretty regularly.


Brian Schoenborn  56:39 

You’re hanging out in Pioneer Square? We’re in Seattle, by the way.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  56:42 

This is this is this street gets a little rough down here towards like Stewart. Holy guacamole. Anyways. Okay, so I do interior graphics and basically custom interiors and includes interior design. But it’s more of the graphic design and branding, you know, walls windows functionality kind of thing. So,


Brian Schoenborn  57:11 

That seems like a far stretch from being a corpsman in Marine One. Like how did you? How did that we got time. Fuck off. We’ve got time.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  57:22 

Just checking.


Brian Schoenborn  57:22 

I’m checking the clock.  You see me every time I look over, I’m checking the clocks to make sure we’re good. How did you make like So? So you went from corpsman on Marine One, now you’re a fucking designer? Like how does how does that happen?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  57:38 

Uh, so I like I like problem solving and puzzles. And humans are an amazing puzzle to try to solve. Yeah. And that kind of led me into my undergrad work which was in anthropology specifically cultural anthropology, which kind of a kind of stumbled into marketing from there. And because I’m not a not a nurse, you know, I’m not I’m not that kind of personality nurses are a very special type of people. They’re, they’re very, a very special type of person and I am just not that kind of person. I can’t give that of myself in that way. And I’m more of a problem solver. Like, you know, like I’ve said before, a corpsman is really a human mechanic, you know, we’re not nurses, we’re problem solvers. We are fixers, you know, you got to leak plug it up.


Brian Schoenborn  58:35 

Yikes. I just got a bad visual.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  58:41 

Wow. I meant I meant like, pressure bandage or something like…


Brian Schoenborn  58:48 

Like a sucking chest wound or something.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  58:49 

I didn’t mean a cork in your butt.


Brian Schoenborn  58:51 

Put a plug in the butt!


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  58:53 

Lighten up. Supositories, for everybody! No, take the foil off. You seriously have to tell people to take the foil off, especially Marines. Why’s it hurt so much? You forgot to take the foil off. Anyways. What was I saying? Oh, so so I kind of like fell into it. And I went to art school and I did. I studied web design. And then I met my business partner who’s a graphic designer and just like phenomenal. And, you know, so we we started this business he had already been designing for Netflix and the Sacramento Kings for like, over a decade at that or close to a decade at that point.


Brian Schoenborn  59:39 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  59:40 

Yes, he’s been designed for the Sacramento Kings since like 2004, 2005.


Brian Schoenborn  59:44 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  59:45 

And and so we started the business. And we shoot, I mean, it’s, I don’t even know it’s it’s really amazing. We work with some amazing clients. We and part of our business model is we’re very small, we’re we’re boutique firm, and that’s intentional. So because we want to be able to have very personal client relationships, you know, everything we do is customized. It’s very personal. It needs to be a very thoughtful approach. You know, what is the culture of your organization? Like, what do you need this to do for you? Like, how can we help build your atmosphere, like, it’s a very, it’s a long term relationship. And it’s a very custom personalized approach. And so we can’t, you know, we don’t want to be big just by design because we want to be able to do that with all of our clients. It wouldn’t be as…I don’t know what the word is.


Brian Schoenborn  1:00:49 

Bespoke? Personalized?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:00:50 

No, bespoke. You’re just saying random. What do you have a word of the Word of the Day calendar.


Brian Schoenborn  1:00:58 

No. It means custom. What are you talking about?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:01:00 

No,  is that what that means?


Brian Schoenborn  1:01:00 

It means, like tailored to your own needs, something like that.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:01:04 

That is not what I thought that meant. No, it just, it wouldn’t be as, like as rich, it wouldn’t be as rich of an experience it would be, it would be diluted, you know what I mean? So it’s, like I said, it’s a very one on one thing we know all of our clients, we know them by first name, they have, we, they have our phone numbers, like we text, you know, we, we have very, very good relationships with our clients. And, and that is how we’re able to really help them fill the needs of their organization, you know, on a very deep level, it’s it’s not just a pretty picture on the wall. You know, it’s it’s much more than that.


Brian Schoenborn  1:01:47 

Bespoke. It’s an adjective. Made for a particular customer or use.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:01:52 

Okay, use it in a sentence.


Brian Schoenborn  1:01:55 

You’re a bespoke designer.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:01:57 

Now, I don’t think that’s how you use that.


Brian Schoenborn  1:01:59 

Pretty sure. Pretty sure. A bespoke tailor, a bespoke suit. Come one. It was the right word. Dammit.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:02:12 

I’ll give you this one. But just this one.


Brian Schoenborn  1:02:15 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:02:16 



Brian Schoenborn  1:02:18 

Bespoke, it’s a good one.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:02:19  

I’m gonna have to add that to my vocabulary.


Brian Schoenborn  1:02:22 

Please do. Right next to Jarjar Bush.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:02:28 

But uh yeah so anyways anyways that’s that’s where that that’s how that led there. I love love trying to figure out people and what what makes people feel good what makes people make the decisions they make. You know I try to use my powers for good only, you know, I’m not the evil like ad genius that’s trying to manipulate you into buying something. Yeah, you know I do the opposite. I’m like what what can we do to the space to make you feel good? To make you want to be here, to make you want to keep coming back and not have one foot out the door?


Brian Schoenborn  1:03:08 

So that’s for what? That’s more focused on like the employees stuff?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:03:13 

Um, it’s it’s both its employees faces a lot of the time. It’s also public spaces. So it’s pretty much the same goal. But we focus a lot on employees because that’s more overlooked. So everyone knows you need your public space to be nice, right? But, you know, we need to, right yeah, that’s your that’s your public image, but your employees, well A, they’re also the public, but they’re, they’re your brand ambassadors. So they’re the ones that you that if they are proud of where they work, they’re going to tell everyone how amazing it is to work there. They’re your biggest, your biggest champions if you’re doing something right and your biggest critics if you’re doing something.


Brian Schoenborn  1:04:00 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:04:00 

And you need to take really good care of them. They spend at least half of their waking hours in your space, you know, and if they don’t feel taken care of there, they’re going to be always looking for the next best thing. You know, and it’s hard to find good people. So we do focus a lot on employees for those reasons, because that’s an overlooked, overlooked group. You know, I mean, there are there are plenty of companies that are on it. They know they need to take care of their employees. Netflix is one of them.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:04:36 

They do so much for their employees, everything they do, everything we do for Netflix is for their employees. They put so much into their employee just wellbeing and morale. And it’s, they’re really like the gold standard, in my opinion. You know, obviously, Google is another one that people kind of know of their culture, to be employee focused, you know, sleep pods or whatever ping pong tables? I don’t know. You know, because that’s, that’s who’s making it all happen, you know, you know, if you go into a building, you can’t immediately tell where you are, then there needs to be something done. They need to be showing their culture in some way. And that’s part of what we do.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:05:24 

You know, I went to an Amazon building a few months ago, and I wouldn’t have known where I was, except for eventually I got to a desk that had a little Amazon sign on it. And it’s just like, oh, there’s so many last opportunities here. You know, it’s, it’s like your house, you walk in your house, you know where you are, you know, because you’ve personalized it. You’ve made it warm and welcoming and you’ve made it yours and an organization’s office or building space or anything. That’s its home, and it should feel you should get that same kind of feeling. You should feel like you’re home at Amazon or you’re home at Netflix. It should feel like that organization space when you come in it should be warm and welcoming and should want to stay.


Brian Schoenborn  1:06:09 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:06:09 

Regardless of if you’re public or you work there. And that’s, that’s really what we work towards is helping helping organizations to achieve that, it is very important to our wellbeing. You work in a in a box with white walls and a window to a parking lot or something all day long. You go crazy, you know, or a window to another building. You know, it’s just it’s not enough. We’re not we’re not lab rats. You know, we need more than that. And we we deserve more than that. We give our lives to our jobs. You know, what’s, it’s not too much to ask for a nice wall to look at.


Brian Schoenborn  1:06:53 

Yeah, I hear that. You know, it’s funny though, like Bezos I mean, he’s just like efficiency, efficiency efficiency like that’s his whole thing, right?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:07:04 

I respect that, you know, I certainly respect efficiency.


Brian Schoenborn  1:07:09 

It’s good to have a strong voice, but it’s almost like you…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:07:12 

…you have to look at the big picture. You know, he has, he has more of a, an end game approach, and not a long game occurred. You know, I kind of feel like…


Brian Schoenborn  1:07:22 

What’s the difference?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:07:24 

Well, long game is, is seeing how small changes can can have a big impact. Whereas end game is this is what I want to have happen and I will stop at nothing to get there. Almost make any sacrifice necessary to make this happen. You know, and honestly, I think Amazon’s endgame approach is not streaming or, you know, even shopping as much. I think it’s actually transportation.


Brian Schoenborn  1:07:53 

I would say it’s the infrastructure. Like, they’re basically the highway of the internet.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:07:57 

Yeah, it’s the transportation infrastructure. They dropped FedEx I think they’re taking over, quietly taken over transportation. They’re going to be the only ones basically if you want to ship something I think in the not too near future I think that’s their endgame.


Brian Schoenborn  1:08:11 

I mean, to be honest, if they can do it quickly, cheaply and efficiently, like…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:08:15 

Everything comes at a cost, you know?


Brian Schoenborn  1:08:18 

Yeah, but hold on. There are multiple logistics companies in China for example, ZTO, Jingdong. Where…you’re not familiar with those? That’s fine. You don’t have to be, it’s in China. They’re only in China.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:08:33 

Now it does sound like said like, ding dong.


Brian Schoenborn  1:08:36 

Jingdong. Yeah, pretty close.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:08:39 

I was thinking like a doorbell.


Brian Schoenborn  1:08:41 

Um, but anyways, like there’s there’s these logistics companies like ZTO and Jingdong and stuff like that in China where you can order pretty much anything online. You can order a small fries from McDonald’s, and they will deliver it to you for no extra charge within 20 minutes. You can order just about anything on like the Amazon-like sites in China and you can get your shit. The same day or next day


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:09:07 

You’re thinking like that’s very low level of service, right? That’s a dude on a bike.


Brian Schoenborn  1:09:12 

No, no I ordered, I ordered a water rowing machine that was in Shanghai. And it had to be transported up to Beijing. And it was there the following day, for no extra charge.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:09:27 

At what human costs?


Brian Schoenborn  1:09:29 

No extra charge.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:09:30 

To you, so no cost to you. But I mean, human costs like that took people to make that happen.


Brian Schoenborn  1:09:36 

Well yeah, they got paid.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:09:37 

They got paid something. Yeah. Did they get paid,


Brian Schoenborn  1:09:40 

Probably 100 kuai or something, 200 kuai maybe.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:09:43 

Do they get paid their worth to complete that job?


Brian Schoenborn  1:09:46 

Well, the cost of living is different.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:09:48 

Yeah, and the labor laws are different also.


Brian Schoenborn  1:09:51 

Yes, but here’s the thing though. If they’re willing to do it…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:09:56 

…but that’s not a fair argument to make, because you don’t have other options. You’re willing to do a lot.


Brian Schoenborn  1:10:01 

I mean, I’m willing to do a lot. I pretty much whore myself out.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:10:06 

If you have good options, you’re less willing to take those crap options, you know, saying someone’s willing to do something…


Brian Schoenborn  1:10:15 

Okay, okay, that…


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:10:17 

…that is assuming that is assuming choices they don’t actually have.


Brian Schoenborn  1:10:21 

No, no, no, listen, we’re talking about two differeint things. You’re talking about labor and exploitation of labor and stuff like that. I’m talking about convenience.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:10:33 

And that’s why Amazon is so popular.


Brian Schoenborn  1:10:36 

Amazon is not as convenient as these Chinese companies, that’s what I’m saying.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:10:39 

Amazon is the most convenient thing we have right now.


Brian Schoenborn  1:10:42 

Shout out to Jingdong, by the way,


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:10:44 

And even though so many people are so unhappy with some Amazon practices like paying $15 an hour and calling that great when it’s a part time job in LA that you can’t possibly subsist on whatsoever. You know, and specifically advertising that to veterans. Like that’s really rough. I had that one hits home for me it’s like you’re literally exploiting us for your marketing. I mean join the club. But come on Amazon your your Uber rich like you can do better. You literally can do better.


Brian Schoenborn  1:11:24  

Amazon has almost never made a profit. That’s how that works.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:11:27 

Amazon has never made a profit?


Brian Schoenborn  1:11:28 

Right. Look at it, look at their earnings statements. They never made a profit, somehow. Even though Jeff Bezos is like the richest man in the world.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:11:36 

No, they’ve never been…because of their their stock sharing practices, not because they’re not profitable.


Brian Schoenborn  1:11:43 

It’s financial handiwork. Trust me.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:11:45 

They give every new employee like a basket full of stock and then they deduct that from their profit basically. Anyways, no, yeah, it’s it’s It’s it’s convenient, but it’s at a cost to people and their livelihood. You know, and there’s some point we have to weigh that into your consideration. You know, the human cost is too much like how far removed from this is it really from slave labor? If the person is barely subsisting on this, if you’re not paying them enough to ever get ahead or save or buy anything, you’re just paying them enough to exist. That’s pretty much the cost of room and board, which makes that slave labor or the very least indentured servitude, you know. So it’s not it’s not okay. And we’re allowing this we’re not only allowing this to happen, we’re continuing to throw money at this company to keep making this happen because we like the convenience of it. You know, and that’s not okay. We need to do better than that. We know and we can’t do it through regulation.


Brian Schoenborn  1:11:48 

I hear you, but I don’t want to live wait five days. There’s gotta be a happy medium.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:12:54 

We can’t do through regulation because Amazon is is too big for regulation that’s in too many, too many people’s pockets for regulation. But as consumers, we can do it, we can just stop, stop supporting it.


Brian Schoenborn  1:13:15 

Are you advocating boycotting Amazon.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:13:17 

No, I’m advocating that as consumers, we have the power in our money. And when you say Amazon, you need to do better, you do better for your employees, you know, you’re great and want to continue to, you know, do business with you. But you have to do better for your employees, or you’re not going to be able to have this this business relationship anymore. It’s all it is. It’s not not being extremists here or calling boycotts or anything.


Brian Schoenborn  1:13:42 

I was thinking about Amazon’s got so much power these days, I’m just trying thinking about like, what it would take?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:13:47 

Amazon’s accountable to the consumers. Remember, we’re first. We have the power. We just need to use it.


Brian Schoenborn  1:13:55 

As the consumer we the consumer need to band together like, fuck you, Amazon.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:14:00 

No, we don’t need to say fuck you.


Brian Schoenborn  1:14:02 

Fuck you, get out of here. Get out of here with you giving us everything we possibly want things we didn’t even know we needed.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:14:07 

When we all need to say fuck you, we need to be much more diplomatic about we just need saying or we can’t keep doing. We can’t keep doing it this way. You know, it’s this is not sustainable. You know, we don’t want a throwaway culture. We don’t want to throw away world. Yeah, we want a sustainable world where people can actually live on the money they make. Anyway, it’s off my soapbox.


Brian Schoenborn  1:14:32 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:14:33 

I don’t know.


Brian Schoenborn  1:14:34 

Why off your soapbox? I enjoyed it. So what kind of cool stuff you up to with your with the studio?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:14:41 

Oh, let’s see. I’m actually really happy about work we’re doing with Microsoft military affairs. Oh, cool. And so Microsoft has this. They’ve already they already had. This really great program for veterans is called MSSA. Don’t asked me what that stands for. I don’t I don’t exactly know. But it’s basically a tech academy for veterans, like a tech boot camp, slash more than that kind of thing for veterans. And they recently started one for military spouses. So the first cohort was last September, and they’re on their second cohort now, they’ve now expanded to two locations. And it’s called the Military Spouse Technology Academy. And it’s really to kind of prepare military spouses with some skills but to also raise awareness of how valuable military spouses are. You know, we we’re kind of gaining gaining some traction on showing society that the skills and the the value that veterans can bring to to corporations and just society in general, the military spouses have been largely kind of like…


Brian Schoenborn  1:15:53 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:15:54 

Well, they’ve kind of been kept out of things.


Brian Schoenborn  1:15:58 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:15:58 

Kind of. And they shouldn’t be led they’re very resilient group and a very…


Brian Schoenborn  1:16:06 

It’s a special breed to marry someone in the military.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:16:08 

It really is you have to be a survivor, you have to be able to handle everything Yes, we have to be very reactive and adaptable. And and so Microsoft is trying to really kind of brings to shine a light on some of those special skills the military spouses have through that program. And we have had the privilege of designing their classrooms.


Brian Schoenborn  1:16:31 

Oh cool.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:16:31 

So we designed the their first classroom was in Lakewood, which is basically Tacoma, Washington, Washington. And they they’ve just, they just changed location slightly. So now they have one that’s actually in Tacoma, Washington and then one that’s in San Antonio, Texas. And it’s doing great things and we are lucky enough to get to design their classrooms and so thrilled to be working with them. It’s such a great program.


Brian Schoenborn  1:17:00 

That’s awesome.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:17:01 

Yeah, and then also we, because of that relationship and also because of working with bunker labs,


Brian Schoenborn  1:17:09 

Shout out to Bunker.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:17:10 

Bunker Labs, yeah, we’re able to we’re going to be starting an apprenticeship program within Broken Donkey Studios for any veteran or military spouse that is interested in learning our trades. So that’s graphic design, that’s installation of these different products, we design and fabricate.


Brian Schoenborn  1:17:32 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:17:34 

And we’re opening it to, to anyone that’s this interested in, in learning these trades and they’ll have guaranteed work with us and or whatever, they can go work somewhere else if they want. If they don’t like me, I don’t know. But, uh, you know, they’re, they’re very sought after skills, especially right now. And, you know, it’s something we can do to get back to military community. You know, I think I feel like it’s as veterans, it’s, it’s our responsibility to, to build each other up to strengthen from within.


Brian Schoenborn  1:18:08 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:18:08 

So anytime one of us gets a position of strength or power, we need to use that to to build ourselves up. Yeah. And this is just a small thing we’re able to do with our company to help you know, provide skills and and some good job possibilities to, to our community. So And plus, I mean, veterans, military spouses are fabulous employees. They, they’re dependable, they’re responsible, they work hard, you know, attention to detail, high level quality, and those are all things that are…


Brian Schoenborn  1:18:43 

Showing up early, leaving late.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:18:45 

Yeah. Showing up is becoming like, harder and harder to find, like, just show up in to work like, but veterans and military spouses have always done that. You know, and I would much rather hire from that community, because I we have a really we demand a really high level of quality because that’s what our, our clients that’s what they that’s what they need. That’s that’s part of the expectations. And we can’t have someone working with us that won’t meet those expectations. And when you have a veteran or military spouse, like it’s a pretty, they’re pretty good, but you know. So I’m really, really happy to be starting that and like I said, that’s made possible because of our work with Microsoft and our support from Bunker Labs. So very, very thrilled about that.


Brian Schoenborn  1:19:41 

Awesome. Well, I was hoping to hear some really cool top secret stories. But it’s been a long ass interview and I couldn’t get you to crack.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:19:52 

I’d have to kill you anyways and


Brian Schoenborn  1:19:54 

As long as it gets to the people.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:19:58 

I don’t have I don’t know. I don’t think I have any stories anyways.


Brian Schoenborn  1:20:01 

It’s all good.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:20:02 

So I can tell you that GW is going to travel to Singapore in 2001 or whatever, whatever year he went.


Brian Schoenborn  1:20:11 

Oh, did he? Yeah, that’s, that’s exciting.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:20:13 

Like the extent of my, my information. Yeah. Presidential movement from a president that’s not present anymore. So that’s super helpful.


Brian Schoenborn  1:20:22 

It was only like 20 years ago.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:20:23 

Geez, you don’t have to say it like that, makes me feel super old.


Brian Schoenborn  1:20:26 

I know. I was active when he was president. God dammit. I’ve got tattos that are old enough to enlist.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:20:34 

If I had stayed in, I’d be retiring next year. That’s kinda nuts.


Brian Schoenborn  1:20:37 

Right? That’s what I’m saying. God, I wanted to say in at one point, but no, it’s been it’s been a great been a great chat.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:20:48 

Cool, yeah. I enjoyed it.


Brian Schoenborn  1:20:49 

It’s been a lot of fun. I think it’s pretty, it’s a pretty natural moment to kind of wrap it up, and I know you got to bounce pretty soon, really quick, anything you want to plug?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:21:01 

Yeah, as you know, if you get a chance, check out my website and it’s BrokenDonkeyStudios.com, you can see a lot of the cool projects we’ve been working on. I try to keep it pretty well updated. I do have a Broken Donkey site on Facebook. Not huge on Facebook, because whole privacy thing.


Brian Schoenborn  1:21:24 

What privacy thing?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:21:26 

Like lack of, but I do have a Facebook presence. It would just be BrokenDonkeyStudios. I not very No, no. originality is known as trusted. Yeah, it’s always a brand BrokenDonkeyStudios. So if you find a thing you’re like, “I wonder if?” just add Broken Donkey Studios to the end of the web address. And maybe I’ll show up. LinkedIn, I do have my personal LinkedIn page would be C the initial C I’m mysterious like that, DuRaine-Duncan, and then Broken Donkey Studios also has a LinkedIn page. Again, that is not where I focus my attention. I’m very busy person actually, you know hustlin.


Brian Schoenborn  1:22:16 

That’s right. everyday.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:22:17 

So, I do not have a designated social media maven to take care of all those needs. So kind of when I get to it you know, I kind of do, I do have an Instagram, but I just tend to just post it on Facebook. So, I know my Instagram close to Facebook, but I have a hard time with Instagram, you know, I just it’s not. It’s just not my preferred channel, you know? So, I like something that I like. Well, first of all, I like to do that kind of stuff on my computer. Instagram is mobile. You can’t do it on your computer. You can’t.


Brian Schoenborn  1:23:03 

You can’t post.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:23:06 

Right. But I like I like to like kind of, I’m the kind of person that I like to throw everything out, like lay it all out on the floor and then kind of like, see what I’m doing. I like the big picture. And I don’t really like to do things just on my phone because it’s so narrow of a view. Um, and I guess that’s why I don’t like kind of Yeah, I guess. That’s why I don’t like Instagram. It’s just it’s so narrow. It’s just it’s all there’s so few options. And I can’t really see the big picture of what I’m doing. So I just don’t tend to gravitate gravitate toward that. That being said, I should do it anyways.


Brian Schoenborn  1:23:47 

You should be it’s a visual component. Like Instagram is super visual.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:23:50 

Yeah, I know. I just I tend to like my default is just like put it on Facebook, you know?


Brian Schoenborn  1:23:57 

That’s those us being the olds.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:24:00 

Well, I mean, I could put it on MySpace.


Brian Schoenborn  1:24:03 

Yikes, is that still around?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:24:04 

And then I could play a song with it.


Brian Schoenborn  1:24:09 

Let’s get some glittery wallpaper.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:24:12 

Oh man, I had the best wallpaper and I had a Massive Attack song that played, it was so cool. My Facebook was or my MySpace was the best.


Brian Schoenborn  1:24:21 

Who wasa in your top 8?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:24:26 

Tom. I don’t know. No, I miss MySpace MySpace was, and then we all had to get like, you know, super professional and start using Facebook.


Brian Schoenborn  1:24:40 

The greatest thing I got MySpace was Tila Tequila.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:24:45 

Oh, yeah?


Brian Schoenborn  1:24:45 

And then she became like a fucking super Nazi chick.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:24:49 

Did she? Oh I didn’t know that.


Brian Schoenborn  1:24:51 

Like big time. Like big time. I haven’t heard of right hand up solution. Yeah, like, for real dude. Crazy.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:24:58 

I haven’t heard anything about Tila Tequila in like, 5 years or something?


Brian Schoenborn  1:25:03 

I remember I found her on MySpace, and I was like “yo, this chick is hot.” And then she got a show on MTV. Tila’s shot as love or  whatever the fuck it was. Yeah. And I didn’t hear anything about her for like 5, 10 years or something like that


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:25:15 

She was one of the first ones that got like a million or 2 million or something.


Brian Schoenborn  1:25:19 

She was MySpace famous.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:25:20 

Yeah. She was one of the first like influencers.


Brian Schoenborn  1:25:24 

But then she became like this crazy like super Naiz chick.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:25:27 

That’s crazy.


Brian Schoenborn  1:25:28 

Like for real, like not even joking. Like Nazi Nazi.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:25:31 

Oh my gosh, you know what’s crazy about the swastika is that


Brian Schoenborn  1:25:36 

Is that the Hindu? It’s a Hindu sympol for, like, friendship.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:25:41 

So it’s an ancient, well it’s an ancient symbol for afterlife. For the forward movement of time. I know. There’s there’s two different ones they go different directions.


Brian Schoenborn  1:25:51 

In the Hindu Religion, in Hindi language, it means friendship.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:25:54 

Yeah, in Greek in Greek too. No, maybe it’s Roman. I forget. It’s something they put on like the funeral monuments and stuff because I believe it meant something about the forward passage of time or the never ending time or something like that. The Nazis fucking stole it.


Brian Schoenborn  1:26:11 

Just think about this: from the Nazis perspective, the thinking. “Oh, we’re in the right, Third Reich, we’re all friends…”


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:26:16 

Yeah, yeah, but fucking stole that. They took it. it’s like I’m sorry Hitler this symbol has been around for thousands of years and you just reinvented it’s meaning.


Brian Schoenborn  1:26:28 

Are you gonna drink that beer or am I gonna drink it?


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:26:30 

I shouldn’t, I have a meeting I have to go act somewhat…


Brian Schoenborn  1:26:34 

You don’t got to tell me twice.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:26:37 

No, it drives me crazy those like the swastika was not a bad thing and now it’s nothing but a bad thing.


Brian Schoenborn  1:26:41 

Well, it turned into a fucking hate symbol.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:26:45 

Maybe at some point it’ll go back. Just had to add my little nerd tidbit.


Brian Schoenborn  1:26:51 

No, it was a good tidbit. I like that one. So everybody, I’m a little drunk now. Maybe a little bit.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:26:59 

What are you, three beers in? You’re not drunk.


Brian Schoenborn  1:27:02 

But it’s a carryover over from last night.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:27:04 

Okay. He got wasted at our networking event last night.


Brian Schoenborn  1:27:09 

I wasn’t like wasted wasted. I kept my shit together.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:27:11 

He was wasted wasted, also kept his shit together. Because’s a marine. He’s a pro.


Brian Schoenborn  1:27:17 

Fucking right.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:27:18 

He’s not new at this, not your first rodeo.


Brian Schoenborn  1:27:21 

Exactly. I’ve been drinking almost long enough for my …


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:27:25 

You’re a professional drinker.


Brian Schoenborn  1:27:27 

That’s right. Ah, anyways, anyways, again guys check out BrokenDonkeyStudios.com, social media, all that stuff. Chileen, thank you very much.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:27:39 

Thank you for having me. That’s great. Yeah hit me up


Brian Schoenborn  1:27:42 

Guys. Give it up for my friend Chileen DuRaine-Duncan. Chileen Duncan, one of the two.


Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:27:50 



Brian Schoenborn  1:27:50 



Chileen DuRaine-Duncan  1:27:51 

Thank you.


Brian Schoenborn  1:27:52 

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